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The Fan Fiction Mafia

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by JX Valentine, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    The Fan Fiction Mafia
    A.K.A. The Fanfiction Club, Take Lucky Seven

    Older versions of the club:

    Because bobandbill said I could do it so long as I don't utterly fail at running it! :D

    Do you like to write? Would you like a place to discuss writing shenanigans with other like-minded writers? Are you looking for writing challenges, tips, tricks, and strangers on the internet forcing encouraging you to keep posting?

    Are you really just massively nostalgic for the last time we tried to do this?

    Yes? Then welcome to the latest official iteration of the Fan Fiction Club! We welcome writers of all talents and all persuasions, whether you write fics about Ash’s love affair with everyone ever, lurk the main fic forum like a boss, or are constructing your elaborate soon-to-be-published original fiction. Come join us for discussion about everything from plot bunnies to punctuation. And we do it in fedoras because we’re classy cats like that.

    Before you hit the reply button, please keep in mind that we have rules:

    1. All general rules apply, including these ones and these ones.
    2. Thou shalt respect all thy fellow writers. No flaming, no passive-aggressive shenanigans, no drama, no knocking down of other people’s beliefs, no belittling someone else’s writing style, no nada. We’re a chill group. If you want to catfight, VMs are that-a-way.
    3. You must have some kind of interest in writing in order to join. While the name is slightly misleading (in that we don’t really care if you do actually post fanfiction), we generally assume you read, write, or lurk the fic forums like a boss. Otherwise, there’s a lovely selection of clubs that-a-way that might suit your fancy.
    4. Do not advertise your fic outside of your intro post. Sure, we’d love to read it, but we’d rather not clutter up the thread with “plz r&r LINK lol.” Also, we’d like to make sure you’re here for discussions, not just to talk about your stuff. See Helpful Link List at the end of this post for advertising help.
    5. Do not post crit for a specific fic in this thread. While it’s cool to know you’re reading, chances are the author would much prefer it if you went and posted it in their story thread, y’know?
    6. You are perfectly free to start new topics if you want! Go for it! Just... please don’t post a million of them a day, and please make an effort to avoid posting topics when there’s another active topic going on. Generally speaking, if there’s been a solid page of discussion on one topic or if it looks like the discussion’s petering out, chances are you’re good to go. All topics will be added to the bottom of this post for kicks and giggles.
    7. Writing challenges! Yes, you can post them too! Same rules for topics (don’t post when it looks like there’s an active one up), and try to, y’know, make them challenges. (Giving us a prompt to write about is a challenge. Giving us a very specific plot bunny is not. Also keep in mind that you should be reasonable about your challenge rules. Giving us a week-long deadline to post a 10k-word epic is probably pushing it for most people.) Active challenges will also be advertised at the end of this post.
    8. Deadlines are back! However, the same rules as in the last fic club apply. To get a deadline or remind someone of theirs, do so by requesting/reminding in a post that doesn't break Clubs' no one-liners rule.
    9. Please do not ask me to be a co-owner.

    Want to join? Well, we have an overly complicated submission form that you’ll need to fill out:

    Why you like fanfic/writing: [your answer here]


    Well, that was rather anticlimactic.

    But anyway, that’s really all that we require you to do. All you have to do to join is make a post that tells us a bit about yourself, namely why you like fanfiction/writing/whatever would be relevant to the club’s interests. You can also use this time to tell us about the fics you’ve written or the ones you’re planning on writing, and you can even drop a link or few if you want.

    The Members’ List
    JX Valentine (co-owner)
    Brutaka (co-owner)
    Gothitelle K
    Kutie Pie
    Hero of Ideals
    Lost Requiem
    Cosmic Fury
    Toxic Nightshade
    Azran Flame
    Shadow Lucario
    Agent Tectonic
    Moonlight Amaryllis
    Luphinid Silnaek
    JON-The Champion
    Pink Harzard
    The Teller
    Mrs. Lovett
    Fire Aruseus
    Mizz Nikki
    Sike Saner
    Spiteful Murkrow


    Bold Topic Index
    Thanks to Creepychu, we now have an index of all of the topics discussed in the Mafia. It's regularly updated, so feel free to drop by! You'll find it in this post due to character constraints and the fact that that's when the index was finally created. (Sorry!) :D

    Helpful Link List
    Fan Fiction: main forum
    Shipping Fics: for all your shipping needs
    Non-Pokémon Stories: for all your original fic needs
    The Authors' Café: for all your discussion-y needs

    Advertising Help (aka THIS IS WHERE YOU ADVERTISE, GAIS)
    The Review Game
    The Review Exchange
    The Fan Fiction Catalog
    Authors Profiles

    Development Help (aka where you go when you say, "HALP HALP MY STORY NEEDS HALP")
    Advice for Aspiring Authors
    Fic Ideas
    The Beta House (Closed, yes, but you can still poke people listed there.)
    ...Of course, pestering the crap out of us in the thread or via VM/PM is cool too.

    Other Things!
    Think a thread should be added to this list? Please feel free to post! Warning: Only threads on Serebii are going on this list. Because we're nepotists like that.

    Club Shenanigans
    02/13/2013: If you can read this, huzzah, we've been approved!
    03/17/2013: The Fan Fiction Mafia welcomes Brutaka as its new co-owner!
    06/24/2013: Please check out the new tutoring system co-run with our affiliate, the Writers of Justice!
    11/1/2013: Check out our NaNoWriMo hangouts for shiny social opportunities!

    Active Challenge
    None at the moment!

    Previous Challenges
    Deadly's Prehistoric Challenge!
    The Hoenn Gauntlet

    (None at the moment!)
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2015
  2. Bay


    Yay, you got the Fan Fiction Mafia running! :D All right, signing up!

    Why you like fanfic/writing: I tend to have many ideas for stories running in my head and want to tell them to anyone interested. Reading wise I love other writers' different interpretations of the characters and world from another series.

    Not sure if we can answer the current topic right away or wait until more people sign up, so I'll wait until my next post to answer the topic.
  3. Cool, I want to join~

    Why you like fanfic/writing: [your answer here] I like to write because not only is it fun, it brings out my creative thoughts and I think it's better for me to convey my thoughts on screen/paper than it is to actually tell it. Plus, writing my own headcanon for fandoms and expanding is fun as well XD
  4. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."


    Holy cow, Jax, you really need to be owner more, this is an amazing OP, very fun to read :3. Also, thanks for bringing it back! *huggles*

    Why you like fanfic/writing: Because it proves that imagination is unlimited, and can extend its imaginative digits across anything. I also like fan fiction because it's a great way to practice. If one keeps at it from a young age, they'll be masters at writing essays. No, seriously, you have no idea how many praises I've received from English teachers about my essays. I would've gotten an ego complex or something from it all, I honestly would've believed I was the best in the class.

    Anyway, since this will be my only shot at it: this here's my popular Pokémon-centric in all in its glorious blood-filled, sex-driven, romantic spiritual goodness but is my all-time favorite story Forsaken, and my not-as-well-known Wreck-It Ralph-centric and man-meets-quirky original character woman romantic-comedy please read and review but still is a favorite story Mag Mell--have fun, kids!

    *passes out, then perks up* Ooh, a topic!

    Fess up, kitties. What was your first story about?

    Um... posted or not posted?

    I had a few one-shots up here, but my first posted chaptered story was The Battle for Friendship back in March of 2006, about a month after I joined. (Heck, the Fan Fiction section here was the reason I joined in the first place.) It was received pretty well at the time, and is in the stickified Complete Fics if you want to go read it and gouge your eyes out at how awful it looks now. My first non-posted story was I think an original story (blatantly ripping off Hamtaro ha ha ha) involving hamsters getting separated from their owners and having to survive in the wild. The main hamster's name was Henry, and my mom loved the story. It was saved on a floppy disk, which may-or-may-not have been hidden away/destroyed.

    But I think prior to that story's creation, I once created a story arc for Calvin and Hobbes in comic form about Calvin getting Hobbes taken away after flooding the house, and thus he creates a new buddy, Otis the Oven Mitt. But then it turns out Otis is evil and wishes to kill Hobbes and possibly Calvin. It was never finished, and ended on a cliff-hanger with Calvin and Hobbes cornered by Otis. My parents loved this as much as Mom loved my hamster story. It's rare, but Mom will bring up Otis the Oven Mitt in conversation.

    Okay, I'm done for right now. I shall return. *glides away*
  5. Quilava42

    Quilava42 Blazing Flowers

    Why you like fanfic/writing: Even though I barely read novels of my own(yet I finish them), I just like writing. Why you ask? It started when I was young. We had this writing assignment a couple of years back when I was in seventh grade and in sixth grade. I wanted to write my own stories because it seemed as if my mind was detaching from my life and I adventure through many things. I didn't let those people's comments like "this makes no sense" or "i don't like adventures and pokemon" get to my head, I just do it.

    Of course, though I'm what you consider a teen author, I actually want to write my own stories based on a story I was inspired by or see. Oh! But after my first one-shot which was right here, I decided to keep at it after I showed psyanic the edits by PM and he said that my description is getting better and I will improve.

    Also this one-shot(though I need to change these unintentional tense issues) I wrote, and I wanted to write more.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2013
  6. Matori


    Why you like fanfic/writing: Because the writers have a long history of screwing over the most awesome parts of Team Rocket. Also, because you can never have enough angsty Delia/Giovanni fics.

    I also like making people happy with my stories and showing characters in a different light than we're used to seeing them. It's a tricky balance to walk to make antagonists likeable without turning them into the dreaded Draco in Leather Pants, and I like to mess with perception a lot- sure, the people I write about have done some pretty horrible things, but those horrible things have motivations, and those people doing them are still people with stories, stories we haven't necessarily seen. My signature quote pretty much says it all.

    Fess up, kitties. What was your first story about?

    Horribly angsty fic about Giovanni wishing he could see Ash grow up and wishing Ash had a father there for him. Pretty emo really, but I was a high school sophomore back in those days so what do you expect?

    Most of my future Diamondshipping stories ended up reflecting those sentiments in some way or another but I eventually learned how to write "conflicted absent daddy" stories without overdoing the emotion or veering into melodrama.
  7. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant


    *high five!* Welcome back, Bay! This party wouldn't have started unless you walked in. 8D

    Oh, you totally can answer whenever you'd like. ;D FREE REIGN~!

    Sweet! Added! :D

    "Because headcanon" is always an acceptable reason for doing anything in fandom. *sage nod*


    Thank you~! And I missed the Fic Club. And by that, I missed having a place where my ranting was heavily encouraged.


    And, uh, where we could all get together. Yes.

    I still need to read Mag Mell. Like, I stalk Forsaken, but I have yet to venture into the fic side of the Wreck-It Ralph fandom. Which is a shame because that movie was flipping awesome. So!


    ...That is a legit good question right there.

    I'm thinking go with the earliest posted interpretation unless your first written work period was a hell of a lot funnier/more cracktastic as stories written by kids are wont to be.

    Oh my God floppy disks. ;_; And then all of a sudden, THE 90'S. Man, though, those were good days -- when floppy disks were a thing and when Hamtaro was too. Still, that sounds like an adorable fic, and it's a shame you lost it in the interim.


    JFC that's epic on more levels than I care to name. Just... yes.

    *brofist* And that's how you do it. Write about what you want and give no ****s at the same time.

    This is true. :V


    Why you like fanfiction/writing: Because I suck at art. *shot!*

    Seriously, though, the creativity. Definitely the creativity. This isn't to say that you can't be creative with every other thing you do in fandom/whatnot, but like I said... *motions to her artwork* NOT THAT IMPRESSIVE OF AN ARTIST OVAH HAIR. So when I get a creative outlet like writing, it's awesome because I can be as overly analytical as I want. With fic, I can dig up canon and create elaborate headcanons and pull off world-building shenanigans. I can write lengthy backstories or develop the tiniest details of a character. I basically have all this freedom to do whatever I want.

    ...And I like seeing other people do it too. The more fantastically in-depth your fic is, the more I love you. Do you have an entire fakemon dex? Well-written backstory of a canon character? Wonderfully detailed settings? Intricate plots full of different threads going everywhere? GIVE YOUR FIC TO ME. *grabby hands*

    Also, hi, I'm Jax Valentine. You may remember me from such fics as Anima Ex Machina, Book of the Hermit, and everything else here. :D /shameless intro

    And finally!

    Fess up, kitties. What was your first story about?

    My very first written piece that I can remember was done when I was a bitsy bitsy thing who had just discovered what a computer was. And I wrote it on Paint because that's what you do. It was about a family that was stranded on a deserted island, and the siblings bickered... and then they were saved by whales. Somehow.

    My first fanfic was a crappy self-insert trainer fic in which Ash traveled back around Kanto to earn more badges while traveling with aforementioned self-insert and the inserts of self's two besties back when that kind of thing was actually still trendy.

    First posted was a fic about Ash's Pikachu turning out to be the reincarnation of his dad. And then Ash ran off a cliff in shock. As you do.
  8. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Why you like fanfic/writing?: I like it because... hmm, I don't know. It's sort of intangible. I like creating characters and writing their journeys, conflicts, and interactions with others. I like making plots... and stuff. Yeah.

    Fess up, kitties. What was your first story about?: My first story was the trainer fic "Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place". It was about a new trainer who befriended a stubborn, independent Treecko that became his starter pokemon. They set out on their journey in Hoenn to collect badges, but there are personality conflicts that put a strain on their relationship, which begins to crumble. I have trouble reading the first eighteen or so chapters anymore. I enjoyed it though.
  9. Diddy

    Diddy Renegade

    I hope to all that's holy that the "Rules" header is a Scanty & Kneesocks reference because otherwise I'd look pretty lame.

    Why you like fanfiction/writing: I like writing because I'm apparently a massive attention ***** who craves reviews. Also, when I watch things or play things, I start thinking about story ideas anyway, so if I get them down on paper then it unclutters my head.

    I also like fanfiction because it's introduced me to a lot of awesome people. Whilst I don't really write pokémon fanfiction any more (I think the last pokémon thing I wrote was that Bill one-shot for Don Jax) I do still have pokémon ideas. I just focus more on my MLP fanfiction nowadays.

    Fess up, kitties. What was your first story about? Aw man, my first fic was badass.

    Ya see, I got into fanfiction writing about three months after I got into fanfiction reading. On this here very site as it happens. So I was happily reading away until I thought, 'I can do this, I've read loads of writing advide, I know to avoid certain pitfalls! Unlike Ash and Co. Am I right guys!'

    Okay... I never thought that lame pun, but come on!

    So anyway, my fic was about a kid from Mahogany Town (Didn't start in the game start town, this made me super progressive), he went to the Lake of Rage with his buddy for a camping trip. When he got back to his house his parents had been kidnapped by Team Rocket! (This was set after the GSC games and was written WAY before HGSS) They were pokéball creators and specialised in effect balls and they had given their latest prototype to their son, a "charge ball" which was able to catch electric types easier.

    So long story short, the kid researches Team Rocket and goes around the various hideouts from the games, looking for his parents. (Because this made perfect sense to my early teen self. On the way, he runs into a Rocket Grunt who tries to kill him with a crobat until a Jolteon jumps in to save him (Whilst it is an eeveelution, I removed the element of choice Eevee provides. Progressive as all hell, I tell ya) It's also a shiny pokémon which I explain away later as being a sign of experimentation by Team Rocket. Kinda like Shadow Pokémon.

    At some point in the story he gets a cubone and a kabuto in his team and then I stopped writing it because my computer got wiped.

    It was around that time that I wrote the first fic I posted. Serial. Which was about a Serial Killer Gallade. He was a cool guy.
  10. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    And we feel awesome because you're awesome.


    Yeah, that was the main thing I miss about the Fic Club. I'm really looking forward to more rants in the future :3, and I hope another one of us can contribute to the rantiness as well. No I don't have anything to get off my chest right now.

    o_O <-- the only expression I can make at the moment because .gifs aren't allowed anymore this ain't Tumblr and my joy imploded in on itself somehow

    ^_^ Good to hear, thanks! *needs to get around to reading AEM*

    *stabs college in the meantime*

    Too bad "The Gang Versus Stupidity" wasn't the first I posted. Eh, now it's definitely worth a mention, though it's really old shame now. I have no idea what was wrong with me when I wrote that except that my junior high English teacher encouraged us to write whatever we wanted for our composition. And yet he liked it.


    I don't think it's a shame I lost it. Not one bit. *ominous music, slow zoom into increasingly-shadowed face*

    All the more reason I should actually get around to writing it. *stares at Word document* One of these days.

    I swear that was a movie concept, I don't know why. Too many movies about whales and dolphins. Freakin' whales, man.

    That reminds me of how Lord Nidokingu's one-shot "The Fall of a Legend" ended. Except Ash was high on mushrooms. And Pikachu was pizza. I can't keep a straight face thinking about that. It's like saying "pudding" in a straight face to someone, they can't stop giggling once they think of it. Or that's just me.

    I'm extremely curious about why it is college sucks the ever-loving life out of you and thus prevents you from writing/drawing/whatever-you-love-to-do. It's been happening to me for two years now. It's a wonder I'm even functioning right now.
  11. Guess I'm rejoining the new one

    Why you like fanfic/writing: Well for startres I like to use the ideas that come from my head. Because I always like to take that to the FF Clichesd overused plots, it's fun to do as I am a Fanfic Critic on the side to my improvong work. I like to make a series look good when some people don't like it, not making Fanfiction better than the actual series (That would be egostisc and insulting), but to prove it is good. I like my new novel style as it really flows my stories now.

    Fess up, kitties. What was your first story about? : It was a Return Maria Robotnik story before it got cool. Since then, my story is canon to the rest of my series' stories. I still want to improve that story one day.
  12. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    Adding all the new members! :D

    Aaaaaaand I still envy your talent. :< Because damn, for a first fic, that's not bad at all!

    Maybe the fact that you can't read the first eighteen chapters is a cue to do a reboot? 8D


    Nothin' wrong with that. I've heard the MLP fanfiction scene is full of shenanigans. And shenanigans are A-OK.

    Oh, the trap many a teen falls into. *nods*

    Buuuuut to be fair, that actually sounds like an interesting read. I mean, hells yes, kid traveling around a region for reasons other than "because gym badges are pretty"! And sweet, sweet underused Pokémon too. Can't argue with that.





    Oooh. Do tell. It can be our next topic!

    Ngl, Forsaken may or may not be the only fic in Shipping I'm actually reading semi-regularly. 'Cause Shipping is all the way over there. /whinyvoice

    *high fives... and does the same for grad school*


    I... I just looked that fic up. Oh my God.


    Just... sweet Jesus, this is beautiful.

    Probably because it's more hardcore than anything else. Idk what your curriculum's like, but for me, undergrad meant papers every week. So by the time I sat down to write fic, I was actually pretty burned out, just because I wrote so blinking much. Either that, or you get sucked into the portal of having some semblance of a social life, so between those two, you're left with nearly zilch minutes to do fandom things. And God forbid you have a job on top of everything else. Or a part-time job in addition to everything else. (Oh, the times I worked six days a week. Which is still true technically, but hey!)


    High. Five. Imo, most of the point of writing fic is to share your love for the fandom with others, so you are most certainly doing it right. Likewise, agreed on the point about attempting to make a fic better than canon. I don't mean to insult anyone whose goal is to do that, but I never really got it. I mean, sure, maybe you do want characters in a canon that wraps up with an unhappy ending, or maybe you are unsatisfied with various bits of canon. But to spend hours writing a fic because you hate the entire shebang and think you can do better? It's like that one guy who always says a TV series sucks, but they still keep watching it. Or maybe even someone who says they're not at all interested in someone, yet they still stalk the crap out of them.
  13. SilentMemento

    SilentMemento Lone Wolf

    It's been a while since I've joined one of these... I'm SilentMemento. I write horror and darkfics, so that you don't have to - ah, who am I kidding? Some of you have written works of fiction that are way scarier than anything I can ever dream about. XD

    Seriously, though, I do write horror. In fact, Revenant is my main fic. It has references to Dead Space, The Thing, Shutter Island, Alien, and E.T.. What that means is that it is a Pokemon fic based in space that has a ton of body horror and psychological horror. It is rated R, though, so if you're younger than seventeen or if you are easily frightened by disturbing imagery or if you get bored with extended exposition until the fifth chapter, a jerkass main character who isn't very sympathetic, or if you absolutely can't stand writers who procrastinate and tend to never finish stories, do not read.

    So, without further stalling, I'll answer the two questions:

    Why do you like fanfiction/writing?

    Wow. Why do I like it? So I can get rich and famous, buy all the Lamborghinis and Ferraris I want, and have thousands of screaming fans lining up for my autograph when I enter a place? Isn't that why everyone does it? Nah, seriously, though, I love writing for the sheer freedom it gives me. I have all of these characters in my head who have a story to be told, who have granted me the honor and privilege of telling those stories and interpreting their character.

    From the young (and surprisingly sentient) female cat who is slowly maturing (Warriors) and the peaceful Hypno who spends its days meditating on Three Island (Pokemon, of course), to the fast-talking, quick-drawing salarian special operative (Mass Effect) and the cold-blooded mercenary fox with a serious grudge against slavers (Redwall), all the way to the psychologically-traumatized child soldier who is going through his own trial in space (Pokemon), these characters and their stories are an absolute joy to write. These are characters that are all important parts, and the fact that nothing is as clear-cut as it seems makes it all the better.

    Fess up, kitties. What was your first story about?

    Oh, fate almighty, do I really have to? Okay. It was a Warriors story...and it was absolutely terrible. I deleted it a long time ago, but the main plot was about a Gary-Stu cat who went on a long and impossible journey after watching the love of his life (who was another kitten, ugh!) die, took his name from a combination of two dead canon characters (eww...), got attacked by everything dangerous and somehow managed to survive with grevious injuries (I totally deserved to have that story flamed, and I haven't even gotten to the best/worst parts) ended up dying himself for some stupid reason (oh, fate, it's too painful, can I stop now, please?), went to hell and died there (please don't ask; I don't understand it myself), and was reincarnated for being good (because it couldn't be any more cliched as it was). And the worst part? I was planning a sequel. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cry in a corner somewhere...

    Okay, that's that! I hope you guys don't mind the long paragraphs and ramblings, and it's awesome to see this club come back from the dead (again).
  14. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    I'll join, obviously.

    Why do I like writing? I don't know... I just always have, ever since I was a kid. I always wrote. It's just what I do, I guess.
  15. Quilava42

    Quilava42 Blazing Flowers

    Yes, I like your logic. And my sisters usually don't mind me doing fan things for Pokemon, though they may bash me for liking it. And I draw too and digitally, and yeah, hair is difficult to do since it has strands. And my story about Blake which you saw on my old thread, I'm redoing the first few chapters and not make it lengthy. Though you told me to not go to two points that quickly, I'll try to make it as easy as pie.

    XD That's a funny sypnosis. And you have to see my first story I originally written in sixth grade and I typed and done it in eighth. People found me insane with this story, though I kind of gotten interested in violent video games I saw on YouTube and Family Guy.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2013
  16. gorgonfish

    gorgonfish ribbit-ribbit

    Why you like fanfic/writing: I've always been a bit of a pathological liar. It was really bad when I was in middle school. Getting caught meant I'd get grounded (back when internet, phones, video games were something you could get grounded from) and couldn't play with my friends so I started writing down whatever lies I was trying to tell in a notebook. Then I went through that phase everybody probably goes through, where you try to write your own stories that are really just chinatown knock-offs of other stories. I'm not sure when I found fanfiction, but I remember becoming obsessed with in around the time Pokemon and Digimon were becoming more popular. The fics didn't seem as bad then as they do now looking back.

    Fess up, kitties. What was your first story about?

    The first story I ever wrote was an embarrassing Eragon clone. Kal, the main character, was a moody kid who had a temper tantrum and cut off his uncle's hands with a sword. Then he ran away to an abandoned village where he discovered that the secret to magic was just saying normal words backwards. He goes back to his own village and turns everyone into animals that can talk. That filled up about two pages of a notebook. Writer's block set in after that and I never finished. >_>

    I'm actually in the middle of writing my first fanfic right now. It's an AU Pokemon fic inspired by the SCP Foundation wiki (it's not straight horror, more psychological horror-lite/fantasy). It isn't posted yet, but once I have time to edit the first few chapters I should post it. Ugh, revision. xD
  17. Knightfall

    Knightfall Blazing Wordsmith

    Wow, it's back! Well, JX, let's hope this one lasts, right?

    Why do you like fanfic/writing?

    I enjoy it because it offers a nice break from reality. I have a whole world that I can explore and characters that I love writing. What more can I ask for? Pokemon is something that I've long loved since I was really young. The PMD series especially had me enraptured with it; it stirred something within me that wanted to tell my own spin on the tale. I wrote down my ideas in a note book, not knowing what to do with them.

    Fess up, kitties. What was your first story about?

    Well, actually, unlike lots of members of this club, I only started writing in late 2011, though it took off in February of 2012. I had never written before, but after discovering this site and reading some fanfiction, I wanted to write my own. Since then, I have my one and only story: PMD: Overthrown.

    What is it about? ... Well, it's still ongoing... So, I can't say much without spoilers... But, it involves a confused Charmeleon, a sadistic Mismagius, a government corrupted, a war contrived, a villain misguided, and all the bells and whistles.

    And that's about it. I'd love the join the club once more. So, if you'll have me, I'd be very grateful.

    Knightfall signing off... ;005;
  18. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    And the list has just been updated! Last update before I curl up for le sleep, just so y'all know. Feel free to chat away and join and whatnot while the cat's away, dear mice. :D


    And I'm assuming cute aliens befriending humans, amirite? :D *shot!*

    YES. >8D

    We're all sadists here, unfortunately. *sage nod*

    Although to be fair, your idea doesn't sound that bad, tbqh. In fact...

    That sounds so metal.

    Oh, old shames. Things like this always sound like a good idea when you're young. They very rarely are, and that's what makes them hilarious in hindsight.


    Awesome. Good luck, and feel free to pester me/the club/Authors Cafe if you need help. *nod*

    Ikr? I'm pretty sure I was on some kind of crack back in the day. Beautiful, glorious, sugary crack.

    Y'know, I think I read the first chapter of this back when I was briefly back at PC. It was... interesting. (Read: You've certainly improved since then. Just sayin'.)

    ...Best magic system ever.


    I have recently discovered that Pokémon and the SCP Foundation go together alarmingly well. Don't you think so? It's totally the lore and the monsters. I mean, the Pokémon universe comes with weird-as-**** shenanigans built in as completely ordinary, every-day fact. Is your TV possessed? Rotom. Your dolls want to kill you? Banette. Pills that cure every ailment known to man? Full Restore. Animals made of fire? Most of the Fire-types. God-like eldritch abominations? Pretty sure at least one legendary fits that one. Shenanigans, I tell you.

    I've actually toyed with the idea of creating an SCP-like wiki/project/thing wherein people take bits of Pokémon canon and warps them into SCP-style weirdness. But it's surprising that I failed at being too lazy for this; just think about how much effort I'd fail to put forth for a wiki.

    Buuuut back to the point, I am so looking forward to an SCP-like fanfic. Because that's awesome.

    Haha, inorite?

    Of course. ;) Welcome back!
  19. Meeker

    Meeker It needs a fence.

    Nice to see that there's a club about writing that's actually around! I got back into the activity a little too late, and the old one was closed...
    That said, I'd love to join!

    Why do you like fanfic/writing?
    I don't really know, it's just really fun to create your own adventures of whatever I want. Though I like to stick close to reality, I like to make everything unique. From the characters, their gear/equipment, what they wear, the setting, etc. I really started writing around 2009/2010, but I never posted anything online. I actually, at first, found fan fiction to be something that was just a fad, and passed over it. I remember seeing the first writer on SPPf... whoa! I'm not drifting off here! Maybe somewhere else, but not here. I first started to actually post my work in December 2012, after I had some help from a certain writer who is in this club right now. You know who you are!

    Fess up, kitties. What was your first story about?
    My first story was Auðn (pronounced: eye-ethn, an original story about a mercenary squad. It's still in the making, and has a prologue and two chapters up and running! Being in the non-Pokemon section I haven't gotten any feedback from anyone I don't know, but hopefully I'll be able to get at least some readers.

    You can ask my friends about it, as if I started promoting it saying, "It's amazing!" I'd sound like a raging dick. Although, if you like action, sci-fi, mercenaries, or if you're just really bored (this is the most probable cause of you reading this anyway), I'd recommend it. The link is in my signature, as is the link to my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fic.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2013
  20. Quilava42

    Quilava42 Blazing Flowers

    I posted my idea on Fic Ideas there. And have you read the part where he got whipped?
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