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The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck (715)

Haunter ゴースト

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Great filler episode, I really enjoyed it the whole atmosphere of it was enjoyable, and the mysterious place/mountain really developed a nice feel.

I can't explain how I enjoyed it fully, but these were the major things that made it for me:

-Images of previous regional Pokemon
-Small scene of Ash's bond with Pikachu
-Mention of Ash being from Kanto, explaining how it's a great place with lots of Pokemon
-Ash becoming good friends with Robert and carrying him once he passes out.
-Seeing all four Sawsbuck forms.
-The fact on how they were only gone for 10 minutes.

I'd love to see Robert return, he was an interesting character and got a nice bit of development, it'd have been nice to see the myseries surrounding that location explored more but besides that it was great.



Gangrenous Creature
This episode totally reminded me of Pokemon Snap and Todd. Hell, Robert was a Todd expy in my eyes.

As for the actual episode, though... Only 10 minutes away? We'll never know what mystery caused that? Were they high or something? Ooh, speculation...
He even had the same Japanese voice actor as Todd did. XDD

OMG I actually thought that for a second...who knows what Amoongus spores did to them. xD


Pokemon Enthusiast
This was a lovely episode, a breakaway from what we have been seeing recently and it was just really enjoyable to watch. I particularly enjoyed the opening scene which made me smile as well the night that never happened and the scene at the spring (it was almost captivating).

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
I thought this made for a decent filler. My only comment lies in my usual liking for a pokemon debut which of course was Amoongus.


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He seems to be unfamiliar with the idea of a Pokemon photographer.

This also seems to have a similar plot to one of the episodes with Todd. Then again, there's only so much you can do with this kind of character. Catching a rare occurrence on film.

They should make a sequel to Pokemon Snap with this guy. :p

Okay, how many times has Ash seen Deerling? He really didn't need to check it, did he?

How did they get lost? They were running in a straight line.

Wait... why is the Who's that Pokemon Swoobat instead of Sawsbuck? Could have sworn they did Swoobat already. And I can't seem them doing a Sawsbuck episode again any time soon.

I question how pokeballs could be a lure for prey. Seems like something a pokemon would run away from.

You know, I just noticed that it's rare for an episode to span two days.

I was kind of hoping for an explanation on how all 4 Sawsbuck could be in one place.


Hoenn Challenger
You could replace this dude with Todd and the episode would have been the same.


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How did they get lost? They were running in a straight line.
I question how pokeballs could be a lure for prey. Seems like something a pokemon would run away from.
The fog probably confused them or something. Maybe even they weren't really running in a straight line like it appeared.
It was how the Pokeball-looking things looked like they were dancing, and the Amoongus were making sounds as well.


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This was an enjoyable episode, would've been better if they actually brought Todd back instead of giving us his Unova imitation. The whole premise and layout reminded me of the forest spirit scenes in Princess Mononoke.


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Finished watching the dub version. I enjoyed it.

Robert sounded alright to me. Amoonguss sounded odd to me, but interesting no less.


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Sweet episode!

The Amoonguss line looks as hideous a concept in the animé as it does the games I see...

Oh, and I really don't know why you're all confused about how the 4 Sawsbuck could be in one place tbh - Robert's grandfather stated why [also Narnia people, Narnia]! ;)


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Nothing too special, but a very good filler. Robert's determination made him an interesting character. I liked how he referenced "catching them all." It was also nice to hear Ash talk about how most of the fun of being a trainer is seeing new things, exploring the world--that, to me, is a huge part of Pokemon. The twist at the end with time being warped was neat. Also, I really liked the beginning when Ash was petting Pikachu. I always get the warm fuzzies over their buddy moments.


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It's a good episode. Ash and friends meet Robert, a photographer who takes pictures of Pokemon. There were pictures of Pokemon from previous generations and that's neat.


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For a filler, I enjoyed the episode. Maybe it's because photography is one of my favourite hobbies. I'm actually not a fan of animal portrait photography, but I think Pokemon photography would be really cool (albeit dangerous.)