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The Future of the World Championships


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This is strange logic. Her watching the episode in a week in advance doesn’t mean anything if she doesn’t unravel all of the information she knows. By this logic only Alain is in the Master Class because that’s all she mentioned.

She also mentioned that the Masters will be revealed in this episode so obviously she didn’t include everybody she knows.

Additionally there are separate leakers
well, none of the leakers like Paul then


Ice Aurelia
I wonder why the Chinese leaker did reaffirm Khu’s leak considering it’s out and the open right now unless she knows something or that it’s incorrect




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I wish there were Tobias or Tyson in Hoenn instead of Iris.

I wish Iris had stayed as she was in Black and White.

All but that are exciting rivals.

Ash will likely lose to one of his opponents and want to train with Paul.

And I understand better the reason for Paul's return.


Call me Robert guys
Ash if you don't bring Greninja back to destroy Alain so help me god lol.

Mr. Reloaded

All encompassing
Iris is in lmao.

I know some people are lucid.