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The first Pokemon you caught on Hg/Ss?


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I think I caught Sentret first so I could trade five Pokémon (excluding my Starter Pokémon, Totodile) to Pearl to get five more Pearl that would be on my SoulSilver Team.

Calm PokeMaster

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My first was a Ledyba, near Cherrygrove. I just caught it because it was the first Pokemon which appeared on the second rout(near Cherrygrove).


How can you hate it?
my first was a pidgy
I think mine was either a Caterpie or a Spinarak, because by the time I was at the Elite 4, for some reason I thought it'd would be a cool idea to have a Butterfree and an Ariados. *facepalm*

Blazing Charmander

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Mine was the oh-so boring Ratatta. I was really hoping to catch a Pidgey or Sentret first, but seeing as the vermin Pokemon appeared first I figured I might as well add it to my new Pokedex straight away.

However, Pidgey was my first capture to become a main fixture on my team, which also became my invaluable flyer.


Ash's fangirl
Mine was a Weedle on route 30, caught it so I could trade my Heracross from Platinum over
Spearow at the bottom of route 46. Or was it a Sentret on route 29? I'm not sure but I used Furret to beat the elite four. Just because it was at high level.


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The first one I caught was a Gastly but it was Adamant, then a second Gastly with another bad nature, and then three more Gastly, but when I was about to leave to deposit them I ran into a SHINY GASTLY which I caught! It is now on my main team and I consider it my first "Official" catch in HeartGold.


The ONLY Emokitty!
Ratatta for me. Just so I could start using my Pokewalker really. I'll probably scrap it later for something good like a Mareep or Something.


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Pidgey. She's now my lvl 68 Pidgeot, relaxed nature. :)

Celest M.

Celestial Mistress~
Why, my HM slave Sentret, of course.