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The Forest


Thank you my prince!
Owner: Chihaya

Co-Owner: InnerFlame

Co-Owner: Shaymin Girl

HI HI! Chihaya got bored so he started writing games. But I picked this one cus all the other two were WAY to hard to make ideas! I wrote like 3 diffent games. One was an are with cities for each type...Well I might still post that but I don't think I will... another one well I have no idea how to explain that one but it somehow sounded like spore...And on this one well it was easy to make ideas for! Just pokemon living in a forest with their families!

Well lately people have been makin a few games where they live in an island and turn it into a city or they had put posters and stuff to get people to move into there city. Or made a game about a school. But the school games were super weird cus they never left the school so it was werid unless if they had a dorm t the school. Crap I did it again....

OKAY! This time I will not keep takin about stuff that people don't care about- Befor it starts again!

Anyways, In the game you (As a pokemon) can live in a forest at peace. Well untill events start!

Little bit of stuff my might want to know! [Rules]

1. Well big duh here. Follow all serebii forum rules and the rlues for the game area to!

2. Put out your fires!

3. No big leagenday pokemon. Small ones are okay

4. PM your sign-up and arive on the boat.

5. Um I have no ideas for rules so Have fun!



Many wild pokemon live in a forest with few drama untill an idea to builda city in the area! Most pokemon left the forest after their homes were being cut down or polluted. (Sorry not the best speller) Only a few families stayed to protect the forest and some got killed by it. Most workers quit becuase they were payed to little or they felt the forest should not be cut down. But some workers are using bombs and T.N.T. to clear the forest.

Added info!

The boss said he will leave the village for while on Spring 1. But after he left the Forest Goddes got sick and has faded away. 6 dyes are needed to bring her back and to revive the Spring. I'll PM you if you get a dye and what dye you get from a forest sprite. Also if you add the dye to the springs a new are will open.


Well you need to sign up befor playing!

Name: [Need I say more]
Pokemon: [Umm you can use the pokemons jap. name or eng. name. ;007; Thoes will work to!]
Gender: [Need I say more?]
Job: [What they do in the forest]
Age: [How old are you? Please no realy old people! Unless if the grand father lives with you]
BirthDay: [What I don't want to see is this. Feb. 29th. the righ tway is Winter then random number for the day!. the month have 30 days each.]
Personalty: [Just a few words about the character. You can change it ans much as you want!]
Who they are in the family: [Mom, Dad, Child, Grand Parent]
Family: [You have the sign up the family to! Please do a sign up for each family member]
Houes Type: [Hut or in the wild. Also if you have a store or something it can also be your houes. Will be upgraded for free.]

People that move in alone use this

Pokemon: [Umm you can use the pokemons jap. name or eng. name. ;007; Thoes will work to!]
Gender: [Need I say more?]
Personalty: [Just a few words about the character. You can change it ans much as you want!]


You can choes to ether live in a hut that you made from wood or live in a tree, pond, medow or something

Hut= Will let you cook with cooking deiveces you got from the store. Will also give you a small garden in the front of your houes. The Hut can be remodeled to look like something else (Tree, Mountain, Lilypad, ect.)

Wild= Can not use cooking devices. If you change your mind, can ask a worker to build a hut for you. You will stay in the Inn for a week and will not have to pay for the hut.

Starting a famly

When the youger characters (15 or over) Deside to marry they ask their parents. After the construcion boss leaves a date will be set for the wedding. Parents choose date and the two getting married will make a gest list and post it. Please PM me about the wedding first tho!


About a Season later the wife will feel sick so the husband takes her to the clince and they tell him shes going to have an egg soon. The husband walk to his wifes bed and they go home. After this happens both of them talk about the childs gender and what pokemon it will be. After they finish talking about it the next day the wife wakes up and finds an egg. Sorry but it has to happen!


About a season after the egg is laid it hatches. Remember how I said the wife and husband talk abot the egg? Well once the egg hatches it will the pokemon and gender both of them agreed on. Or I could randomize it to!


After a week the baby will start crawling. after another week it starts walking. after one more week it can walk. After the last week the baby will be a fully grow child. This is also when you put a sign up. In the age area the age will be 3


Importaint Jobs

Doctors -1- 2 will be needed for the egg event tho. (Spark) (Mizu

Farmer -1- Will grow frutes and veggies then goes door to door selling it. Can sell flower seed to people to. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday can put a blanket out and sell there products (Dove)

Rancher -3- Will take care of animals then make a product with it. Will go door to door selling them. Wool and Silk will only be taken to taylors. (Egg to butter, Milk to Yogurt, Egg to Mayo. wool, silk, ect) On Monday, Wednesday and Friday they can put out a blanket and sell items. Wool can be sold on the blanket days to.

Taylor Shop owner -1 - Will sell clothes and blankets. Buys wool and silk from ranchers

Store owner -1- Will sell Furniture, Cooking Devices (Oven, Pot, Frying Pan, Blender, ect.)

Inn Kepper/Bar Owner -Taken by my character- Will let people stay at the Inn untill their hut is ready. Has the only resturant in the game (Roz)

Blacksmith -1- Will upgrade tools. Works with Jem Refiner (Trent)

Jem Refiner -0- Will clean jewels and turn them into jewelry or you can ask for the jem back. Works with Blacksmith (Popo) (Trev)


Nurse -3- (2) Will work with one docter.

Ship Captain -0- Will take people to Silver Island

Chef -0 - Will cook at the resturant. (Aura) (Luna) (Archi)

Bellhop -1- Will take peoples Bag to their room. (Rose) (CJ)

Waiter -2- Takes peoples drinks and food to them. (Lu)

Bar Register -1- Will take orders for drinks. (Cyan)

Inn Front Desk -1- Gives People room Keys and orders for food. (Aurora)

Taylors -1 - Will make the cothes and bankets.

Store Register -1- Works at the front of the store. Pay him if you buy anyhing.

Weather Lady -1- will tell the weather in the morning and the next days weather at night

News Lady -1- Will tell new in the forest and tell if a store has gotten new items.

Cooking show Host -1- Will give cooking resipes every day after the news

Worker -0- Will make furniture and sell them to people door to door. Can also make huts and upgrade them.

Miners -1- Will go into Shining Mine and bring back ores and jems. (Skullhead)


Garden Inn

Inn Hours 6am to 5pm
Bar Hours 6 pm to midnight

Open every day
S.S. Element

Departure to Birdy- 3 pm
Return to Forest- 5 pm
Green Farm

Colsed wednesday and sunday
Evolutionary Clinic

Hours 1pm to 9 pm
Colsed Sunday

NPCs (Can be used by Owners and Co-owners. Players can use them a little)

Forest Sprites. Helping protect the forest. Each are Shaymin with diffrent colored grass. They're 6 of them. 1 red, 1 orange, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 half ble and indago and 1 purpl/violet.

Forest Goddess. Controls the forest sprites. A blue Celebi/Serebii

Forest God. Heals the Forest but has been getting weaker nd weaker doing so. A Jarachi with a red star.

"Boss" The person trying to turn the small village into a City. A Garchomp.

Whales. Can be found randomly while fishing. Takes people to hidden islands. But might also take you to Silver or Quite island.

Starts. Will fall durring a holiday. Who ever sees and can get to the top of the mountain befor 12 AM (Stars fall at 11:30) And doesn't fly up or use the Thron Room Shortcut door will get a wish. Diffrent colored Manaphy and Phione.
Silver Island

An Island with another Inn. Is a great fishing spot and has tropical frutes. (Tropical Island that is always sunny)


Birdy Inn
(Has same jobs as the Garden Inn)

Teacher -2- Will Teach Children from the island and the forest. Will also teach wild students

Befor working here the Boss must leave

Quite Island is located under Silver Island and has snowy weather all the time. Can only come here With the ship after it is upgraded. Is a good place to catch whales. whales can take you to random islands that have diffrent items. (I will VM you if you got a whale and where he/she will take you)

Job Here

Goddess Spring. Where the goddess lives with Forest sprites. The cleaner the water the more energy the Goddess and the sprites have. Water lvl. Clean.
Kings Thron Room. Where the kings lives alone. The shinyer the rocks the more Power the king has. Shine, none
Shining Mountain. Is given the name becaues at winter the top of the mountain is shining. Also where the king lives
Haunted Woods. Not really haunted but was some how given that name. When a pokemon dies in the forest they are reborn here as a ghost pokemon.
Berry Grove. Diffrent berries grow here. Has made the forest larger again and more wild pokemon have already moved into the area.

Extra Info about jobs or other things in the game

If your an owner of a store or something you can name it.

The Boss is the man that wants to make the forest a city

If you sign up you can do it alone or with the family

If you sign up alone you can leave off the part about Family and Who they are in the Family

If you live in the wild you can choes to have a job or not.

You character can also not have job but live in the vilage.

You can have 2 families and 2 characters that live alone

If you want to join now please PM me your Sign-up.

When you join you will arive on the boat

If you have any questions then send me a PM
My sign-up

Okay heres mine!

Name: Roz
Gender: Male
Job: Inn Keeper. Runs Inn with his whole family
Age: uhh 27
Birthday: Spring 10
personalty: Shy sometimes but most of the time is yelling out
Who they are in the family: Father
Family: Aurora (Wife), Rose (Oldest child. Daughter), Aura (Middle Child. Son), Lu (Yougest child. Son).

Name: Aurora
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Birthday: Summer 10
personalty: Lieks to go outside
Who they are in the family: Mother
Family: Roz (Husband), Rose (Oldest child. Daughter), Aura (Middle Child. Son), Lu (Yougest child. Son).

Name: Rose
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birthday: Spring 5
personalty: Kind to most people but mean to her brother Aura
Who they are in the family: Oldest and only Daughter
Family: Aurora (Mother), Roz (Father), Aura (Youger Brother), Lu (Little Brother).

Name: Aura
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: Summer 5
personalty: Kind but lazy. tends to sleep in trees
Who they are in the family: Middle Child
Family: Aurora (Mother), Roz (Father), Rose (Older Sister), Lu (Little Brother).

Name: Lu
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Birthday: Winter 30
personalty: Quite and only talks to his mother and father
Who they are in the family: The yougest
Family: Aurora (Mother), Roz (Father), Rose (Older Sister), Aura (Older Brother).


Roz (♂ ;407; Inn/Bar Owner, Spring 10) , Aurora (♀ ;448; Inn Front Desk, Summer10) , Rose (♀ ;315; Bellhop, spring 5) , Aura Wild (♂ ;448; Chef, Summer 5) , Lu (♂ ;447; Waiter, Winter 30)=Chihaya

Geckle ♂ and Treacle ♀ (Both ;252; Both Workers, Twins, Fall 3)=surfer treecko

Eddie (♂ ;212; Worker, Winter 7) and Andy (♂ ;212; Worker, Fall 6)=JIMMAH!!!!

Mizu (♀ ;134; Docter, Summer 4) and Kaji (♂ ;156; Ship Captain, Winter 10)= Shaymin Girl

Spark (♀ ;025; Docter, Summer 10) and Pip (♂ ;393; , Winter 20)= Shaymin Girl

Archie (♂ ;059; Chef, Summer 29) and Luna (♀ ;197; Chef, Spring 21)= growlithe_master

Kyoko (♀ ;471; Nurse, Spring 29) and Twilight (♀ ;133; , Fall 11)= Sapphire Sapphirine

Dove (♀ ;176; Farmer, Fall 13) , Cyan (♂ ;312' Bar Register, Summer 27), CJ (♂Cyan Jr. ;312; Bellhop, Summer 30), Angel (♂ ;175; , Winter 1), Seifer Wild (♂ ;176;)

Eminent Wild (♀ ;196; , Winter 5) and Grace Wild (♀ ;133 , fall 8)


Daniel Wild (♂ ;251; Summer 8)= Wisest Celebi

Roxan Wild (♀ ;007; Summer 17)= Killer Squrtle

Florence Wild (♂ Ore ;154; , Spring 15)

Popo (♂ ;410; Jem Refiner/Jewlary Maker, Fall 27)

Trev (♂ ;232; Jem Refiner, Spring 29)

Trent (♂ ;391; Blacksmith, Summer 5)

Skullhead Wild (♂ ;306;, miner, Spring 30)

Trauma Wild (♀;359; , Winter6)
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surfer treecko

Highly Explosive
Name: Geckle
Pokemon: Treecko ;252;
Gender: Male
Job: Worker
Age: 10
BirthDay: Autumn/Fall 3
Personalty: The twin of Treacle. Often feels vunerable, and tends to keep out of danger. He's more skilled at making huts then anything else.
Who they are in the family: Child (Parents unknown)
Family: Treacle (Twin Sister)
House Type: Hut

Name: Treacle
Pokemon: Treecko ;252;
Gender: Female
Job: Worker
Age: 10
BirthDay: Autumn/Fall 3
Personalty: The twin of Geckle. Sometimes a tad too over protective. She's less shy then her brother.
Who they are in the family: Child (Parents unknown)
Family: Geckle(Brother)
House Type: Hut


Pickin' a winner
Name: Eddie
Pokemon: Scizor ;212;
Gender: Male
Job: Builder
Age: 17
BirthDay: winter 7
Personalty: Um, likes to make Andy mad, and also acts random at times.
Who they are in the family: Child
Family: Andy(Brother)
House Type:Hut

Name: Andy
Pokemon: Scizor ;212;
Gender: Male
Job: Builder
Age: 19
BirthDay: Autumn 6
Personalty: Um, Thinks that because hes older than Eddie, he thinks he is more mature, and never lets him forget it.
Who they are in the family: Child
Family: Eddie
House Type:Hut


Thank you my prince!
Umm also if you like, The parents can move in and the chidren can move in later. Will add that to the questions might had. and I add more awnser to questions there too so look there if you migh need an awnser. All for of them are accepted and Workers are full.


Forever and ever more
Staff member
Name: Mizu
Pokemon: ;134; Vaporeon
Gender: Female
Job: Doctor
Age: 15
BirthDay: Summer 4
Personalty: Lively and entusiastic
Who they are in the family: Mom
Family: Kaji's girlfriend
Houes Type: Hut

Name: Kaji
Pokemon: ;156; Quilava
Gender: Male
Job: Ship captain
Age: 15
BirthDay: Winter 10
Personalty: Young and compassionate
Who they are in the family: Dad
Family: Mizu's boyfriend
Houes Type: Hut

Name: Spark
Pokemon: ;025; Pikachu
Gender: Female
Job: Doctor
Age: 18
BirthDay: Summer 10
Personalty: Brave and shy
Who they are in the family: Mom
Family: Pip's wife
Houes Type: Hut

Name: Pip
Pokemon: ;393; Piplup
Gender: Male
Job: .......
Age: 18
BirthDay: Winter 20
Personalty: childish
Who they are in the family: Dad
Family: Spark's husband
Houes Type: Hut


Thank you my prince!
Both Docter spots are now filled! Now to get the boss to leave...You guys can start now that theres 5 families. DONT BE INACTIVE! Coming just 10 minutes and posting once a day here will keep you from getting kicked out! Shaymin Girl will also be the co-owner! But ask me the question tho...


Forever and ever more
Staff member
;134; *humming to herself*

;156; *roasting food over a fire*


;025; *sleeping with pip*

;393; *sleeping with Spark*


Forever and ever more
Staff member
;134; Okay i'll go get Kaji

5 minutes later~

;134; Okay i got him

;156; Alright a feast

;025; New years eve.... my favorite night of the year

;393; *puts his arm around Spark*


<-- Ain't it cute?
cool! im signing up!

Name: Archie
Pokemon: Arcanine ;059;
Gender: Male
Job: Chef
Age: 25
Birthday: Summer 29
Personalty: Calm and kind, yet very protective of his cooking equipment.
Who they are in the family: Adoptive Father
Family: Luna
House Type: Hut

Name: Luna
Pokemon: Umbreon ;197;
Gender: Female
Job: Chef
Age: 15
Birthday: Spring 21
Personalty: Fun-loving and childish.
Who they are in the family: Adoptive Daughter
Family: Archie
Houes Type: Hut

Wisest Celebi

Tiny Powerhouse
Because you insisted, Chihaya, I'll join.

Name: Daniel
Gender: Male
Job: N/A
Age: 17
Birthday: Aug. 8
Personality: Is calm most of the time, but when angered, watch out! He keeps to himself alot, and his history is shrouded in darkness.
House Type: Wild
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Follow my lead!
Name: Roxan
Pokemon: ;007;
Gender: Female
Job: N/A
Age: 17
BirthDay: Summer 17
Personalty: Relaxed and fun loving, but thinks being violent is fun.
Housing: Wild


Thank you my prince!
Oh! Mybad I change the numberfor chef! Both of you aare in.

Edit so is Roxan. Also three new jobs! 2 Miners. 1 Jewlery Maker and 1 teacher. if you joined without a job then you can pick one of these
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Sapphire Sapphirine

~Melodist Melody~
Name: Kyoko.
Pokemon: ;471;
Gender: Female.
Job: Nurse.
Age: 16.
BirthDay: Spring 29
Personalty: Is sweet to almost everyone but can be blunt and even a bit violent if mad.
Who they are in the family: Older sister.
Family: Twilight (little sister).
House Type: Hut.

Name: Twilight.
Pokemon: ;133;
Gender: Female.
Job: N/A.
Age: 9.
BirthDay: Fall 11
Personalty: Curious and adventurous, hyper sometimes.
Who they are in the family: Younger sister.
Family: Kyoko (older sister).
House Type: Hut.
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