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The Future of the World Championships

U.N. Owen

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...
My leaker, who rhymes with Wicket, has told me that Ash is retiring and the next series is about his child with Serena.
This checks out. The Oracle of Delphi has stated that everything changes after Ash vs. Leon.




Shall, I show you a true Champion time?
So Journeys is the best series ever. Ash is great, Goh is great, Chloe’s great and they literally have never had any bad plot points. Project Mew slaps and so does the PWC. Ash’s entire team is awesome and the series makes total sense. XY and DP could never. If only this amazing series could go on and on. It’s literally the best writing the series has ever done.

Like the writing is so excellent. It’s the best the anime has ever done.

*Also disclaimer for all you dizzies I realize this could be fake*

Honestly if this real the salt and tears are gonna make excellent drinks and condiments for fries.
Aged like fine juice. Only thing that would've topped it more is if Lillie was the monarch