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The First Pokemon you Ever Caught+Discussion

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I like rayquaza!!!!!
My first one was a lotad in pokemon emerald. I trained it like mad and it was level 64 by the time I got to the elite four. I felt such a strong connection to it that I couldn't let it be weak. It is now level 100 and I still use it for competitive battling a bit in pokemon pearl.


First Male Swiftie
I cant remember. Either shinx or pikachu!


Active Member
Pidgey on Pokemon Yellow. It eventually became a member of my first championship team as a Pidgeot.

Dr. Leggs

Astral Cowboy
I honestly didn't catch anything on my first Blue game until I encountered a Paras at Mt. Moon, whom I basically fell in love with immediately.


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Ahh, memories.
My first one was a Rattata back in Pokémon blue. I spend all my first pokéballs on catching 5 rattata's, I wanted to be a rattata trainer xD.
But after they got beaten up I threw them all into bill's pc :p

Cool Boy

Be fearless
Pigey on my firered ...


<- Shiny Hunter
Shadow Teddiursa from Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness. Well, never really liked it, I liked the Shadow Growlithe and Dragonite far more. :p :)


Neighbor? Neighbor!
Starly. Platinum. I was 7-ish.


New Member
pidgey! for sure! haha in pokemon crystal.
i remember i got my entire team to lvl 100 because i kept battling the elite four then red.
too bad its imposible to trade those pokemon to future generations =[
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