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The Fear Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Sidewinder, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Ours is the Fury

    I thought this would be a good idea for a thread. Basically because fear does odd things that affects our daily lives. Wether small or large, it affects our decisions in regards to actions we take. To some people, it can go so far as to alter life decsions they make, while sometimes the fears we have can simply change the route some take home from work.

    I'll start. I'm completely terrified of tornados. Spinning columns of air that can completely demolish cars, buildings, and homes. I think the root of my fear is based on the tornado that I saw. I was traveling down the interstate during a severe thunderstorm, when suddenly this finger of god reached down and touched the road. I saw cars, trees, and chunks of building thrown in all directions. Luckily, I was far enough down the road that it didn't get close to me, but the image of that scene has stuck with me for a long time. Now when my county gets put under a tornado watch, I freeze up and start checking the weather for hours on end until the watch is lifted.

    So list your fears if you feel like it. Wether irrational or justified, post them here. This is not a place for people to make fun of other people for their worries. So anyone who feels like they have the right to call someone else stupid for what they're afraid of need not post anything.
  2. Todoserugi

    Todoserugi Never Forget

    i have an aggressive fear of bees. when i was 9 i was stung in the pressure point behind my ear.
  3. 3D992

    3D992 The Living Hologram

    I'm afraid of...

    Looking like an idiot
    Certain bugs
    Certain people
    Murderers, burgelers, theives
    Losing something important
    Certain torture techniques
  4. Zwitter™

    Zwitter™ Surhomme


    Sitting in the old school house after church yesterday (the students among the congregation go and have dinner there after Mass), I see a harvestman crawling across the guy next to me's shoe. My god that scared the **** out of me. I back scuttled across the room shouting expletives on to the sofa and stayed curled up there until someone else removed it.

    Many other stories but that is the most recent.
  5. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Ours is the Fury

    I'm not 'scared' of spiders, but I do have an extreme hate of them. I'll go out of my way to kill them if they are in my house. However, this house is like a slaughterhouse for any kind of insects. I have two indoor cats that destroy any bug that has the misfortune to wander in here
  6. BarkingRat

    BarkingRat 'Sup.

    Yeah, my sister's cat, Missy, is the same way. Missy is excellent pest control.

    I really don't like botflies, which is silly because there aren't any in my area. I just find the idea of botflies and other invasive parasitic creatures to be almost offensive. I don't like small spiders, either. Big spiders, such as tarantulas, don't bother me as much.

    There are a lot of people in my family who are afraid of bees, and they think I'm a freak because I like bees.
  7. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → follow your fire.

    Hmm. I'm pretty much scared of any social situation, really. I get nervous talking to everyone, even family or old friends. Even being out in public and not saying/doing anything is very nervewracking.

    When I'm particularly paranoid and/or have been having a lot of nightmares, I become afraid of the dark.

    I'm also scared of storms. And bugs. Those are more common.
  8. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Ours is the Fury

    I understand what you mean when it comes to storms. Where I live is prone to severe weather, and as irrational as it is, I get anxious everytime I hear a loud bellow of thunder. Which spurns me to check the weather forecast, which in turn makes me check the latest mesoanalysis about shear and dew points so I can calculate the odds of a tornado in my area
  9. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → follow your fire.

    My reaction isn't that extreme, but it doesn't seem irrational to me (especially if you witnessed a bad storm up close). They can be devastating.
  10. Kacho

    Kacho You are next.

    Fear of drowning.
    Okay, I can't swim. However, I don't like the idea of having my lung/body full of water. It feels painful.
    I'd rather get crushed by a car or sliced my head off with a sword or something.

    Fear of people knowing my secrets.
    This might not be healthy, but I just... mostly don't trust people with my deep secrets.
  11. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Ours is the Fury

    They sure can. The EF-5 tornado that ripped through Joplin Missouri was awful. And Joplin isn't that far away from where I live. Eesh
  12. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → follow your fire.

    Eesh is right. Gonna try to live somewhere where there's no tornadoes someday? lol.
  13. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Ours is the Fury

    Believe me, I've researched the places I could completely get away from them, but I can't go. My family, along with my fiance's, live in the area that we're currently in. My hopes are dashed for now, but hopefully when we move in July to go to college, she'll throw in with me to get a storm shelter haha
  14. Aquadon

    Aquadon TCG Trainer

    I think my worst fear is one of heights. If I can look down too far, I just start shaking. The other major fear I have is the fear of hurting people i care about, which is a constant tormentor.
  15. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    I might be afraid of tornadoes, since any dreams that I have with them are rather creepy. And Arizona hardly gets tornadoes.

    I don't like thunderstorms, probably because I don't like the sound of thunder. Doesn't help I sleep close to the window, and we have a two-story house.

    I also don't like the dark, even with nightlights. Could be because I'm very visual and can come up with something to scare me with xD. Which is funny, since I never had that problem as a kid, and I watched The X-Files at a very young age (four).

    That may be it, I can't think of anything else.
  16. Roaring Apathy

    Roaring Apathy Fight the good fight

    Roaches. Id rather have scorpions and centipedes crawling on me than roaches. Seriously, all roaches deserve to die in a fire.

    And to some extent, social situations, but depends on the context. Sometimes Im dgaf but other times its "god, why have you forsaken me?"

    I have yet to pinpoint what exactly it is that causes this fear in certain situations ._.
  17. Pain, torture, and disturbing ways to die. I'd rather get shot in the head than get my eyeballs ripped out of their sockets.

    I'm also scared of insects and big spiders. Cockroaches are just way too scary. They have that stupid strong exoskeleton so not only is it harder to kill them, but I imagine that disgusting crunchy noise when they get smashed. I'm not concerned about small spiders; those I can step on. But those scary ones with giant legs are pretty gross. I've always wanted to trap insects/spiders in jars and then slide a piece of paper underneath the jar. Then I carefully tape the paper to the jar so that it stays in place. I then keep the jar and wait for the victim to die of starvation/thirst/lack of oxygen. Then I proceed to empty the jar into the dumpster and keep it for the next creature that dares to enter my house. Too bad I don't have a jar I could use at home but this is how I plan to get rid of those things when I do get one.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2012
  18. Kacho

    Kacho You are next.

    for someone perturbed by disturbing way to die, you're killing insects in a disturbing way. Torturous and painful indeed.
  19. Rayce

    Rayce _

    I've had a fear of knives, but have grown to love them lately. They truely are useful, and I use them a lot more for my home projects and yardwork. Not to mention opening Pokemon Games ;)
  20. Serebii!

    Serebii! Well-Known Member

    I like storms and tornadoes they seem interesting

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