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The Forgotten Pokemon Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Darkrai7, Aug 27, 2007.


Which of the following should be a Forgotten Pokemon of the Month?

Poll closed Oct 23, 2007.
  1. Yanma, not Yanmega

    0 vote(s)
  2. Qwilifish

  3. Jynx

  4. Beedrill

  5. Politoed

  6. Slowking

  7. Stantler

  8. Sentret

  9. Ilumise/Volbeat

  10. Custom (Please list in a post and follow voting instructions in my post!

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  1. Darkrai7

    Darkrai7 <<Awesome~!

    The goal of this group is to train Pokemon that are not frequently mentioned or talked about. Each month a new Forgotten Pokemon will become the Forgotten Pokemon of the month. Every month I will give details about how to catch that Pokemon and evolve Pokemon into getting it.OUR BADGE

    Every month when the newForgotten Pokemon of the month is revealed every member of this club will but a image of that pokemon in their signature and just write anything along the lines of Member of the Forgotten Pokemon Club
    Kabutops wil be found as a fossil in the underground. Gettinthis pokemon will require you to get a fossil and get a scientist in Oreburgh to revive it into a Kabuto (lvl 20) then you must level it up to 40 and there you have it!! What will the next FPOTM be... well that is your choice!! Send me apm with your request, a picture link, 1 cue, and anything extra!!
    If you've got any questions about this Club feel free to PM Darkrai7!! Remember to check every month to check for the new Pokemon... use this link to get a good picture of Hitmontop: http://www.happychild.org.uk/Webimage/hitmontop.gif
    And go to this link for Hitmontops Pokedex entry:http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/237.shtml

    There are some new rules in FPC! If you don't have the badge you will be asked by Darkrai7 in a PM! This isn't a big deal but please,please, put inour badge or userbar or even th letters FPC! Also you must follow the serebii way! You are to respect each member exactly asyou'd like to be treated and any obnoxious postsor comment will not be taken lightly!

    Member List...
    Darkrai7 President of FPC
    St. Patrick
    Dark Arceus
    mario fan
    Tom24 Vice President of FPC
    Leo Adwulf
    Blue Milotic
    Silver Suicune
    Pocket Trainer
    tenshi aj
    maxx unlimited
    Misty punk
    Metal Bird
    Hydro King The Forgotten Pokemon Master
    tonight at 8pm
    Think Togepi
    Yanma 024
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2008
  2. candracar272

    candracar272 Shiny Sceptile 4Ever

    oooooooh... this sounds interesting! May I join? Please?
  3. Darkrai7

    Darkrai7 <<Awesome~!

    Yes of course!!! Just add the badge (Hitmontop) and write :Member of the Forgotten Pokemon Club
  4. Darkrai7

    Darkrai7 <<Awesome~!

    Once we got more members, who tell us here I will give out clues about the next Forogtten Pokemon for October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've already started to train it!!!!!!!! So join our club and figure out how to get a Hitmontop and a ...

    It's All Good!
  5. candracar272

    candracar272 Shiny Sceptile 4Ever

    Ok!!! I have 3 Tyrouges on Diamond, so I will train one to be a Hitmontop soon (I'm low on money on the gave from buying max repels and pokeballs... hehehe...)! I'll try to put a pic of Hitmontop in my sig soon!!! Thanks!!! =3
  6. Darkrai7

    Darkrai7 <<Awesome~!

    Hey Candracar!! Your banner is really great!!! Nice work!! I am going to start giving clues out for our pokemon for the month of October!!!
    Here is your very first clue

    • It may seem that if you blow at this pokemon too hard it will practicly jump away...

    If you know the clue try to take a geuss but sorry I can't leak any clues!!!

    And starting in October we will have a member of the month
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2007
  7. Darkrai7

    Darkrai7 <<Awesome~!

    Okay well I have started to train the new pokemon... which will be released soon. i know this is pathetic but I will give out two clues in 1 day!! Okay The first part of the evolution starts at level........


    There you have clue number deux, dos, two, ni!
  8. mewmew202

    mewmew202 Well-Known Member

    hey I'll join. And I can't believe you still have the driftvee lol I made it months ago and hadn't even remembered you requested it lol. And I noticed a lot of pokemon are forgotten. Also do you mind if I don't put anything in my sig I am running out of room.
  9. RagTag

    RagTag Shroomin'

    Cool can i join? please?
  10. Dark Arceus

    Dark Arceus Worst. Name. Ever.

    Could i join too please?
  11. mario_fan

    mario_fan Kawaiibunkle

    oooh i like ttraining pokemon i raised a lv 22 alakazam to a lv 62 alakazam in two days(it was traded and ity had lucky egg) i also have a hitmon top lv 40 i think i usually like to lv pokemon up acording too their last attack so can i join?

    i think i know what the pokemon of the month is but i wont tell
  12. Darkrai7

    Darkrai7 <<Awesome~!

    celebiIadore, no problem you don't need apicture or anything if you want you can just sya Forogtten Pokemon club. Yah I still have the Drevee!
  13. Darkrai7

    Darkrai7 <<Awesome~!

    Okay I am introducing the 2nd Pokemon of the month. I know it's a not October yet but I like things a bit early.

    So here's how to catch the Pokemon of the month!!!!
    Yep it's Jumpluff Okay use thisgreat website for the picture of it.

    Okay how to catch:

    Use this link

    If you have any questions about anything please contact me by Pm.

    Happy training!!!


    PS. Tell your friends to join our club
  14. mario_fan

    mario_fan Kawaiibunkle

    i knew it ! that was my first shiny well i get to training
    edit:dose any one know a good place to train?
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2007
  15. candracar272

    candracar272 Shiny Sceptile 4Ever

    YES!!! I'll try to get one as soon as I can! I also got a Hitmontop, but it took a while. Oh, and... thanks for making me member of the month... *blushes* anyways... I'll try to make a banner for Jumpluff too. I had a strange feeling Jumpluff would be one (and I wasn't on in a while, so I didn't see the clues)...
  16. Tyrannosaurusallin

    Tyrannosaurusallin WaterPokemonTrainer

    Mareep Flaffy and Ampharos!

    POKENAR Well-Known Member

    il join and 1 quetion are any of these commonly forgoten luxray monferno munchlax buizel machop and murkrow i wanna know because thats my current team in diamond and i have pearl dont know where it is
  18. Darkrai7

    Darkrai7 <<Awesome~!

    I can't really say yet, but it wont be any from the 4th generation only 1-3, because those are the ones that are forgotten!
  19. anteater

    anteater < the awesomes.

    may i join i just need help getting the pokemon into my sig can you help
  20. m15-07

    m15-07 EX/Ace Ruin Maniac

    This looks fun i think i might join, could i join and can i put the Badge thing in a spoiler in my sig cus im getting into them.
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