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The five new Rotom forms!


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Original form
Tool form-based on a weed whacker,but I was thinking about a "lawn mower".
Digital form-based on a camera!
Appliance form-based on a toaster!
Metropolis form-based on a city!(But,I don't like it at all.)
Music form-based on an iPod!


The actual picture is shaded,unfortunatly my scanner is having a bad day.>_<
...still feel like these are too bulky to be Rotoms...I was hoping for a sleeker,speedier-looking form or evolution.Of course,I still find myself falling in love with the digital one!And,the appliance one isn't too bad either!


jirachi killer
Lol I would laugh if the new forms look exactly like that. But they are good .


TornWorld Tour Guide
hummmm....thats strange there was a person who post a picture of Rotom forms from a article.
But its not known if it is 100% accurate.

Rayquaza Master777

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I'm positive that the new forms are of Rotom and I'm guessing that they will look a lot like your pictures. Good job!