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The First Pokemon you Ever Caught+Discussion

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Time Charge

The Time Lord
Pokemon players all, have caught a Pokemon for the first time. Whether in Red and Blue (Or Yellow) or even in the newer generations. This thread is to tell what your first one was, and for the more sentimental players out there, what it meant to you.

Me? Mine was a level 3 Pidgey in Blue. Heh... I trained that stubborn little bird into a Pidgeot and it was hard the whole way. But I loved it.


Artistically angry
It's been so long ago, I honestly don't remember


Gallade owns
A Pidgey in Blue. My very first Squirtle helped me catch my very first Pidgey, obviously. Ah the memories!

Master Leo

The Dark Side
either rattata or pidgey in yellow. my first pokemon game...back then i thought the catch scenes were epic.


Shine, Eevee, shine!
Hmmm... Pidgey! I still love that silly little birdie....


Well-Known Member
I want to say it was a Pidgey. That evolutionary line was pretty cool back in the day. Now it flat out sucks.


Write on
Heh heh, Pidgey is the ultimate first Pokemon...

I'm a new PokeFan, and my first game was HeartGold, so the first Pokemon I caught was a Level 2 Female Pidgey. She became an active member of my team, evolved all the way into a Pidgeot, and found her way into my heart. I named her "Sky", and now Pidgeot is my second favorite Pokemon after Articuno. :D

Currently Sky is Level 90 and in my Pokemon Black game. I'm trying to train her to Level 100. ;)


No longer posting
Sentret, in Pokemon Crystal. Although it was the first Pokemon I caught, I never did really use it much in-game :/


Well-Known Member
hard to say i'm sure it was a pidgey.. it may not have been the first i saw but i went looking for pidgey because ash had a pidgeotto,..... way back in pokemon yellow.

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
Well, my first game was ruby, so my first capture was zigzagoon. It was a very nice pick-uper and HM slave

Zigzagoon was my first capture in my Ruby version as well. Only difference is, Ruby wasn't my first game. I still have the Linoone to this day, though, whereas I can't say the same about the Pidgey which was my very first capture. That one lasted all of four minutes before I realized that I sucked at nicknames and decided to restart.


Lalala Not Listening
The very first Pokemon I caught was a Pikachu in the Safari Zone in Pokemon Sapphire... I didn't know how to catch Pokemon before then...':D
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