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The first Pokemon you caught on Hg/Ss?


Sith Lord
Pidgey. Seems he would be Useful for the long run.(He was)


Thunder Trainer
Geodude. I picked Totodile and wanted something that would be super effective against Faulkner. Actually, Golem and Feraligatr were the only two Pokemon I used throughout the game, aside from HM Slaves.

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Formerly SinnohChamp
I think it was Sentret, as I wanted to catch an HM slave really early on.


I do the whole catch any pokemon i don't have thing, so probably a Rattata. Might have actually been a Mareep though...


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Everyone's first catch, Pidgey, even though I scrapped him as my flying type as soon as I caught Lugia. Although he stayed my means of transportation with Fly.


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Sentret and Ratatta. Gold and silver respectively.

I didn't catch pidgey till after I fought with Joey.


Resident Jedi Master
Either a Pidgey or a Hoothoot, I can't remember exactly. I usually start off with a Flying-type though.


Sith Lord Victorious
Ha, I guess I'm unique... I picked Spearow as my flyer. Fearow is just so much better than Pidgeot or Noctowl.


I believe it was a pidgey. Never used it though, Hoothoot was my flyer.


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My first was a Lv 2-3 Sentret, who was also the first pokemon to be in my Pokewalker, but scrapped shortly afterwards. However, I caught a Spearow in the Pokewalker with that Sentret, who is now a Lv. 55 Fearow.


Thunder Trainer
Ha, I guess I'm unique... I picked Spearow as my flyer. Fearow is just so much better than Pidgeot or Noctowl.
"So much better" is not correct. They are almost identical in stats, and Pidgeot can take more of a hit than Fearow can.
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When i started my SS version, I planned on Pidgeot being my flyer, so i caught a pidgey ealry on. Ended up ditching it for scyther i think. Dragonite became my flyer, as he will in my current HG game.


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first capture

the first i captured was a pidgey lvl 3 and its still in my team as pidegot lvl 64. i usually capture a flying poke early so pidgey was my first capture;bonsly; could someone trade me an arceus i have lvl 100 raikou and others
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Johto Fanboy
HOOTHOOT!!! =D ;163;. Named it Hootabucks off a two and a half men episode. Ended up taking it of my team as a lv 43 Noctowl for Lugia, but then i brought in Dragonite as a replacement