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The First People - Pokemon Warriors~The Beginning

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by -Freedom'sWarrior-, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. squirtleking

    squirtleking Defender of Justice


    "You honestly believe that I fear you, Wind Runner?" Eruption scoffed, "I don't care what kind of powers you have - surrender to me, or Kri shall be killed.

    He gestured upwards, to where Kri's body hung from Black Charizard's jaws.

    "I seriously doubt that she would survive the fall," he commented casually, "so, what will it be? Don't forget, the soul gem which resides in your midriff will not be removed until it absorbs your soul - sooner or later, it'll be mine anyway!"


    Arcane Fire

    "I'll die before I let you touch her again!" Kane yelled, stepping forwards to come between the two, "Your Black Charizard is only strong because it's been training - well, so have we!"

    From the shadows came Kane's pokemon: Typhlosion, Blaziken, Arcanine, Magmar, Scizor and-


    "You still haven't evolved?" Kane groaned. Charmeleon shook its head sadly.

    "No matter, together, we'll still win!" Kane yelled as his partners attacked. Eruption grinned triumphantly.

    "Just because Black Charizard is still incapable of utterly destroying pokemon, doesn't mean it can't beat you!" he taunted, "Black Charizard - attack!"
  2. -Freedom'sWarrior-

    -Freedom'sWarrior- Wolf, and proud.

    Wind Runner

    The Dream shone bright in my eyes as I walked slowly forewards. I was nearly touching the fire.

    I watched as Eruption was hit with Typhlosion's Flamethrower, and he fell back a bit.

    I laughed. "Eruption, you are chained to the world of illusion," I called, my voice eerie. "Watch the ways of Power,"

    Chanting once more, I stepped into the fire. I heard people gasping and screaming in fear, and I saw their souls turn green.

    "She doesn't burn! Why doesn't she burn!" Called one of the male warriors, pointing at me.

    Suddenly, from the forest, burst a pure black shadow. It swept over to me, and joined me in the fire. It was First Man's Spirit Guide; Dark Mightyena.

    I grinned at the awe on Eruption's face. "Enouph is enough!" Before anyone could react, he thrust a spear at me, thrusting it foreward with two hands.

    But it merely glided freely through me. I smiled. "I am not invincible, no. However, you all live in a world of illusion. You are illusion, Eruption." Dark Mightyena put its nose to the night and howled, its song melodious.

    Suddenly something took over me. My pupils disappeared, and without knowing it, I spread my arms wide. And I spoke, though it was not my voice, but an old woman's:
    "Father of Waters flows so rich,
    Trickles water into the ditch.
    Grow a plant, so tall, so green,
    Fruit is yellow. I have seen.
    Feathers colored, the dead are laid.
    Logs across the dirt is made.
    Lazy Slakoth, in baskets carried,
    Sun, man, and woman high are married!

    "Sun God!
    Born of light!
    Spiral you God of gaudy feathers.
    Carry the plant apon your back.
    Parch the seeds apon your rack.
    Rocks like sky are passing by.

    "And among the People?
    Come the brothers!
    Born of Sun. One is slayed.
    Here, by the long trail, his corpse is laid.
    Blood is spread, from the head.
    Black one goes...aye he's dead.
    He who loves is lost and gone.
    Render of the fairheart's song.
    Women weep, for not you know.
    Lose forever - or live in snow!"

    My body jerked wildly, and I fell to the ground. Dark Mightyena disappeared in a wisp of mist. The poisonous mushrooms were taking their toll on me. That...is the sacrifice you do for the Dreams.
  3. rayquazair

    rayquazair Master owner

    So.....wind runner dead?
  4. -Freedom'sWarrior-

    -Freedom'sWarrior- Wolf, and proud.

    No. She can be saved by Arcane Fire...he has the Mightyena Bundle. The Bundle can help Wind Runner come back from the Dream.
  5. rayquazair

    rayquazair Master owner

    "Urb,listen.2 of my-holy crap!One of my female mightyenas had babies!"He came over and ruffled their fur.

  6. squirtleking

    squirtleking Defender of Justice

    Arcane Fire

    I watched in horror as Wind fell to the ground at Eruption's feet. Even as I cried out, Black Charizard smashed the last of my pokemon to the ground.

    Suddenly, I remembered the Mighteyena Bundle in my hands. Quickly, I placed it over Wind's chest. Now it was up to the will of Mighteyena.
  7. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    Urb ran over to have a look at the baby from the Mightyena. "It looks so cute. This kinda reminds me of when my baby Murcrow was made. When it came out it didn't look that appealing though sadly. But luckly it turned out very elegant. But this is cute from birth. Do you know what species of pokemon it is though. Mightyena are common hunters around here but i've never seen a young Mightyena before."
  8. -Freedom'sWarrior-

    -Freedom'sWarrior- Wolf, and proud.

    Wind Runner - second person

    Wind lay still a moment as the Bundle's Power coursed through her body, a red light pulsing into her very soul.

    A lone howl sounded from everywhere, as if a thousand howls had coincided. From the trees, raced once more Dark Mightyena. He leapt onto Eruption, sinking fangs into his back before landing by Wind and Kane. Dark Mightyena gazed into Kane's curious eyes, and Kane felt a shiver go up his spine.

    Dark Mightyena laid down by Wind Runner's body, and howled again, voice rising and falling, almost in the same chant that had exploded from Wind's throat.

    Wind's eyes slowly opened, the Dream gone.
  9. squirtleking

    squirtleking Defender of Justice


    "Not bad, but don't expect your cheap tricks to work on me," Eruption growled as Wind Runner awoke, "In fact, you just gave me an idea."

    At his command, Black Charizard grabbed Kri in one clawed foot, before hovering and picking up Wind Runner's weakened form. Eruption stepped forwards and plucked the heart from her chest.

    "If Black Charizard eats this, his powers will grow tenfold!" he cackled, "Black Charizard, let's go!"

    Together, the evil duo soared away with their prisoners.


    Arcane Fire

    I let out a moan of dismay as Wind was carried away again, the Mighteyena at my side howling in anguish at the moon, before dissolving before my eyes. Resignedly, I turned to Arr.

    "We now have only one choice," I said, "Even the whole tribe may not be enough to stop him now."

    Arr frowned at me in confusion.

    "What do you mean?"

    "It's time to forge an alliance," I groaned, "with the rest of the world."
  10. -Freedom'sWarrior-

    -Freedom'sWarrior- Wolf, and proud.

    Wind Runner - back to one person

    I was weak, but extremely angry.

    "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH THE SACRED MIGHTYENA BUNDLE LIKE THAT! HOW DARE YOU!" I screamed, my anger feeding me energy. I closed my eyes. "It's not happy, Eruption. Not happy. The Bundle doesn't LIKE it when you do that."

    I sought its Power, and found it. It was weak, and it being this close to me drained me slightly. I tried to focus myself on the Bundle's Power, but as soon as I got to it,my energy would diminish more.

    I suddenly felt Eruption's hand creeping under my Stantler skin dress. I widened my eyes, and flinched as he touched my private area. He kept his hand there for a while, as I cringed, fear and pain enveloping me.

    I heard him say to me; "Before I kill you, I will get my pleasure,"

    I shuddered in fright and loathing. To my releif, his hand pulled away, but before I could open my eyes, he ripped my dress off.

    I yelped as I felt his full body weight ontop of me. Then he began, very agressively, and very violent.

    From far below, people could here my screams of pain, as he coupled with me violently.

    As he thrusted, my energy deserted me, and I was unconcience.
  11. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos


    I sunk to the ground. "But how, how are we suppossed to ask for their help? Oh Kri..." I moaned.

    Arcane Fire looked at me quizically. I knew he didn't know what I was so worried about.

    "I'm just glad we united before..."
  12. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    The six of Urbs companions finally got to the site where Venomoth had seen the fighting and it was over. Venomoth had a replica note from the one before. Vivi (Vibrava) flew over to Arcane Fire and handed him the note. It read Reader of this note in the Arcanine tribe, though one of you tried to do serious harm to my well being i am here to inform you that Murcrow clan are right behind you. We are well prepared for fighting and many of us have some flying types that may come in handy. If you wish of our asistance all you must do is ask of it and we will be there. Writen by Urban Shadow leader or Murcrow clan. The six pokemon awaited for an answer to send back to Urb.
  13. rayquazair

    rayquazair Master owner

    Shadow was in the trees and he jumped down.

    "So,you guys got the letter?Hey,I'll tell her you are in need of help."He ran off,ready to tell Urb what to do....
  14. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    Urb was alone back in Murcrow territory. "Where did Shadow go to. It's like he vanished. I shouldn't have sent all six pokemon to go. It's dead lonely here." She walked into her tent and collapsed onto the ground of boredom. She just began to stare at the ceiling and daydream. Soon she fell asleep on the ground.
  15. rayquazair

    rayquazair Master owner

    Shadow shook Urb and she woke up.

    "They need help."
  16. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos


    I woke up and screamed. I was in Black Charizard's jaws. I knew hw had Wind Runner, I heard her scream as well, but I couldn't see them as I couldn't turn my neck around. I kicked at the Charizard. It growled and accidently let me go. I screamed as I hurtled toward the ground.

    "Altaria!" I heard a cry and landed on something soft. It was my Altaria!
  17. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    Urb awoke sleepily. "What the dancing Metapods need help?" She saw Shadow give a look as if to say 'ok i'm gonna ignore that' and stood up. "You mean they answered that letter i sent with my pokemon?" Urb asked still half asleep.

    *Wow its like me in the mournings ^_^; *
  18. rayquazair

    rayquazair Master owner

    "No but their emotions gave me the answer that yes,they do indeed need help."
  19. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    "Well you gather the warriors. We should wait untill the reply first and we need every pokemon we have meaning we have to wait for mine to get back." At that moment Vivi burst in.

    "Vi, Vibrava." It said meaning "They told me to come back as i needed to train for evolution." This puzzled Urb

    "Erm...Shadow? Did you know a Vibrava can evolve?"
  20. rayquazair

    rayquazair Master owner

    "Yeah.Let me examine it.Hm.Mh-hm.Yes,just one more short training session and it will evolve.I have no idea what it will evolve into,but I know it'll be a strong pokemon.I will go gather the warriors."

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