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The Future I Seize (1223)

GMax Helios

Well-Known Member
I really need to question if Danika and Quillon actually served any purpose besides being the experienced ones of the group. I don't even think anyone ever aknowledges Urshifu's title as a legendary. I really feel that the Isle of Armor would've been a very good thing to implement in the anime. Especially considering how popular Mustard is.


Well-Known Member
This was a boring episode. The previous one was setting things up like something interesting and important was going to happen. Would’ve preferred a plot twist of the professor being a part of team rocket, even if it’s a cliché.

Missed potential, missed opportunities and false hype. Totally on brand for Journeys.



Exceptional Queen of Growth
At least we don't have to pretend that any episode wasn't mediocre or had mediocre moments this time without multiple people quoting you.

British Soul

Top Hat Regulator
Not an essay time:
I'm going to be real, I felt this was a tad underwhelming considering the payoff we got, though that's probs because of how quickly this was resolved. I'm not surprised that the "Groudon" and the "Kyogre" were really Mew in a transformed state, though the fact that it split its molecules into the two entities was interesting, though not unusual given Ditto reconfigures its molecules when it transforms.
Following the previous episode, going into this episode, I was thinking that Grookey would likely get something given it went out of its way to help Go, not once, but twice and lo and behold it learned Wood Hammer do subdue "Kyogre". Though I will say, it was pretty ballsy of Gary as well as Go and Tokio to put themselves in harm's way the way they did, and I also wonder why Go and Tokio had flares in the first place, I guess it would be in case they got lost or something, I dunno.
I do think that regarding the conflict, the chasers kinda brought it upon themseleves when Asahi touched the rock and it just happened to stop glowing and in turn, agitate the wild pokemon. In any case, it showed how powerful Mew is, even when facing multiple Legendaries itself and the way it acted corresponds with what Asahi said in the last episode, with it being merciful as an angel or cruel as a demon, heck I'd say it was merely flexing. Tsurugi and Asahi showcasing a third pokemon each was whatever, given they didn't really do anyhing tbph. The way it was all resolved though felt so sudden, Go makes a heartfelt speech thanking Mew for everything that has led him to that point and Mew just stops.
As for the proceeding payoff, Mew casually sitting on Go's hand as he was saying that the future lies in his hands. At least he befriended it in the end, though I say that this is a fitting resolution for Go at this moment in time. No shot was he going to catch Mew, and if anyone says to me "but he caught it in his hands", I will say no he didn't, Mew SAT on his hand. So yeah, I didn't think he was going to catch Mew, if anything this experience gave Go a taste of his dream with the Mew encounter, and yet he still has much more ahead of him.
Finally, I do like that the door has been left open for Go, Gary and Tokio to rturn as chasers for the next expedition, allowing them to do what lies ahead of them, whilst having an opportunity on the back burner.
As for the TR segment, it was cool to see Fuecoco's personality shine whilst Jessie fins some way to smeg up their "operation". Now I'm interested to see how they'll smeg up with Quaxly next week.
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So while people are generally aware that Koharu's VA is Kana Hanazawa, one of the most well known VA's in the industry, seems like most people are either unaware or haven't brought up the fact that Tsurugi's VA is Kamiya Hiroshi (Levi, Araragi), who's an even bigger VA than Kana. JN seriously wasted all these amazing voice actors like Kana Hanazawa, Kamiya Hiroshi, Yuuichi Nakamura, Kensho Ono. Only Daisuke Ono can be kinda satisfied cause Leon was pretty prominent and will be remembered for one of the greatest battles in the series.
Kinda beg the question on why they brought them in the first place?


Deluded Dreamer
Goh remembering his promise to Ash and remembering Ash in general and then doing what Ash would have done in the situation while thanking Mew for also making him meet Ash is just PEAK <3
I'd post my full sub review later but the subs showing how much this episode cutely showed their dynamic was really great to me, I love Ash and Goh's bond so much.


Well-Known Member
so for clarification on one thing?

Mew had just transformed into Groudon and Kyogre right? those were not the real ones?
Yeah it was in fact Mew who split itself into 2 and both parts transformed into them. It wasn’t the real Groudon/Kyogre.

Anyway, giving my thoughts. I’ll be the one who isn’t gonna be a negative nancy for a moment and say the conclusion was actually pretty satisfying for me believe it or not.

Mew not getting captured was something most of us were pretty much expecting from the very beginning when PM was made in the first place, especially if Gohs gonna be continuing to appear, so I knew this was coming, and it’s better anyway that he didn’t complete his goal as many would’ve just felt it was underserved when not only do many of Ashs companions not complete their goals (even in off screen land), but Ash himself hasn’t even gotten his goal yet, just another steps towards it, it would’ve been very backlash worthy of Goh did and caught such an Uber-level legendary (pun intended) like Mew.

Besides, him “catching” it the way he did was a better conclusion to me as I see it as Mews own personal cutesy-like response to Goh saying Mews the reason he is the person he is today and where he is today, so by letting Goh be near it, something no one in the whole world besides Ash has ever gotten the privilege to do, Mew gives Goh a “taste” of what Goh could get in the future he set for himself as bigger inspiration to reach the next checkpoint in getting Mew. All without Goh needing to legitimately catch it (and cause massive shitstorms in the process lol).

So all in all, the conclusion to Project Mew I’m fine with personally. But of course, this doesn’t negate the issues the goal itself has had leading up to this climax. I guess we can finally say Showcases are no longer the worst handled goal anymore.

Project Mew was a great concept with amazing potential that was just executed very badly, should’ve started it much sooner and handled it much better than what we got. Not entirely the shows fault because of production issues, but the issues lie nonetheless.

Overall, PM was something with great potential but just didn’t meet it. Plain and simple. They honestly should’ve just done PM first and get it out of the way before the Masters 8 started if we knew this was gonna be how it ended.


Break the Limit
Saw it finally, idk it’s decent. 6/7-10 which is what I’d rate this whole PM arc as a whole. I could definitely see an episode that was marred by production issues. Idk I don’t have a lot to say about this episode, I greatly enjoyed Mews’s portrayal as an amoral trickster, glad Goh got to have his moment with Mew but not actually catch it. It’s just fffffiiiiiinnnnnne


What is the airspeed of an unladen Swellow?
Addendum to my earlier review:
Kids finally watched the subs today. Oldest is a HUGE Mew fan, and he really enjoyed the episode.

What kind of ice cream?


Well-Known Member
Why was Mew so evil? This thing was causing chaos, brutalizing people and Pokemon alike, and it laughed as it did it...


AKA Silktree
Why was Mew so evil? This thing was causing chaos, brutalizing people and Pokemon alike, and it laughed as it did it...
Mew was being fine until Asahi and Tsurugi overreacted to its attempt to calm down the fossil Pokemon. It's clear that they bought into the "Mew is a demon" theory, while Go always thought of it as a very potent and mischievous angel. Mew probably doesn't see anything wrong with landing strong hits on other Pokemon, because it can instantly heal them afterwards. It enjoys the action...

Faraway Island is not meant to be accessible to people. The chasers were very unprepared... Three of them had lost badly to Articuno (alongside Ash). Honestly, I disliked the episode upon first viewing, but the subtitles made me appreciate it. I do hope that Go reflects on what it is he lacks, because he did not act like someone who had been preparing to meet Mew for years. He seemed to count on the other chasers too much, or maybe on luck.

I can't help but think that Mew and Mewtwo are meant to be together. They seem lonely when they have to settle for random Pokemon and strangers.
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So that means we'll probably never find out whether if Amaranth probably got fired from Team Rocket or if he ever had a fossilized Mew eyelash of his own...


Deluded Dreamer
This was surprisingly not as badly animated as I remembered it as
I mean the slideshow still sucks, as does the fact we didn't get an extended raid battle that featured the regis too (literally what was the point of them being captured bruh)
But this episode honestly works as vehicle for Gohs development and eventual endgame and for the lore building of Pokemon

I'm still so intrigued and happy with that origin of the world sequence Mew showed everyone, whether it was real or not. Just perfectly captures the vastness magic and mystery of so much of the extensive Pokemon lore that exists

I think what I appreciate MOST is that these two episodes go OUT OF THEIR WAY to honour Lucario and the Mystery of Mew movie and call back to it and keep it's lore consistent. While that movie established there are different Mews as M8 Mew was different from M1 Mew, it seems they keep the Tree of beginning concept consistent for every Mew (esp when it's hinted JN Mew is the same as M1 Mew). Table mountain's imagery and inner surroundings were literally reminiscent of the Tree of Beginning and the way it's described as the center of all things and origin ties into the Tree of Beginning lore. It's like there are tons of trees of beginning esque locations for all the Mews that exist that date back to the original world of Pokemon and being one of the first landmasses.
The fossil Pokemon living here, crystals being "Memories of the UNIVERSE" similar to the Time flowers in the movie, even regis being connected to the overall plot,

I LOVE Pokemon Lore and I appreciate them keeping it consistent and expanding on it with this.

Starswirl Pikachu

Well-Known Member
Except for a few flashbacks earlier in Journeys, we have not really seen Mew since like 20 years or something. ( in the first pokemon move) I wonder just what level and strength it has reached by now? When the project Mew people started getting close to Mew's trail I was a little worried that they might try to capture it for nefarious purposes or some other hidden agenda. But as it turns out there was no need to worry. Even with the pokeballs working again and Goh and the others trying to team up against Mew apparently they didn't stand a chance! During their efforts to subdue Mew, the trainers express frustration that Mew appears to just be playing with them. I'm not sure I would consider this to be a huge plot development but it was a pretty entertaining chance to see Mew again.

Trey pokes

Well-Known Member
I'd love for Project Mew to come back somehow. This episode wasn't as bad as I remember now. I just thought it needed to be more action-heavy and be placed somewhere before the finals fight.