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The First Pokemon you Ever Caught+Discussion

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Shade in Shades
Onix, on pearl. It sounds extreme. Even more so> it's from mt coronet.
As for the first Pokemon I OWNED, that's 1000000000 times more extreme, GROUDON!


I think... Rattata.

Yeah, way back in Red.


Metagross Master
Pidgey... :D


Either a bidoof or a starly. I didn't end up using my first 20 bidoof/starly. Yeah, I caught 20 of the same thing. I haven't the faintest idea why.

The first pokemon that i caught and used was Shinx. It was your average male shinx, level three, ability rivalry, liked bitter food, possibly calm nature, caught on route 202 or 203, december 25, 2007 or 2008, forgot which. All of that off the top of my head. My first ever lv. 100, has been traded through three restarts of Pearl (traded to a friend and then traded back to my new game) and then poketransfered to White, traded through one restart and currently residing in my box until I beat the eighth gym leader, at which point he will rejoin my team and help me beat the elite four.
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Time Gear Thief
I remember its was a bidoof in diamond nicknamed Big tooth. I never evolved it lmao


Lv5 Shopkeeper
A mankey that I re-named Raphael. Just because Turtles man. Turtles.
a pidgey that became a constant part of my team throughout the first 2 generations. it was the first pokemon I got to lvl 100. I considered it a great shame when I had to leave it behind.


I am the Batman
Even though it was only in pearl when it first came out, I can't remember, it was starly or shinx


Johto League Master
Pikachu, lvl 5. Viridian Forest. I was tired of only finding purple rats and pidgeons... so i didnt catch anything until i found pikachu


Pidgey in blue. Wasted all 5 pokeballs because I forgot to lower health. Named it skyla (lol) cause I thought it was female.

Hidden Power

Well-Known Member
Probably a Ratatta. I had a Raticate on my first yellow team. Hyper Fang all the enemies!


Sol Badguy
I think Zigzagoon back in the GEn3.


Master of Psyduck
Oh, a nameless pidgey on blue version.I released it by accident because I couldn't figure how the box system worked. I thought release meant "releasing it" into BOX1...
I was young and was too impatient to read the game manual!


Hoenn Challenger
Level 4 Rattata
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