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***The Fan-Art Open Request Thread***

Light Venusaur

Konoha's FMA Ninja
I want A trainer Card for myself
Pokemons : Drapion M 75
Raichu F 75
Crobat M 75
Roserade F 75
Garchomp M 75
Gallade M 75

(Key : <Pokemon Name> <Gender> <Level>)

This is the one I made for you...using the offical art....I hope that you like it.

If you want a trainer on it, I can do it for you (I only have "Yellow" atm).


The sunset skies...
Shouldn't be any difficult, but here I go...


Recolor the Flygon to this color scheme.

Thank you to anyone who can do it.


Can someone make me a Mystery Dungeon animated sprite of Wigglytuff bouncing the Perfect Apple on his head?


I love him <3
@HarryHeart thank you so much I love it!

Neurotic Nuckelavee

Monochromatic Beast
For 11tjcoulombe, I hope you like it. This is my first time doing a request for someone on here ^_^
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can i have someone color this pic http://i48.*******.com/23i9xl0.jpg to look like this three cats (aka i want three differnt cats)
large-calico cat with cloudy blue, almost white, eyes looking at him with just as big and confused eyes as he had. Hime noticed the cat was covered in jet black and bright strawberry-blond color orange spots on white back ground, but its tail was back and curled in a small pompom of a Japanese Bobtail with an orange spot under the tail on the rear and the cat had three line like spots in each side of its muzzle like a pair of whiskers.

was raven black color, somewhat a bluish black color, with some cream and white shots on the chin, paws, back, and tail, but there was three white lines on its face like the cat on top of him. Kind of unique type of calico with the white and black switched places or was it the cats called tortoiseshell? However, this cat's eyes were a strange shade between himi's gray-onyx eyes and red
The other cat had an interest coloration of red tabby cat with white spots on her paws, but had hints of cream in its coat which made it a little red, somewhat just a little off from pink with white and diluted sliver-blue spots, making it another calico. This cat also had whisker like white lines on her muzzle. This cat had pretty green color like seen in many cats. But, both cats were Japanese Bobtails like the one on his chest

Deleted member 133172

May I have a digital version of this drawing please?


FULL credit to Golde for origonaly drawing it, if anybody can do this, I would credit you, along with Gde, who origonaly drew it.

His hair is a darkish brown, and so are his eye brows, the darker coloured clothes are a lightish browny colour, and the darker coloured ones are dark green, please make the shoes black, along with the belt, can his skin also be, the tiniest bit tanned?

PS: Note the arm on the left of trhe drawing is made of metal, therefor it would be grey or silver ;D

EDIT:pPS:It's kinda like a pixel over ;D
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Active Member
Can someone make a banner for me?
Pokemon: Blaziken and Froslass
Text: Frozen Flame
Design: Fire and Ice
Colours: Icy Blue/White one side and the other Orange/Red


The Darkrai Master
Movie Theater

Can someone please make a movie theater building D/P style? I have some specifications if that's okay. Try to make it mostly red? Also, can you have a vertical sign on the top-center saying "Theater". Thanks in advance to anyone who does this.


Blade Trainer
Could someone make me a rectangular banner of either Destiny Islands or Twilight Town (from Kingdom Hearts) clocktower as a background, with, I don't know how to describe this, a fading Ventus and the word "VentusVidiVidi" fading in on it. I don't know how I did describing it, but I hope someone can help me.


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Banner Request
Images: A happy wynaut and pichu (somewhere in the middle, not exactly in the middle, maybe some overlap?)
No text
Style: abstract
Background color: light-blue
No border
Size: 750*140

I will very appreciate it if someone could make it =D
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