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The Future of the World Championships


Ice Aurelia
I wonder why the Chinese leaker did reaffirm Khu’s leak considering it’s out and the open right now unless she knows something or that it’s incorrect


Pokemon Master
I wish there were Tobias or Tyson in Hoenn instead of Iris.

I wish Iris had stayed as she was in Black and White.

All but that are exciting rivals.

Ash will likely lose to one of his opponents and want to train with Paul.

And I understand better the reason for Paul's return.


Call me Robert guys
Ash if you don't bring Greninja back to destroy Alain so help me god lol.

Mr. Reloaded

All encompassing
Iris is in lmao.

I know some people are lucid.


Well-Known Member
My theory,
Based off the information so far, we know that the final championship for the world champion is a tournament between the 8th best trainers.

I think it would be interesting if the 8 final trainers end up being,
Ash representing Kanto
Lance Representing Johto
Steven representing Hoenn
Cynthia representing Sinnoh
Alder representing Unova
Diantha representing Kalos
Kukui representing Alola
Leon representing Galar

They could make the tournament a league like setting and have Ash battle all of them and make the finals between the top 2 trainers with the most points at the end.
They could also have Ash utilise a team of region specific pokemon against his battle with a separate regional champion.
For ex, Charizard vs Dragonite, Infernape vs Garchomp, Ash Greninja vs Gardevoir, Sceptile vs Metagross etc.

This way, Ash is forced to train up his reserves and we they all will get equal attention.

As for the ending, it is inevitable that the final match is going to be fat chu vs charizard.
Maybe have Ash lose to Leon in the league setting, their first match and then have Ash beat him in the Championship match and become pwc
Yay my prediction from 2020 mostly came true!!
Well Iris is after all the new Unova champion taking Alder's place.
Alain is undoubtedly the surprise entry.