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The Fire-ring Squad (149)

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Nice to see Squirtle, even if it was only for a while.

They beat those Wartortle in style.


Grass Pokemon Expert
It is sad to see Squirtle go back with officer Jenny and the Squirtle Squad. It was sad to see Squirtle say goodbye to Bulbasaur since they have been together for a long time. It was nice to see Team Wartortle again as I almost completely forgot about them. I thought the fire fighting contest was a good idea and am glad the Squirtle Squad won. I hope we will see Squirtle again in the future.


kiss my greens
Haha, I totally remember saluting when Captain Aiden did XD I liked him. He was in excellent command of his squad. It was great seeing Squirtle back with its Squad again, and I was very sorry to see it go. It was a part of Ash's team for so long, so to see it leave made me sad. It's neat how it shook hands with Bulbasaur before it left -t they always seemed to have a good friendship ^^ I'm just glad that after this, we got to see Squirtle again, as opposed to certain Pokémon Ash has let go of =\


Let's go to the beach, each.
A Firing Contest? I must have been blind, Johto had tons of Contests and Competitions between Gym Battles. I loved this.

It was so good to see Ash's best water type (Squirtle) make such a big impression at the Contest. Even better to see it's old gang again. I was sad to see it go just when Johto had started...

We'll see it again, but the cast felt empty with one of it's strongest members gone. 7/10


Shiny Flygon
Squirtle squad being brought back was definitely surpriseing at that time. I never thought it would leave, but Ash really doesn't need two Water pokemon(Totodile)in his team. At least Squirtle showed its power in this tournament. It always was a leader even in Ash's team. Ash should be very pround his has that Squirtle.


No longer posting
This episode was ok. I really didn't like that Squirtle left the team and only re-join parttime for important episodes and battles even though it was necessary... For me Squirtle > Totodile. It was great however seeing the Squirtle Squad defeat the Wartortle Team.



Well-Known Member
I really injoyed this episode. It was nice to see Wartortle again. Also happy Squirtle got his own episode. The tormanent was a great idea good to see they beat the Wartortle.Sad to see Squirtle leave though.


Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
Was there an actual reason given as to why Heracross was not sent back to Ash at the beginning of the episode? It's like the writers were DETERMINED to keep his team babies...
This episode was so sad... Squirtle leaving... It was probably done to create room for Totodile... Aiden made a cool second appearance, and the fire fighting competition was cool, nice and original. Psyduck was the best thing about this episode. 8/10.


aka Lamia
It's Houndour!
The Squirtle Squad. =D The burning house challenge was funny, especially when Psyduck got blasted into the house. "Roasted Psyduck!!!" Quite shameful that a load of Muk beat Ash lol. Not much actually happened in this episode but it was still a fun one to watch! Sad to see Squirtle leaving though.
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Well-Known Member
A great episode. I love Misty's Psyduck. I can't help but laugh, I love that duck. Seeing Captain Aiden & the Wartortle team again was nice. I liked how Misty explained to Brock who they were. It was sad seeing Squirtle go. Lastly, I don't know why Ash didn't use Misty's Poliwag as well since Psyduck didn't know any water attacks.
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A great episode, LOL I LOVE Misty's psyduck I can't help but laugh I love that duck.

I love Psyduck as well! He's so awesome!

It was sad seeing Squirtle go -sigh- why do all of Ash's pokemon have to leave?

Because the writers are mean...

Lastly I don't know why Ash didn't use Misty's Poliwag as well since Psyduck didn't know any water attacks.

Agreed, Ash should've known Psyduck has no use in that competition.

Do you cry about this episode? I cry when I rewatch it, but I don't cry about just thinking about it. The only departures making me burst out in tears are Butterfree, Misty and Togetic, and to a lesser extent Pidgeot (especially because of the way in which it got released, and Ash breaking his promise).


Ace Trainer
This episode was nice to see Squirtle so determined. It would have been nice if Misty chose to be a fire fighter due to her water Pokemon and what not. But never mind.


Well-Known Member
I agree with that person on the previous page that the writers seemed to erase a lot of Kanto's legacy - favoring the newer Johto Pokémon(Which I don't have much complains about, seeing as it seems logical why they wanted to refresh Ash's party with newer Pokémon) But still, it went fast. Last episode with Lickitung, a Kanto Pokémon, being traded for a Wobbuffet, a Johto Pokémon and now this episode.

Oh well, at least they didn't scrap Squirtle totally. Same goes for Charizard and Bulbassaur. And yeah sunglasses :D
I love that Ash borrowed Staryu and Psyduck from Misty. And when Staryu mistakenly sprayed Psyduck in the burning house was the highlight of the episode for me. It was cool to see it sweatdrop as well.


Well-Known Member
Good to see Zenigame eventually went back to Junsa san after the firefighting competition. The group needs a leader and Satoshi's Zenigame show a great leadership. More importantly I love the final between Zenigame and Kameil such that Zenigame won against their evolved forms.
Cool to see Aiden and his Wartortle squad again. :)
As well as the Squirtle Squad.

Sad to see Squirtle leave, though. :(
It was cute the way Squirtle and Bulbasaur said goodbye to each other. one Pokemon to another. :)

Tactical Squirtle

Active Member
I enjoyed the episode, though I wish he kept Squirtle in the first place! Always a treat to see the squad again. I always wondered what if one of them accidentally evolved, would that wartortle get kicked out or the rest of the team evolve(if able) in solidarity..hmm?