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The Fight Over the Crystal! Team Rocket VS Team Skull!! (968)


get rillaboomed
And yet for some reason I'm not allowed to say anything bad about the JP version anywhere. I'm glad you understand this fandom's blatant double-standards.

This guy is literally telling the other to stop complaining about the dub music. What double standards are here? This is actually matching the standards by telling both of you to stop complaining about your hate for the other version of the music.

Also noone is telling you not to criticize the Japanese version. People don't like how you go about it, talking as if the dub were a godsend and the original is a piece of trash which deserves to burn. It's your overreactions which are not liked here, not your opinions.

EDIT: Ignore the top paragraph I misinterpreted what you meant to say at the end. The rest still holds.
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I'm glad both the Grunts and TRio have (had, in the TRio's case) great dub actors that manage to fit their characters, which is more than you can say for some other characters, who sound too old, too young, wrong gender or jut flat-out incorrect for that character type


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It should just be called Darkium Z

Does anyone feel like Meowth might give the Darkanium Z to Ash as a present to Litten cuz they don't have any use with it and Litten eventualy will

We've just had two straight generations in a row with a Dark-type ace, so I'd rather we get a Ghost-type ace this time (Decidueye)
So James makes a Z-Crystal locator out of his butt? No, the fact it got destroyed doesn't mean he can't do it against in 10 minutes. That is pretty broken in itself and I wonder why they never made something for Mega Stones.

...Bewear missed a blast off!


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Good Team Rocket episode. Mimikyu is overpowered (feels like it) against Totem Raticate. There were some few funny parts that had me laughing. Team Rocket may have had a good plan for the little Raticate, but Tupp outsmarted Zipp and Rapp by going farther ahead. However, it wasn't nice of him to make it that Tupp wanted Darkinium Z for himself, as Team Rocket claimed. Team Rocket did show some responsibility that they cared about Meowth more than they went for the crystal. Funny how they, along with Team Skull, blasted off for real, without Bewear interfering, yet they didn't say anything.

For the heroes, Ash may be interested in a Steelium Z for Pikachu's Iron Tail, but there may be matters of exclusive Pikachu Z-Crystals for Ash instead. Seems that all have interest in performing Z-Moves, but as of now, only Ash and Kiawe can perform them. Really liked that Lana has taken a huge interest in what the correct pose for the Waterium Z is, performing the pose, and interest along with Popplio for using Hydro Vortex. She clearly did the pose at least twice. But she first needs a Z-Ring and a Waterium Z before can utilize Hydro Vortex for Popplio. Loved the Lana scenes.

Team Rocket, Darkinium Z may be of use to you...if you have the Z-Ring, the proper pose, and Pokémon that knows a Dark-type move. And Meowth, using the crystal on a cardboard with tape strapped on it isn't going to work.


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Team Rocket won. Legitimately. AGAIN.

Didn't see that coming. I thought Totem Raticate would defeat both of them. But they legitimately passed an Island Trial.
To be fair that's not new. Jessie's won both princess keys and contest ribbions in Kalos and Sinnoh. Still that puts them on a level playing field with Ash.

Have to say, loving the new Team Rocket so far. Their dialogue and interaction isn't quite as good as it was in the Hoenn and Johto series, but I love the fact that they're stronger and can win now.

The interaction between Team Skull and the Trio was good too. Finally we have a team that's even dumber than they are - but they weren't portrayed as the brightest of villians in the games either so it kinda makes sense.


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Very good episode. TR deserved that crystal. Can't wait until they master it. Meowth would finally beta Pikachu with 'Black Hole' Bite xd


I was surprised that Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyasu actually managed to get their hands on a Z-Crystal in this episode, because they lacked a Z-Ring. I wasn't expecting them to succeed at all, and for once Kiteruguma wasn't quite as intrusive as usual. I enjoyed watching Mimikkyu fight the Alolan Ratta, too.


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I am trying to catch up on Sum/Moon and this episode had a huge laugh out loud moment for me.

Jessie: "We're from Kanto, you masked dork!"


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How mean is it that Wrap was holding and worrying over Meowth after Totem Raticate attacked him while her Zubat laid all beat up right behind her? That part always cracks me up whenever I rewatch this episode.

And seriously, was Wobbuffet sleeping inside his pokéball while the battle was going on or what?


Zyar said:
And seriously, was Wobbuffet sleeping inside his pokéball while the battle was going on or what?

As much as I like Sonansu, I was also kind of irked that he wasn't heavily involved during the conflict. Then again, I'm not exactly sure if his involvement here during the Totem battle would've made a big difference.


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So Team Rocket wins? Team Skull better step up to their game, or otherwise they'll be known as the villainous team who couldn't even defeat Jessie and James. Actually, that might make them more appealing then ever considering how they were portrayed in the games.
to be fair, didn't even two of the TF admins lose to JJM? They're actually pretty good against other teams