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The Garden of Eatin'! (364)


Shining Suicune said:
Get over it. ^_^

*whacks Suicune with a paper fan*

Hey! What'd I just say?!? :O

On another note, that guy sounded more French then German to me. o_O


I liked this episode, it was a great filler. The best thing was the man that owned the garden's voice, it was unique unlike other dub voices we have heard over and over again. Overall, a good filler, and it made me want a Banana Split after! XD

Yep, another filler to put in the pile, so what did I think?
2 words and 7 letters:
It's Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

May's line "This is Bananas!" proves that 4Kids has been listening to "Hollaback Girl" too much! Marcelle was a pretty quirky French guy, and the return of Snorlax also got me happy!

I'm wondering what berries Oak used in that Snorlax Pokeblock. But enough about Berries, I noticed Snorlax's new voice, but it just sounded like a variation of the old Snorlax voice. The only other good line I remember (because Chronicles has brainwashed me) was TR's little line:

"It's the valley of the Jolly Green Snorlax!"

Overall, just another wacky filler....

(for info about the 20 thing, look at my LOT review)

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Actually a really good filler. Marcel was an okay character and at last breaks the annoying french guy stereotype American cartoon companies shove down our throats.

The Vigoroth/Snorlax battle kicked ***. It even came with the E4 music.

All in all, a decent episode.


Team Rocket's rockin
I rather enjoyed this episode. 4Kids included a lot of info that showed they actually payed some attention to how things work, like about Vital Spirit, the cube of food being a Pokeblock, and the fact that Norman also had Slakoth.

Nice Paras-to-Parasect style training they gave Slakoth. Although it was a bit TOO easy, how they had it evolve so quick. o_o

Snorlax's new voice isn't that great, IMO. It might have been okay if I hadn't gotten used to the old one, which was a lot deeper, rather than gruff and raspy. Plus-and I'm not sure about this-but if the person who plays as Snorlax's voice plays Blastoise's, 'cause they sound alike, then my favorite Pokemon might have a changed voice! X/

Well, overall, it was a pretty good filler. 7/10.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
That Slakoth was probably the strongest. It might have been on the verge of evolving and realized this.

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Corvair said:
May's line "This is Bananas!" proves that 4Kids has been listening to "Hollaback Girl" too much!

Wouldn't she have said "this (stuff) is bananas" then?


Old school
Blackjack Gabbiani said:
Wouldn't she have said "this (stuff) is bananas" then?
Ha! We wish. Pokémon is probably one of the only shows that's getting more immature the longer it goes on.

Anyway, I liked this ep. Snorlax was always a favourite of mine. I would have liked a bit of Snorlax versus Snorlax action though. Them trying to hurt Snorlax reminded me of when they tried to wake it up for the Orange League match, blasting the crap out of it. Ah, the good old days...

The Vigoroth versus Snorlax thing was a bit of a sham to be honest. As K.C said, it's very funny how Pikachu (who's thunder does a hell of a lot of damage) didn't even phase the thing, and yet a newly evolved Vigoroth kicked it round the shop. Ah well, still a good ep. Nice to see Yawn and Rest acknowledged together.


Team Awesome
I think this episode would have been a lot better if it wasn't for Marcel. He really got on my nerves during this episode and he was a big distraction. The episode otherwise was great, with a cameo by Ash's Snorlax and the fight between Vigoroth and Snorlax, but I wish Marcel hadn't been such a drag on the episode.

I also liked the final scene, with Team Rocket doing the motto in their sleep, and wearing great new clothes. That was awesome. :D



Battle Factory Champion
This episode reminded me a lot of the Orange Islands episode "Snack Attack!". Pretty much the same concept, other than this time pokemon were being affected by the food shortage.

The idea of Slakoth to evolve was pretty predictable I suppose given the nature of what needed to happen in order to stop Snorlax, but I liked the idea of trying to involve some battling into it anyway.

The Snorlax is now used in a health spa, but has anyone worked out how are they going to feed it?

Blaziken master

Just saw this ep.The battles were pretty good and I'm glad just a little bit of torkoal was in it.


The Olive Kitsune
That fanged Slakoth with the large tuff didn't seem like your typical Slakoth. I wonder if that's how they'd all look and act when they're close to evolving...

C.J. Ray

I wanted Shaymin! :(
They feed Snorlax that Pokeblock Oak made, the one that will be used by May to feed Munchlax much later.

Great episode, and I liked how that Slakoth with the weird hair wanted to evolve and kicked Ash's butt even though Norman(who has a lot more battle experience with his Slakoth) lost his Slakoth to Torkoal's flames.

BTW, why doesn't Slakoth and Slaking in the anime show off the Truant trait(where the Slak@@@ only attacks once in a while and loafs off every other time)? I know that would give the Slak@@@ a big disadvantage anime-wise, but come on! It's not like they were going to lose.

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
I didn't like TR's "new" oufits in the end, even though it was a dream. In fact, they merely wore those outfits over their old ones.
I liked this episode a lot, May's, "This is bananas!" line was delivered perfectly that it was hilarious.

Man, it's times like this I miss Veronica Taylor. :/
I was kind of hoping for Ash's Snorlax to come and battle the other Snorlax, but it never happened. It's nice to see Proffesor Oak and Ash's Snorlax having a cameo anyway.

I thought it was okay, I loved those Slakoths though. The battle between Vigoroth and Snorlax was pretty good as well.


lol i know somebody who looks exact the like a snorlax, anyway it was a good episode and it had a nice battle as well.