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The feeling of opening a pack

Shadow of Umbreon

Waiting for Y
I was so excited when my dad bought for me a textural tin that had the Ex on display, and low and behold in one of the booster packs was a FA Shaming (sky forme). :D Just holding an unopenedpack gets me all excited wondering what could be in it.

Shadow of Umbreon

Waiting for Y
Ugh. Meant to say Reshiram not "textural". And Shaymin. not shaming. I need to teach Pokemon to my phone.


Aura Guardian
It's really exciting! I hope that I'll get a good card, or at least a cool one, and even if I don't it's still fun to look at the artwork and read the little "pokédex entries" about the pokémon. This is weird, but I think that new pokémon cards right out of the pack smell really good. Does anyone agree?
I sometimes get one of those half of the card cards, you know, the really special ones, and I can never seem to find the other piece. The system must be rigged!

Oh and about that scent and feeling, I totally understand with all that excitement and that freshness of an untouched card!


Yeah yeah that new scentless smell! :-D
Feel like a kid again when I open one. "eeeee" is going through my head as I go through them one by one taking my time. ^^
I'm trying to limit myself to 1 pack a week, except for this week if I find a deal..
And then i go through my checklist of cards I've gotten so far. I find it therapeutic ;-D


Comes out of Nowhere
I have an adrenaline rush and rush to see what rare cards I happen to find


Ice-Cold Charisma
as a TCG player, it takes a lot for me to think any card is bad. I am always excited to buy a new booster pack, especially my favorite Triumphant and now Boundaries Crossed. I pulled a full art Celebi EX from BD and Two Absol Primes including a Palkia and Dialga Legend from Triumphant. those two booster pack series give me great joy.


Retired user, but still a Pokémon fan
When I open a card pack, I get excited to open its contents, especially if I don't get a duplicate.