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The Flame Pokémon-athon! (033)


Shiny Flygon
Ponyta's evolution was the best thing happened in this episode.
The Dodrio guy(i don't remember his name)has won this last year. I always love races.

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
Rapidash made this race epic. Perfect timing and put that dodrio trainer in his place. Cheers for our flaming champion.


No longer posting
The 2nd episode I ever saw. The race was definitely the best part, especially when Ponyta evolved and won the race. Seeing Glare attack for the 1st time was cool.



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I remember laughing like crazy when Ash was burned by Ponyta's mane. ^_^

I was glad to see Ponyta evolve in time to win the race, so that the Dodrio guy would lose. =)

I didn't like the Dodrio trainer, he was a jerk.


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I really enjoyed this episode. I loved the race and that the guy with the Dodrio didn't win like he did in previous years. I loved that Ponyta evolved and won the race.


Lara's voice was pretty annoying with her forced Southern accent but Brock speaking in that same accent when he fell in love with her was priceless. Well played 4Kids.

As for the episode itself, I like racing episodes in non-racing shows. All of the time. As a result, I liked this episode. Dario having AJs voice was pretty funny to me for some reason. Maybe it was the terrible attempt at an accent. My favorite entrants were Pikachu on Squirtle, Misty on Starmie, and this random dude on Electrode just because the Pokémon are so bad and random. Have to love Onix's face when it reached the water obstacle course though.


aka Lamia
I liked this episode... a lot! The whole race was epic. It was funny when Onix couldn't get past the water and when the guy on the Electrode ended up blasting. Dario was sort of annoying but I think that was good because it sort of reminds you of that one person who you badly want to beat! The most epic part of the episode has to be after Dario's cheating when Ponyta evolves and Rapidash wins the race. ;}


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This episode brings back one of the most nostalgic feelings I ever got for an Pokemon episode. The race, humor(Pikachu and Squirtle FTW) and the synopsis were such good implemented in this episode, that this is by far one of the best episodes to date in the Pokemon anime franchise.


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I like this episode. I don't know why. It must be cool to ride on the back of an evolving Pokemon like Ash was.


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One of my favorite episodes, Lara was a nice southern character who I really liked. Seeing Brock talking to her with a southern accent while being in love was so cute lol. I just loved the race and seeing Misty racing on Starmie was very nice. Ash racing on Rapidash was cool too, glad he won in the end.
It was freakin' amazing to see Misty ride on Starmie. I love seeing Starmie levitate! It moves so fast. :D Funny how Onix cried when they couldn't cross the lake. xD This episode always reminded me how much I really like Rapidash too.


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This was a decent episode. The COTD Lara was a good, too bad she got hurt before she could take part in the Pokémon race. It's nice of Ash step up and take part in the Pokémon race for her. Team Rocket tried to inturupt the race, but Ponyta blasted them off. I didn't like it when that Dario guy was trying to cheat by telling his Dodrio to use Peck on Ponyta to slow it down, but I liked how his plan backfired and Ponyta evolved into Rapidash. I'm glad Ash and Rapidash won the Pokémon race.
Two things about this episode bugged me.
One,in the episode Meowth Rules Meowth said the he had never learned how to use Pay Day,so what was the move he used in this episode?Sure looked like Pay Day to me.
And two,Team Rocket made a big mistake helping Dario cheat,because they would have had a perfect chance to steal all of those Pokemon from the ranch since they were all left unguarded,and i'll bet Giovanni would have been happy to have some Laramie Pokemon.
(After just getting pecked by Dodrio)
"Hey! That was a cheap shot!"

...and evolving the Pokemon you're riding isn't, not even more so, Ash?

I wonder just what it feels like to have another Pokemon evolve right from under you, while riding it?


Part of me was expecting Lara to give Rapidash to Ash after his amazing feat with it. Early Kanto had tons of surprises after all, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I was glad that even Brock and Misty got to race though. At least they got to do something even if Ash was the most important character here regardless.


Kodoku no Koori
(After just getting pecked by Dodrio)
"Hey! That was a cheap shot!"

...and evolving the Pokemon you're riding isn't, not even more so, Ash?

I wonder just what it feels like to have another Pokemon evolve right from under you, while riding it?

It can't be a cheap shot by Ash, since he had no control over it.

Mrs. Oreo

Ponyta not trusting Ash at first was interesting, tho its evolution scene was my favourite from OS. I liked how Misty and Brock also competed in the race and Pikachu & Squirtle's team racing was hilarious. :D