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The Fan Fiction Rules - Read Me~

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Psychic, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    How do we know if a fic goes here or in the shipping forum? Surely fics with romantic overtones can go here, so what's the dividing line? Is it if the romance is the focus versus a detail of it?
  2. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    I'd say a story goes in Shipping Fics if its primary focus is a romance between canon characters. But the split is mostly here for your benefit - shipping fics will probably usually get more positive attention in the shipping fics forum because that's where people who care about shipping hang out, so that's probably where you'll want to post it. If you know the shipping fics forum exists but just think your fic would appeal more to the people who frequent this forum for any reason, that's fine and you can post it here despite whatever shippy content it involves (so long as it follows the rules).
  3. flamebeam

    flamebeam DAYN-JUH ZONE!

    Do you guys delete fics that haven't been updated after x amount of time? I'm asking because my fic is at the end of the list (last edited June 1), but I just finished the next chapter and I'm waiting for my beta reader to look at it.
  4. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    No, 'fics aren't deleted because of inactivity. There's also no rule against bumping your own thread, so you can post a new chapter even if it's been a long time (years, even) since the last one without worrying about your thread getting locked or what have.
  5. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Also, to extend the list of threads with posts beyond the last month, there's options for that at the bottom of the section page ('Thread Display Options'). Alternatively, you can go to your profile/VM page and below your avatar select 'Find latest started threads'.
  6. Hero of Truth

    Hero of Truth Lillie Fan

    Hey, I have a question I wanted to ask you for a while - Can we post release dates for our chapters? You know, so the readers will know in advance when the next chapter is coming. Thanks.
  7. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    Not to be blunt, but ... why not just post the chapter? I mean, if you update frequently and fairly regularly as it is, you generally don't need to tell readers that a chapter will be out soon because, well, they're already expecting your chapters. In any writing community, really, you'd only need to post release dates if you're breaking your update schedule (as in, posting more frequently or less frequently than normal) for any reason. Otherwise, you run a risk of making people think you've updated when you haven't—or, well, spamming up your own thread.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2014
  8. Hero of Truth

    Hero of Truth Lillie Fan

    That's why I want to get the okay to do that. I don't have a regular update schedule right now, thanks to stress and tiredness from both studying and working on the comic version of my fic, so I want readers to know when to expect the new chapter, so I can plan things better in my real-life schedule.
  9. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    If it's an important update, there's a rule about that under the note concerning double posting on the first page, right? As in, you don't really need mod approval to post updates like that so long as, in the words of the first post, you don't abuse it. Considering this sounds like a one-time thing for you, you'd most likely not need to worry about that. Hope that helps!
  10. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    A lot of writers here don't have regular update schedules, so that is quite normal. Most readers (at least ones with proper manners) won't badger you about updates, either - the attitude here is more "when the chapter's ready, the writer will post it," simple as that. Another option is that some writers inform readers about new chapters by creating a "PM list," where readers ask to be put on this list so the writer will message them when a new chapter is up.

    If you do want to post an update in your thread regarding the progress of your chapter or an estimated release date, as Jax pointed out, you may do this as long as you don't abuse it.

    I hope that clears things up,
  11. sucer

    sucer Member

    I wrote a pokemon fanfic, but instead of copy/pasting it here I read the fanfiction out loud, added some pictures and music and posted it on youtube. Now I still consider it fanfiction and I'd like to let people here know about it. What should I do? Apparently it's not allowed to post any youtubelinks here. So should I just post the written form of the fanfic here despite the fact that I spent hours of making it a youtube video?!
  12. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    As bobandbill explained in your thread, this section is only for written work. This means, as you correctly guessed, that you can only post the written form of your fic in this sub-forum. Doing anything else is considered advertising. It's cool that you made a whole Youtube video for it, and you are perfectly allowed to link to it in your signature. Once you have been active enough in the community to include links in your posts, you can also post your video in the Digital Media section.

    As always, please remember to read the rules of a section before you post in it. Happy posting,
  13. sucer

    sucer Member

    Alright! Thanks for explaining. Didn't know there were such strict limits :D Anyway serebii.net is an awesome site and I'm happy to be here.
  14. pokenavkev15

    pokenavkev15 PKMN Trainer

    Hey there! I'm new and have a question to ask: Is it ok to post my Fanfic like this:

    ~~~~~~~One Year Into the Future
    Red crawled out of the rumble. He was badly cut and bruised. He hears footsteps. The screams of his friends still didn't end. He hears a small click and he looks up to see a revolver pointed at his forehead.
    "Get the hell up."
    Red could barely do so. He wobbles and eventually stands. He stares into his eyes. He chuckles a bit and slaps Red with the gun. Red only turns and coughs out blood. He looks at him.
    "You knew it from the beginning. You mess with Team Rocket, and you die. Simple as that. Now take a look at all your friends, Red. Where did you lead them?"
    Red turns his head. Leaf was being held on her knees by gunpoint. Her hat was nowhere to be seen, and she was badly beaten. He then sees Blue. He was lying on his stomach, his eyes wide open, not breathing. Kenny was lying on the floor a few feet away from him. Red closes his fist.
    "Red, it was all fun and games at first. Fun and games. Then reality sinks in, and it's a drag isn't it?"
    Red looks at him with that same cold stare that he would give at those Rocket scum. Red sees him raise the gun.
    "Any last words?"
    Red said nothing.
    He laughs. "I guess you'll die saying nothing at all. Nice making business with you Red. See you in Hell."

    ------One Year Earlier------

    Chapter 1! Opening: Dreams Await! Getting the Identification!

    "Hello! Welcome to the Official Pokémon Registration Center! What might your name be?" said the nice lady in the reception place.
    Red smiles and almost shouts his name out load. His mother smiles, embarrassed that his son would yell at the poorly now shocked lady.
    "Sorry, I'm just so excited!" Red apologizes. "It's ok, I've had worse kids who were excited as well. So you are Red, right? From Pallet Town correct?" Red nods his head quickly.
    "Ok in just a moment you will get your official ID. If you may, please head to the waiting room next door."
    Red smiles wider, knowing that his dream was about to come true. Red had finally become 13 years old, which is the new required age to get an official Pokémon. Now that he is old enough, he can finally get his first Pokémon ever! The excitement was filling his heart. He thought about entering Prof. Oak's lab already and getting introduced to the starter Pokémon that he's always seen other kids on TV gain from him. Red and his mother, Delia entered the room where other kids were waiting as well. Red found a seat and sat down still smiling.
    "Red, calm down, you'll have a heart attack or something," his mother said with a worried look on her face.
    "Don't worry Mom, not even a heart attack will stop me from getting my ID today. I can't wait to go on a journey already Mom! Today's the day, I Red, will become a trainer of skill and hard work!"

    Leaf entered the OPRC. She grins. "Leaf, wait up!" her father cries hurrying after his daughter.
    "Come on Dad! Why are you slower than usual? Can't you see I'm getting my ID?" Leaf runs to the receptionist.
    "Hi, I'm Leaf from Pallet Town, I'm here for my ID," Leaf said as she sets her hands on the table and leans forward onto the poor woman's face, centimeters apart from each other. The woman frowns and looks at her father.
    "Leaf, please, you’re acting like a child! And didn't you say earlier that you were to not be treated like a kid anymore?" Leaf's father said to her.
    "Dad, pleeeeeaaase! I'm am no longer a kid. I am now going to be an official trainer now. So how long is the wait, I have to go talk to my other friends in school that I'm getting an ID." The woman points to a door that said waiting 'Waiting Room.' Leaf frowns.
    "Really?! I do have to wait forever don't I?! Ugh! Whatever, I'm sooo going not to enjoy this. Daddy, let's go wait in the room. Let's see if any of my friends are in there." Leaf sets off to the room and her father hurriedly follows.
    Leaf enters and examines the room. Great, there was no one she knew, except for her boring neighbor, Red. The boy turns and waves at her. Leaf waves back, even though she would rather not. She found a seat and sat. She takes out her PokeGear and dials her friend, Marie. Soon she was engaged in full blown conversation. Her father sits next to her and gives a big sigh of relief.

    Blue casually enters the building. He looks around and smirks. Of course no one is here, he thought. I'm the first one here, as always. He strolls to the cute receptionist.
    "Hi, are you here for you ID?"
    Blue nods and said, "Of course I am. First one here of course too."
    The woman shakes her head. "You’re the twentieth here today actually," she said.
    Blue's eyes widen. "What?!? What do you mean?! I'm not first?!" The woman smiles awkwardly and asks for his name. "It's Blue from Pallet. Let me see who else made it before me, I'll challenge 'em all tomorrow mornin'!"
    And with that Blue storms in the waiting room. He sees no one that he knows. Wait....! Oh no. Red. They've been rivals since Blue can remember, and with good reason. He doesn't like Red at all. Blue's face turns red with anger at the sight of Red. How could he, Blue, have lost to someone as stupid as Red?! He enters the room and decides to hide his anger, he doesn't want to look like a drama queen.
    "Hey. Red."
    The other boy looks up. He stands when he realizes it was Blue. "Blue!" he exclaims closing his fists.
    "Hey, Red's mom. I just came to see why you came so late today."
    Red growls in anger. "I didn't see you, so maybe you came late yourself," Red states and he locks eyes with Blue.
    "I happen to be at the restroom you know. Well, I'll leave you now. I gotta go check on my ID. Smell ya later!" Blue exits the room.
    Leaf on the other hand was staring at Blue as he left. She has the biggest crush on the planet on Blue. "Hello? Leaf? You still there? Hello?" Marie said through the PokeGear as Leaf was lost on thought.

    Kenny goes inside the building. "Kenny, I'll be right back to pick you up in five minutes. Have fun in there, and enjoy every moment of it!" Kenny's brother, Aiden said. Kenny nods as he sees his brother fly off with his Charizard back to Pallet Town. Kenny turns back to the building. Kenny was finally here. This is where he will start of his Pokémon journey. Kenny has read all about this place. This is the Official Pokémon Registration Center that is located at the city known as Saffron. Of course, Kenny has also read about the city's history, but he would rather not think about that at this moment. Kenny walks up the nice lady at the reception table.
    "Hi, I am Kenny from Pallet Town. May I get my identification card please?"
    The nice lady nods her head and writes Kenny's name to on the paper and tells him to wait at the waiting room. Kenny smiles and thanks the lady.
    He enters the room and sees his neighbors Red and Leaf. He sits next to Red.
    "Hello, Red!" he said. Red waves at him. "Are you excited?" Kenny questions.
    Red nods his head. "I can't wait to get my first Pokémon. It feels like a dream. Who are you thinking of getting for your starter?" Red said examining Kenny's face.
    Red and Kenny really don't talk as much, but Red knows that Kenny is really smart. Maybe listening to his ideas would gain him access to become a better trainer. And to be smarter and better than Blue.
    Kenny closes his eyes. "I will choose a Charmander. Not because of specific strategy, but because I want to follow my brother's footsteps. He has a very smart and strong Charizard." Red nods his head, but he secretly wished for a more intellectual answer.

    ~~~~~~~It's Time
    "May the following people please report to the front desk: Red, Blue, Leaf, and Kenny from Pallet Town."
    Kenny and Red look at each and smile widely. "I got to go girl, I'll call you later!" Leaf said as she got up. Red and Kenny dash to the door just as Leaf does as well. They both stop to see who will go through the door first.
    "Hmph!" said Leaf as she flips her hair and walks out the door with her nose up in the air. Kenny adjusts his glasses and walks out the door. Red follows nearby.
    Red sees Blue already standing at the reception table with a smirk on his face. Red frowns.
    "Better late than never, right Red?" Blue said looking at him. Red growls and grinds his teeth.
    Leaf jumps in front of Blue and yells out, "Hi Blue!"
    The shocked Blue blushes as he looks down at her pretty face. Blue always finds himself looking at her, even though he was pretty sure that he does not like her. Well yeah, Leaf was pretty hot, but if even if he did like her that way, she would never like him back.
    "Oh, what's up Leaf?"
    Leaf's face turns to a bright pink. "Right now you."
    Blue's blush worsens. Red gives a small snicker and hides his face with his hands, and Blue notices which makes him mad. Kenny just sighs. He knows that Blue and Red always fight and Kenny knows that their fights would finally be settled by a Pokémon battle. Their arguing are getting annoying as it is.
    "So it's time to finally get your IDs," the receptionist said.
    The children all turn their heads at the same time at the lady.
    The woman sets down the IDs on the table. Red smiles and takes his card. Kenny grabs his card and begins to examine it. Leaf takes her as well and holds two fingers to the lady and winks at her. Blue smirks and takes his card and stuffs it in his pocket.
    "You are all now registered on the Pokémon Records. Don't loose your ID, you need them to fight against gym leaders and to enter the Pokémon League. You are all now official Pokémon trainers!"
    Red and Leaf cheer. Kenny just smiles to himself. Blue shrugs and smirks.
    "Don't forget to get your starters at Prof. Oak's laboratory. Good luck on your journey!"

    ~~~~~~The Heroes Meet
    Red exits the OPRC. He smiles and looks at his ID. Finally, it's time to shine, to be better than anyone else in the whole region. If he could even make it to the top.
    Leaf jumps on Red to give him a hug. "Red, we did it! After all that hard work from Trainer School, we are finally trainers!"
    Red blushes and smiles at her. Blue walks up to them.
    "You know Red, now that we're official trainers, I can't wait to kick your butt!" Blue said holding a fist to his chest. Red growls at Blue.
    "Must you two always be fighting?" Kenny questions adjusting his glasses.
    "You shut up Kenny! You won't even make it three feet before getting attacked by a wild Pokémon."
    "You dare say such words to me?!"
    "I do. Guys, let's all just face it, I'll end up champion by the end of the year," Blue states lifting his hand up in a cockish manner.
    "Oh yeah? I bet you won't!" Red exclaims.
    "Is that a bet?" Blue smirks.
    "You bet it is!"
    Blue smiles wider. "Fine. Here's the deal, whoever reaches Indigo Plateau first will win the bet. Of course you have to be part of Pallet Town to comply. So here's the deal. $200,000 to whomever reaches the Pokémon League, AND becomes champion. So it's a race, you fall behind, you stay behind."
    Kenny looks uncertain.
    Red growls.
    Leaf just brushes her hair.
    "Well, deal or no deal?"
    Red smirks. "You're on! I'll beat you any day!" He sets his fist to the center of their circle.
    "I suppose I shall try my best..." Kenny states as he sets his hand on top of Red's fist.
    "Ugh, I am only doing this cause this is exciting."
    Leaf slams her hand on top of Kenny's Blue sets his hand on Leaf's.
    "Alright then. May the best Pokémon Trainer win." They all lift they're arms up.
    Red gives a cold stare at Blue. "You won't win me Blue."
    "Whatever Red, we all know how this is going to end, smell ya later!" He walks away.
    Leaf looks at Blue walk off. "I'm off, goodbye Red! See ya around Kenny!" Leaf runs of to her awaiting father.
    Kenny and Red were left alone. Red looks at Kenny. "Good luck Kenny."
    "As to you too Red. I will see you around." He walks off into the city.
    Red sighs. His mother comes up to him. "Ready to go back to Pallet?" she asks. Red smiles and nods. The two of them then walk off deep into the city of Saffron.

    I need to know if this is ok to even get posted, I have been writing on this story for a while now. The story is kinda dark too... Also some chapters are pretty long too, some have like 10,000 words and such. So please respond, thanks.
  15. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    You need to double space your paragraphs, i.e. include an empty line between them. So the first bit would look like this:

    Long chapters and dark themes are fine; the rules explain a few types of content such as rape and abuse that require mod approval, but if you're not hitting those, you're good.

    As a tip, I notice that you switch between tenses a lot. For instance, you have "Red could barely do so. He wobbles and eventually stands." In the first sentence, the verb could is in the past tense, but then in the second sentence, both wobbles and stands are in the present tense. This is confusing to read, as it makes it hard to parse when things are supposed to be happening in relation to one another. Pick one tense and stick with it, unless you're actually talking about something that happened before the present of the story.
  16. pokenavkev15

    pokenavkev15 PKMN Trainer

    Thanks, I'll look into that! ^. ^
  17. Fossildude747

    Fossildude747 Fossil Fighters Fan!

    Hey, does a prologue count as the first part of a story? For example, you said that if you don't post the first part in your main pot you must post it at least 15 minutes later, does it count if I post a prologue in less than 15 minutes later?
  18. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    Yep! It counts!
  19. Fossildude747

    Fossildude747 Fossil Fighters Fan!

    Ok good! Time for me to post! Be prepared for a new fanfic!

    Also, I don't know if I will do this but can we ask somebody to make us art for a fanfic to put in my sig if I give them credit?
  20. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    Absolutely (so long as you make sure that the image and the rest of your sig still follow Serebii's general sig rules)! A lot of authors do this because if users have sigs turned on, an art piece could be handy for advertising. As a helpful side note, while you could look around the fic forum to see if you can spot someone who does graphics on the side (like Brutaka, for example), you'll probably have an easier time enlisting the help of a fan art shop.

    Good luck!

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