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The first Pokemon you caught on Hg/Ss?


Mine actually was a slowpoke, I easily beat Falkner with Tododile. Beat Team Rocket, and then I caught Slowpoke to beat Bugsy. WIN!


I'm simply awesome!
Pidgey was my 1st I caught


i can show you how
hoothoot untill morty, then im using my togekiss............. :D


The Spook
I caught missingno! :p

Actually it was pidgey.


Orange Champion
I caught a Sentret on the first route. I've never actually used one in any playthrough, so I figured I'd try using one for a change. Dumped it in a PC box before I even got to the third gym.
My first was a Bellsprout, and no, it was not so that I could trade it for the Onix, like I did in my previous playthrough. I actually used it. Now it's a Victreebel on my main team.


FairyDragon Queen~
Mareep. Because I wanted an Ampharos.
Ratatta. They're just awesome, so I caught one. Is now on Diamond, lvl 20, nicknamed Martin. Iam planning to train it to lvl 100 out of boredom.