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The FEAR clan

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by rge, May 30, 2012.

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  1. rge

    rge Be greedy! Or not.

    Welcome Everyone....To FEAR!


    FEAR motto: FEAR lives within all

    Credits to Skarmory7 for the banner
    This is a clan i created since i closed my other clan..
    anyway please read the rules....and i made this clan cause
    when i was little umbereon was my fav poké also for now
    this is a Wifi clan if you guys want later
    i can make a PO division (i don't use PO so yea...)

    Table of contents
    -sign up-
    -Rank Blockers-
    -Point System-
    -Job Point System-
    -War Team-
    -(In progress)-Fear pokemon League!!!-

    1.FOLLOW ALL SPPF rules
    2.Respect other members and their decision's
    3.If you have a problem or any question's please PM me
    so you don't spam the thread
    4.Please stay active if you are going away like on a trip
    tell me before hand
    5.don't ask me to be a xat mod or a clan leader i will
    chose we gets to be what...
    6.I will test battle you no matter what you are in the
    but it's to determine your rank.
    7.Don't Ad other website's
    8.no Spaming/Flaming
    9.have fun! also i don't use PO if you guys want PO ill make a
    PO division​

    [CENTER][SIZE=5][COLOR="#FF0000"]Sign up Forum[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    Fill this out post it and your good
    IGN(In game name):
    4th Gen FC:
    5th gen FC:
    PO Username:
    Fav dark pokémon:
    something about you:
    did someone reccomend this clan to you? if so who?:
    Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10...:[/CENTER]

    Umberon rank​

    This rank is for Leader's only

    Darkrai rank:
    This rank is for Co-Leader's only
    Victini is cool:BP15

    Absol rank:
    Achiving this rank means you've beaten a leader or co 5 times (and won) beat 4 level Alpha Rank
    blockers you and won against a war head or war member

    Zoroark rank:
    to get this rank you must beat 2 level
    7 and 6 Rank Blockers and have 5 win's vs.
    Absol ranked members

    Liepard rank:
    To get this rank you must have beaten
    3 members in the Liepard Rank and
    beat a level 5 Rank blocker

    Mightyena rank:
    To get this rank you must win against
    3 Members in the Mightyena rank and
    beat a level 4 Rank blocker.


    Zorua rank:
    To get this rank you must win against
    2 members in any rank higher than
    poochyena rank and win against a level
    3 Rank Blocker

    Poochyena rank:
    To get this rank you must win 1 battle
    and a level 2 and 1 rank blocker

    Purrloin rank:
    The base rank here till you either
    1.get tested and submitted into a
    higher rank or
    2.reach the requirements of the next


    Ultimate Supreme Rank:
    To get this achievement you must
    win vs. the clan's pokemon league. (If your in the clan) this project is on hold for now....​

    Rge - Leader
    BigCarl71 - Member
    misty135 - Co-Leader
    Victini is cool - Co-leader
    BlvckChrxs - Member
    GameMaker - Member (Post within a week or be kicked)


    -05/23/12- Clan Opens!
    -06/12/12- War Starts

    (Original Idea)Rank Blockers
    Hi there i decided i'd like to try
    something that i don't think other
    people have i call it "Rank Blockers"
    basically you can be hired for this
    Job in the Job section (Must be tested
    first to see if you qualify)
    so there are 8 types of Rank Blockers
    level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and Alpha.
    now they are used to see if people
    should go to the next rank
    sometimes even if the members lose
    they can continue to the next rank
    all depending on how they play
    and how well they do! you also get
    paid 5 DP points every week for each
    Person you beat (if there trying to
    get to the next rank)hope this idea
    catches on!

    Rank Blockers​









    These are the Jobs Fill out this forum
    and chose a Job
    Job you want:
    Why do you want it:

    Jobs that are available

    Rank Blocker
    Ev Trainer
    egg move tutor

    This time this shop is going to be
    old school i mean back in like 2009
    This section actually sells
    POKEMON of course not right now we need
    some donations!

    Rge - Breeder
    Misty135 - Breeder
    BigCarl71 - EV trainer
    Victini is cool - Egg move tutor


    Tepig Lv.1 Calm Cost:10BP
    Oshawott Lv.1 Relaxed Cost:10BP
    Panpour Lv.1 Gluttony Cost:5BP
    Mudkip Lv.1 Careful Cost:10BP
    (PM me for moves)
    Joepotatoe's pokemon:
    -DWF poliwag
    -DWF eevee
    -DWF pichu
    -DWF Farfetch'd
    -DWF cacnea
    -zorua? (many people don't have access to the little dude)
    -Shiny scizor**
    -shiny kabuto**

    **: Lvl 1 UT, must be cloned first. And I could clone and donate: SPR2012 Zekrom UT-May2012 darkrai UT-Flawless pikachu (Lvl 100, Moves: iron tail, quick attack, volt tackle, thunderbolt. IVs 30/30/30/30/30/30
    (Please Negotiate a price with Joepotatoe)

    -A couple of horsea's + 13 male DW eevee's(VM misty for info on them)

    Breeder: -2Bp
    Ev Trainer: -3BP
    Personal Art: -5BP
    move tutor: -3BP
    egg move tutor: -3BP

    Point System:

    here ill teach you how to gain points
    no you WON'T lose points
    okay here we go:
    recruit someone:5BP
    win against a member in your rank:2BP
    win against a member in a higher rank:
    win against a lower ranked member:1BP
    win a battle in a war:5BP
    Rank up:10BP

    Job point earning:
    to make this simple
    when you have a Job and someone ask's
    you for whatever your Job is
    when they pay you GAIN there points
    just the more reason to make you have
    a job ;)

    War Team:

    War Head/War Tester:Open
    War Member's:Rge
    Victini is cool

    War History
    Team Sky​


    Alright we've finally made it to the xat
    check in my sig or this link...
    to get to the xat


    Rank Userbars thanks to Thrain
    Rank Blockers userbars thanks to Brutaka
    Main Banner thanks to 00swms
    Credit to Blue Harvest for Approves this!
    In Memory of our great leader and friend JoePotatoe we wish you luck wherever your going :')
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2012
  2. rge

    rge Be greedy! Or not.


    (Bump) BH said i could bump anyway (this doesn't count as double positng right?)
    This Post is reserved for Victini is cool's PO division (not up yet) for now it's where im giving away shines :D
    Shiny This Week:??? Unknown Requirments to get it.....Beat my team with only Fire type pokemon. (No OU rules apply)
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2012
  3. Bigcarl71

    Bigcarl71 Member

    IGN(In game name) : Carl
    4th Gen FC:N/A
    5th gen FC:0346 8651 0839
    PO Username: eff that junk
    Fav dark pokémon: Bisharp
    something about you: I am the proud owner of a Bearded Face
    did someone reccomend this clan to you? if so who?: Leader in PM
    timezone?: US Est
    Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10...:6ish maybe
  4. rge

    rge Be greedy! Or not.

    YEA TO THE WIFI im not a fan of PO :) anyway want me to test battle you now?
  5. Bigcarl71

    Bigcarl71 Member

    My connection has been rather poor I'll give it a shot
  6. joepotatoe

    joepotatoe Dunsparce MasterRace

    Sign up Form

    IGN(In game name): Sweets
    4th Gen FC: 1936 2631 4750
    5th gen FC: 3353 9984 3958
    PO Username:None, Don't use it
    Fav dark pokémon: absol :3
    something about you: I like dem shiny flawless pokemon
    did someone reccomend this clan to you? if so who?: Leader by PM
    timezone?: GMT -4
    Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10...:5-7ish
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2012
  7. Eliteknight

    Eliteknight S.L.Y.

    good luck with your clan
  8. misty135

    misty135 Member

    IGN(In game name): Eve
    4th Gen FC: can't use wifi with it :(
    5th gen FC:1678-6731-8022
    PO Username: don't have one
    Fav dark pokémon:Hydreigon
    something about you: I love shiny rayquazas and charizards <3
    did someone reccomend this clan to you? if so who?: no
    timezone?: US Est
    Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10...: maybe a 5...

    and i'm doing a job form too, i hope that's okay

    Username: misty135
    Job you want: breeder
    Why do you want it: I can breed most pokemon in the game for a specific nature within a week usually and i can also breed egg moves (might take longer though).
  9. rge

    rge Be greedy! Or not.

    Hey thanks for joining you want your clan battle now or later? you can find me on the chat. Also i love having all wifi members XD

    Thanks man :) i appreciate it

    Your accepted for the clan and the job tell me when you want your test battle
  10. misty135

    misty135 Member

    thanks :) i can test battle now, just tell me if legendaries are allowed
  11. Metroid

    Metroid Look at my post.

    good luck

    10 chars
  12. rge

    rge Be greedy! Or not.

    thanks i was away for about 5 min and already 2 more post XD
  13. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    good luck rge. made ya a banner!
  14. rge

    rge Be greedy! Or not.

    Yup i know i might use it though
  15. Bigcarl71

    Bigcarl71 Member

    Username: Bigcarl71
    Job you want:EV Trainer
    Why do you want it:I enjoy EV Training I did all my own like 10 pokes to 100 in the past month
  16. rge

    rge Be greedy! Or not.

    alright then ill add you
  17. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    Good luck and have fun
  18. rge

    rge Be greedy! Or not.

    Thanks man hopefully this clan will get more members soon
  19. millarc3005

    millarc3005 Born a legend!

    Hey old friend, looks like this clan has a good layout and will be brilliant. Thats why im gonna join!

    IGN(In game name): Callum
    4th Gen FC: N/A
    5th gen FC: N/A
    PO Username: Millarc
    Fav dark pokémon: Scrafty (By far the best out there!)
    something about you: Em I play Ice hockey, (And ive completed every league in every pokemon game ive got!)
    did someone reccomend this clan to you? if so who?: No one, I just wanted to join an old friends clan.
    timezone?: (GMT-0)
    Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10...: 7/10
  20. rge

    rge Be greedy! Or not.

    Hey Millarc long time no see! sadly i don't use PO so i'll have to postpone your test battle :(
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