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The Future I Seize (1223)


Go, my Steady! Mega Shinka!!!
I’m hollering people are rating this -10/10
Where’s the ****ing trailer? 135 and this episode was garbage and 135 looks like garbage

Ash Ketchum!

Pokemon Trainer
Pretty awful episode. Underwhelming plot and **** writing. Felt a generic filler almost minus Mew's funny antics.

Gary was a Chad for the water throw. This episode really should've used him more. More of him would've helped make it watchable and entertaining.
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I guess if Ash didn’t lose, somebody else had to. It’s like a Pokémon anime tradition I guess lol I was hoping for mew to get caught though...=(


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Couldn't watch the episode yet. Did Arceus and the creation trio appeared in that origin of the world sequence?