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The Future of the World Championships


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I hope this thread is constantly added with new theories as I'd love reading about other fans' theories on how the World Championships will progress.

As we all pretty much realise, they are hyping up a series finale of Ash vs Leon, this could be very far in the future as this may still be the anime even when Gen 9 comes out.

I'll post my theory, starting from the end (I'll explain why later):

So, basically to beat Leon, Ash will have to beat Charizard and I think due to losing against Alain's Charizard, Ash-Greninja will somehow make a return. Even if Ash loses to Leon (which he rightfully should) I think similar to how Ash was the only one to beat Tobias' Darkrai, Ash will shock the world by beating Leon's Charizard, but will later get wrecked by all his other members.

Anyway, the reason I started here is because for Greninja to return and be used, this means Ash will eventually realise that in order to compete at the highest level, he'll need to use his full arsenal. Even though his new team is probably the best he's ever had at such a stage in an arc, I don't see him using the same 6 Pokemon the entire series (or however many he catches this series).

I think at one point, probably when Ash reaches the Top 500, he'll go into a rut and lose 5-10 matches in a row. After that he'll decide to call upon his reserves. And then we see all the oldboisandgurls come back and wreak havoc. This will happen after his current roster is fully developed.

Coming back to Ash's final Match vs Leon, I really hope he uses his best 6. This is another discussion in this thread but what team would you like Ash to use vs Leon.

I believe his best 6 would be:

1. Greninja
2. Infernape
3. Charizard (who loses in the mirror)
4. Snorlax
5. Sceptile
6. Pikachu (it's in nearly every important battle ever)

What are all your thoughts on the future of the World Championships?

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Going back to regionals would be a downgrade for Ash at this point so I can see him sticking with the PWC and the world tour format as it gives the anime staff a lot of flexibility in terms of storytelling and battles.

I think Ash could beat Leon, but lose to the Gen 9 Champion.

Gou will likely be sticking around for at least a few generations given his goal is the other selling point of the franchise. "Gotta Catch'Em All". There will always be more Pokemon for him to catch.

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He can come back, just demoted
Pikachu is Ash's main pokémon anyway

If Ash is going to use GPICSS in the end why is he even catching strong pokémon like Dragonite and Gengar then?

To pander to the fans by giving Ash popular (marketable) Pokemon? The anime staff want to take advantage of the world tour format to give Ash a number of pokemon they always wanted to give him? Both?


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Idk it would feel bad to not use the pokémon trained during all the new series in the last battle.
That said, Ash using his strongest team would be the best thing ever, of course


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No one knows now due this Coronavirus. Maybe PWC will be extended to Gen 9...

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Pikachu is Ash’s main Pokémon, not Greninja. Besides they aren’t going to use this series to fix XYZ’s screw up that was Charizard vs Greninja.
I meant Ash Charizard


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I hope they have Pikachu lose again and let Charizard take home the win by proving he is the world's strongest Charizard. We all know he'd easily destroy Alain and Leon, but let's see it happen!


I expect Pikachu versus Dande's Lizardon to be the final match-up in Satoshi and Dande's final battle, although that's so far off in the future that anything could change between now and then. I don't want Lizardon versus Lizardon, though.
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If anyone is taking down Leon's Charizard it should be Fatchu. Ash's Charizard or Greninja can take on Dragapult

Speaking of Fatchu, I do wonder how they would use dynamax in a potential Leon vs Ash match. After seeing it in the Galar two-parter, it is not a fun gimmick to watch battle wise.


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Speaking of Fatchu, I do wonder how they would use dynamax in a potential Leon vs Ash match. After seeing it in the Galar two-parter, it is not a fun gimmick to watch battle wise.

I'd like to see a scenario where Ash realizes that Dynamax/Gigantamaxing doesn't suit Pikachu's fighting style, or the fighting styles of a lot of his Pokémon, and he doesn't do it against Leon's Charizard. While Pikachu might not be able to do much to a Gigantamaxed Charizard offensively, if they stay relatively close to the games, then Gigantamaxing isn't permanent in the battle and will at the very least have a time limit. Simply have Pikachu play stay away from Charizard and get him to use energy against him until he reverts and is likely pretty tired or at the very least not 100% then go to town on him. I would love to see that type of strategy used in the battle, especially if Dynamax/Gigantamax isn't in Gen 9 and Gen 9 will likely be coming out not too long after the battle is fought and the Gen 9 gimmick will likely have already been revealed.


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I see them bringing back Greninja and then using it and other reserves for the PWC battles further down the line, but if anyone is going to beat Leons Charizard, it's Pikachu.

For the eventual 6v6, I'd love to see half a team of current roster (including Pikachu) and half reserves. So for purely early speculations sake, something like Pikachu, Gengar, Lucario, Charizard, Greninja and Sceptile (he could sub in any of a half a dozen of his other mons and it'd still be a hell of a team).

I get the feeling the latter half of the series is going to contain some absolutely wild battles