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***The Fan-Art Open Request Thread***


Bored to Infinity
Thank youz to everyone that has helped me with any of my previous Fan art requests, but my final request is alot more important.
I need a userbar, that is either the size of the POKEMON PROJECT bar. It MUST have the same writing as te POKEMON PROJECT one.
It needs to be colbolt blue with white - really light grey writing saying:
and needs to have to the far right a shiny milotic sprite wearing a head set similar to the one Mewtwo was wearing in Mewtwo strikes back.
If you encounter any problems, pm me, and i'll try to knock down my level of demands.
Again thank you ^_^ and Team Psyber is counting on you! ^_^

Didnt look too good with the helmet I found (credit to Jaxzilla from GTS+), so I made one without it as well.



Shiny Hunter~♥
Didnt look too good with the helmet I found (credit to Jaxzilla from GTS+), so I made one without it as well.


cool, thanks ^_^ I'm going to re-edit the cyber Milotic 1, and make him have red eyes ^_^

Epwna is a Sceptile

The epic turnip king
Could someone do my request from one page back if hey can? If you want you could just do the front overworld. Also, can someone fix the original sprite's shading?


Dun Taze Me Bro!
Banner Request
Images: Tsutaja
Text: The Smile That Kills
Style: Leaves and Vines
Size: Default
Could someone please make this for me? I will be sure to give credit. Thank you =)
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Swampert Trainer
can anyone make this look like a trainer sprite? thanks in advance


What is existence?
Banner Request
Images: Tsutaja, turtwig, treecko, chicorita, bulbasaur, tsutaja in front, then in the order listed, from left to right, basically each gen in order backwards, and tsutaja norm color then darker to more faded as the gens get older
Text: We are the grass starters, though we may be faded our power is not.
Style: Leaves and Vines
Size: Default

sorry if this is too much, thanks in advance! ill be sure to give credit to whoever does this for me!


The Void Leader
can someone make me a shiny T-tar badge plzzzzz ^.^ ty uber credit and a shiny larvitar will be given to the creator
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Sexuality is a cult.
Could I possibly request two things?

How about... er... an overworld sprite for the new Pokemon Trainer N?

And if you please, an Absol badge (or an N trainer sprite)


Well-Known Member
Could I request a trainer sprite please?
straight brown hair, bangs out of his face, black jacket, white hood (not over his head) white sleeves, and white pockets, white shorts, and blue sneakers.
I will love anyone who can make this for me! ^^