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The Final Journey

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by MibuKotarou, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. MibuKotarou

    MibuKotarou New Member

    Hey everyone,

    Okay so I am starting a new thread for my first advanceshipping. There will also be some Edlershipping, it may be kind of wrong, but it just felt right when writing. Please don't be turned off it is just a little thing that wont appear often. I am still working on it but I wanted to just have a place ready for it. Since I was drawn into shipping by PikaMaster ADV I will be copying his formatting style. Please be kind. When I post it up I am open to criticism. It will only be a chapter at first and if it is acceptable I will write more.

    Thank you, in advance


    The Beginning of The End

    “Ash, wake up.” A familiar voice called out.

    “Come on Ash wake up!” They called again.

    “Seriously, if you don’t wake up you are going to be late!” The voice called out growing more annoyed.

    “Five more minutes.” The trainer’s voice quietly whispered.

    “ASH KETCHUM WAKE UP RIGHT NOW!!!” The voice bellowed.

    Shaken the trainer fell out of bed, and with a loud THUMP landed face first on the floor. After the shock of being rattled out of bed wore off the trainer looked around.

    “Where am I?” He asked himself. All of a sudden he remembered where he was. “Oh ya, I am at home.” Just then the voice that woke him up barged into the room.

    “Its good to see that you are finally awake Ash.” He said with a smile on his face, realizing that he had made him fall out of bed.

    Squinting, partially due to the morning sun and because he was still half asleep. The trainer looked up. “Brock, was it really necessary to wake me up like that?” Ash asked his old friend.

    “Of course it was,” he replied. Looking down at his watch and back up at his oldest friend lying in a heap of blankets and limbs. “This is bad! Come on Ash we have to get out of here soon,” he called out in a panic.

    “But Brock I haven’t even had breakfast yet.” At that comment Ash’s stomach let out a loud audible growl. Slightly embarrassed by the sound Ash placed his hand behind his head and let out a little laugh.

    “I guess it’s a good thing that I cooked breakfast then. You get dressed and then come down for breakfast, but be quick about it we don’t have a lot of time left today.” Brock told him.

    “Okay Brock I will be down soon,” Ash replied. With that Brock took his leave heading down to the kitchen to finish the meal and prepare a plate for Ash.

    Ash took a brief second to survey his room. His bed was placed in the centre of the room coming out from the wall. The bed was still a mess with the blankets everywhere. Still fast asleep on a pillow on the bed was an adorable yellow electric-mouse Pokémon. Against the far wall was a long dresser with a mirror attached to the back of it. For a moment Ash peered into the mirror, still in shock over the reflection that looked back at him. His eyes moved down to the top of the dresser. Along the top were group pictures taken from his journeys. Ash slowly walked over to the dresser and picked up one of his photos. Gazing at the picture intently, Ash lost track of time.

    “Ash, breakfast is ready,” Brock called up to him. “I’ll be right down,” he called back. He quickly placed the picture back down on the dresser and raced over to his closet.

    He quickly pulled it open. Inside were a collection of outfits from all of his journeys. To the far left was a blue jacket with yellow trim around the bottom and the pockets, a white collar and white short sleeves. On the same hanger was the red and white official Pokémon league hat. Just behind that was the baggie blue sweeter with the yellow trim and bottom half of a Pokéball, again his red and black hat with the upper half of a Pokéball in green was hanging along side the outfit. Next to that was his black vest with the big yellow strip across the chest, again hanging there was his red and black hat with the upper half of a Pokéball in blue.

    “These bring back memories,” he thought to himself. “Misty, May, and Dawn all three outfits remind me of a different girl. I really miss May it has been a while since I saw her.” Ash thought as he held his Hoenn outfit.

    Looking around his room again he stops in the corner near the window and stares. There placed anywhere that he could find space were newspaper clippings and articles about different Pokémon contests. All of them featured a single coordinator. “May,” he sighed. Just then he quickly turned around and reached for a different outfit. The outfit contained a red jacket with orange trim; on the left sleeve was a badge with the number 9 in the middle of it. The jacket also had a black t-shirt, a pair of khaki colored shorts that end at about the knee and a white belt with a pouch at the right hip area. Quickly he put the outfit back and began walking over to the dresser again.

    “Today I need to wear something more casual,” he said to himself out loud.

    He pulled open the dresser drawer. Quickly removed a black t-shirt and blue jeans, and begun to put them on. Once he was dressed he made his way over to the bed to wake up his sleeping partner.

    “Pikachu, come on buddy its time to wake up,” he whispered while gently shaking the electric mouse Pokémon. Slowly Pikachu began to stir and wake up. “Hey buddy, I am heading downstairs to get breakfast. Are you coming?” he asked. “Pika,” the yellow mouse replied.

    As Ash turned around to leave the room, Pikachu jumped up onto his shoulder. Ash stepped outside the door and began to close it. “May,” he sighed as the door closed. Pikachu noticed that his friend was feeling down and begun to nuzzle him and gave him a lick on the cheek to cheer him up.

    “Thanks buddy,” Ash said as he turned to his friend. “Now lets get something to eat I am starving.” Ash called out in a cheerful voice. “Pika pi,” Pikachu replied just as enthusiastically.


    Quickly Brock jolted around, startled by what he thought were Ash’s Tauros stampeding through the house, again. Instead to Brock’s surprise it was just Ash stampeding towards the table to get to the plate of food he had made for Ash while he was busy getting ready upstairs.

    “You know Ash if you aren’t careful Officer Jenny might show up again thinking your Tauros are running loose.” Brock said sarcastically.

    “It was one time, and anyway I had to pay for all the repairs to the neighbors’ houses.” Ash scoffed in between bites. Brock let out a loud laugh; it had been a while since he last saw Ash act so childish.

    “Now don’t forget we are going to have to head out soon. We have a long trip ahead of us, and we have many people to pick up along the way.” Brock told the hungry trainer.

    “I know. I just can’t believe that it is happening so soon.” Ash said with worry building in his voice.

    “What do you mean soon?” Brock asked inquisitively.

    “Well you know… it’s just… that… I… I’m nervous.” Ash said sheepishly.

    “Ash, come on. You are 25 now, you have been the Shinnoh League Champion, you went through the Indigo League, the Johto League, and the Hoenn League again and became the champions, you became a Pokémon Ranger and still are occasionally, and you beat Lance and Cynthia. In less than 5 years you have become a Pokémon Master.” Brock stated trying to re-energize his friend.

    “You’re right Brock. I can do this no problem…” Ash stated energetically. “…right?” he quietly asked Pikachu.

    Ash began to eat his food slowly while he worried about his new adventure. It was the first time that a new adventure worried him so much, and the first time he was slowly eating. Brock began to worry about his friend but figured that it was normal that Ash would be nervous, after all this was a huge step for him.


    “Okay Ash, we better get ready and leave for Petalburg City,” Brock called out.


    Review, Edit, Enjoy
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 14, 2007
  2. MibuKotarou

    MibuKotarou New Member

    Chapter 2: The Wedding

    “Hey Ash, I am going to pick up Misty, and that. Why don’t you stop in at Pallet Town and get your mom, Professor Oak, your Pokémon and everyone else and we will meet up at the Hoenn fairy,” Brock suggested.

    “Sounds like a plan,” Ash replied.

    With that Ash turned and locked the door and he and Brock went their separate ways. It had been a while since Ash had been back to Pallet Town. “When was the last time I was in Pallet?” Ash asked himself, “That would probably be back when mom got married.”


    It was a gorgeous summer day about 8 years ago when Ash returned to Pallet. He had just finished a Pokémon Ranger mission with Pikachu, when he entered his old house.

    “Mom, Mimey, I’m home.” Ash called out from the door way.

    “Pika-pi,” Pikachu called

    “Mr. Mime” the psychic Pokémon replied.

    “She’s back here.” A familiar feminine voice called out.

    “I would recognize that voice anywhere.” Ash cheerfully said to himself. At that he whipped off his shoes and ran towards the location of the voice. As he turned the corner he paused for a brief second. There before him was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Standing at 5 feet 4 inches was a brunette beauty, her shoulder length hair all done in curls falling perfectly around her face. She was wearing a perfectly fitted lavender dress that was loose and layered from her waist down.

    “MAY!” he yelled as he ran towards her, knocking Pikachu from his shoulder. Picking her up off the ground in his muscular arms and gently bringing her close to him for a kiss. As their lips touched he begun spin her and then slowly began to place her down. When she touched the ground she immediately broke off the kiss and lovingly hit him in the chest.

    “Seriously Ash Ketchum, I am in this beautiful bridesmaid dress and you rush in here and pick me up when you are all sweaty!” She said to him in a lovingly harsh tone. “Go get a shower and then come back down here.” She ordered.

    “Yes, Love.” He sheepishly replied.

    As Ash was busy getting a shower, May, and Pikachu helped Delia finish preparing for the wedding.
    “Okay, I think we are all done.” May stated triumphantly.

    “Pi Pikachu,” chimed Pikachu

    “Well the wedding starts in half an hour so we better get over to Samuel’s house before they start to worry.” Delia said in a nervous way.

    May, Pikachu and Delia started to make their way over to Professor Oak’s house. When they arrived at the house Tracey, dressed in a tuxedo, lead them to a room where Delia could put on her wedding dress. As the door swung open Delia and May were blinded briefly by the light coming in through the window. Standing there were: Misty, Dawn, and Lucy, all dressed in the matching lavender bridesmaid dresses. They all were very excited when Delia entered the room, and immediately begun to get her ready for her walk down the aisle.

    Ash rushed out of the shower with his towel rapped around him. Dripping wet he ran down the stairs to see if he could find May. “May, Mom?” he called out. No one replied. Looking around he saw a note on a small table near the front door, he began to read it. “Ash, we headed over to Professor Oak’s house. Your tuxedo is in your room on your bed, and Pikachu is with us. Don’t be late. I love you, May.” With that Ash rushed up the stairs again and into his room slamming the door shut. A few minutes later he burst out of his room. There he was 6 feet 1 inch; well defined muscles, but there were two things that never changed. His hair still kept that just out of bed look to it, and his smile. Feeling rejuvenated Ash smiled and begun walking down the stairs, when he slipped in a puddle of water, that had been left from him running around still wet.

    “That was so embarrassing,” Ash thought to himself. “At least no one saw me,” he said with a smirk. Little did Ash know but Todd was just passing by as he fell. Quickly Todd lifted the camera and started taking pictures. After Ash picked himself up he put his dress shoes on and opened the door. Standing there was Todd, waiting for him.

    “Todd?” Ash questioned. “It really is you. Oh wow it has been so long what are you doing here?” Ash asked.

    “Oh didn’t you know I am the officially Ketchum/Oak wedding photographer.” Todd said with pride.

    “Really that is awesome.” Ash replied with enthusiasm. Ash looked down at his watch and panicked. “Oh No! Come on Todd we have to get over to Professor Oak’s place quick the wedding is supposed to start in 5 minutes.” Ash frantically screamed. With that both he and Todd ran straight to Professor Oak’s house at top speed.

    As Todd and Ash burst through the doors to Professor Oak’s house they saw Delia and the bridesmaids ready to start the procession down the aisle. All 5 women angrily stared at the two young men. “This is so not good,” they both think in unison.

    May walks over to Ash and hugs him. While doing this she quietly whispers in his ear. “Cutting it kind of close aren’t we? You better apologize to your mom and we will have a nice long talk when this is over.”

    Ash just looked straight ahead with sweat pouring down his face and a look of fear in his eyes. May returned to the women with a cute smile on her face and then they all begun to head towards the back door that lead to the range where all the Pokémon were kept. Ash quickly looked over and Todd had already left and was taking pictures of every aspect of the wedding. Ash walked over to his mom as the stand there in a gorgeous full length white dress.

    “I’m sorry I am so late mom, I kind fell down the stairs. I am okay though,” Ash quietly whispered as he held his mother’s hand.

    “Don’t worry sweetie. I knew you would show up.” Delia replied.

    It was their turn to walk down the aisle. Ash was going to be the one to give his mother away, to Professor Oak.

    “Mom, are sure this will make you happy?” Ash whispered again as they started to walk.

    “I am Ash. Samuel has been there for me for all those years that you were gone. Our friendship and love for you brought us closer. I am really happy Ash.” Delia answered her son’s question.

    “That’s all that matters to me then.” Ash stated as he placed his mother’s hand in the professor’s. With that Ash gave his mom a kiss on the cheek and moved to the side of Professor Oak.


    “It’s really been 7 years since mom got married.” Ash said to himself. He turned around and waved to Brock. “I will see you tomorrow.” Ash yelled out. Brock nodded and then disappeared out of sight.

    “Come on Pikachu. Let’s go see mom,” Ash said as he turned to his friend.

    “Pika-pika,” Pikachu replied as he jump up onto Ash’s shoulder.

    “A lot sure has happened in 15 years. It’s hard to believe that I was able to become a Pokémon Master in just 5 years from when I started my journey. For the past 10 years I have been so busy time has literally flown. I am just glad she waited for me.” Ash thought to himself as he and his oldest friend began their greatest journey yet.


    Please Rate and Review... If you like it let me know... I am kind of nervous... I just want to hear the publics opinion.

    Thank You,
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2007
  3. Star Dust

    Star Dust live let live.

    Ooooh. Ash and May are together already. :D Are they getting married or something?
    And the eldershipping there is interesting even if i don't really like that pairing. IT always managed to scare me off. :D

    Ash x May forever! All that advanceshipping makes me want to read more and more.
    Good grammar, no spelling mistakes that i see. Keep it up!
  4. Xaotl

    Xaotl Dragon Lord

    That was great. I honstly only found this thread to be Advanceshipping because Benjobb reviewed (and I thought that maybe this would have the Advanceshipping that I want), and I'm glad that I stumbled here, because this story is beginning well, and with the double chapter upload, I can't wait for the next.

    I don't understand what you mean by Pikamasters format?

    It seems that after the time skip Ash has become a master, and Ranger, ad got together with May. while his Mom has gotten married, evenn tough I'm nuteral (have a slight disdain for it bieing with Oak) at least shes happy, and Ash has agreed with it.

    Just wonder what has happened concerning May, and the events that will participate inside of thai 'great journey'

    and one thing:

    you have the bracketed i there, and stare has to be stared.

    hope to see more, and can I be on your PM list?
  5. MibuKotarou

    MibuKotarou New Member


    Thanks benjobbb and Xaotl. I agree with you both that the eldershipping is kind of wrong. I was just reading Romance 101 by Medea and she mentioned a relationship between them, and truthfully there is something there in the English dub. So I just thought that it would build in a natural progression. It was also just something that happened when I wrote. The second chapter was supposed to be an explanation of what happened in the five years since the end of Shinnoh League and how Ash became a master. So that will be next.

    I am not sure about other fics since I have read only May's Crush. Pikamaster ADV does internal monologues in Italics. That is what i meant by his format.

    Finally I dont know how to make a PM list. I will try to learn.

    Thank you for your reviews, and I have made the edits to chapter 2. Chapter three should be soon. Look forward to it.

    Thank You again.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2007

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