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The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Willow's Tara, Jan 30, 2005.

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  1. theverybest

    theverybest That noone ever was?

    I really try not to use those movesets, but I can't help at least look them up. Because it's fun.

    I wouldn't consider myself a BEAR, but I can't deny that I'm at least a cub. I am not into like the great big super hairy fourty year olds...but I do like jocky guys that don't shave. I think that's the most of it. And, I will admit, I prefer meat'n'potatoes over a twinkie any day.

    Single sex schools definitely don't make kids gay, but I would argue that they probably encourage same-sex experimenting...well, if it's like a boarding school. Lol. Or maybe I'm just fantasizing. xD
  2. Slash4life

    Slash4life uncollared

    cubs ARE bears. Sorry, pet peeve of mine.
    Yay, that's another to add to the count. Anyone else want to reveal their bearishness? Please?
  3. theverybest

    theverybest That noone ever was?

    Haha, cub is a nicer way of saying it.
    Hmmm, well, labels aside, how about I just describe my body type for clarification.
    I'm 6', 195lbs, Moderately hairy chest, treasure trail, I don't shave anywhere but my face ahaha, and even then I prefer having that 5 o'clock shadow look, of course, I'm not a grown man though. This definitely didn't help my case, ahahahaha, I was trying to see if I wasn't bearish...but, clearly I have proven myself wrong. xD
  4. Slash4life

    Slash4life uncollared

    I'm about an inch taller, 100 lbs heavier, and have a beard

    You sure sound like a bear. However, i believe the attitude is most important. If you truly believe you're a bear, you are. If you think you're not, you aren't. That's how I see it anyway. Although it would be hard for a 120 lb shaven guy devoid of kink and dressed in pink to justify it
  5. LucienKaftan

    LucienKaftan Aspiring author.

    So I'm feeling just a bit insulted that as soon as I leave for business, the club comes back to life...

    Anyway, Slash- Remember I'm a cub-/bear too. A
    And cub is a nicer way of saying it. At least to us (I'm just going to randomly come up with something here...) not-full-bears-but-close-enough...

  6. Slash4life

    Slash4life uncollared

    I haven't forgotten, Lucien. I guess I'm a slightly different kind of cub, then :)

    We need a bear tally in this club
  7. theverybest

    theverybest That noone ever was?

    I think that there's a lot of gay men who kinda fit the bear role, and that's why they dont wanna be bears, they dont see themselves as being big big burly guys, that only date big big burly guys. Some people don't like labels and junk becuz they feel they're restricting. I think the feeling is believing thing makes sense, but me, being young, having a certain set of possible expectations, quite fickle, thus subjective to change, I can't quite subscribe to a certain persona or whatever. But yeah, for me, bear>twink. Although, I guess my favourite type is,......i dunno, saying you have a type is limiting too. But I do like shy and quiet guys, ironically for some reason i'm not a huge fan of glasses, I lke buff guys but that doesnt mean you spend all day in the gym, I just like something to cuddle with, and im not gonna dump you if you gain a truckload of weight--unless your penis gets sucked back up into your body, ahahaha.
  8. Willow's Tara

    Willow's Tara The Bewitched

    Hi everyone, glad to see there are more posts now, interesting though soon as Slash came into the scene people started posting, conidience? Anyways sorry haven't posted for a bit, just doing stuff I guess, writing stories etc.

    So what has everyone been up to?
  9. Durp

    Durp Well-Known Member

    ^ I'm at my dad's house, and I just came back from breakfast... I'm disappointed though because since my dad is so damn rude, he went and called someone on the road a "faggot" and etc.... :/ Just typical him stuff. I wish I knew how to deal with it.

    (lol sorry for kinda-venting, I feel like this and a GSA on another site are like my only 'safe' places when it comes to this DX)
  10. FireEmblemAddict

    FireEmblemAddict 運命なんか死人の言い訳だ

    Absolutely nothing is going on with me @_@

    But on the topic of body types, I'm 5'9", 140 lbs, and almost hairless (except for my head, obviously). I guess Im the odd one out around here XD
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2010
  11. scarecrow_stitches

    scarecrow_stitches blissfully dead

    Re: men & body types/body hair!

    I'm very picky when it comes to my men... Too picky at times. I like them bigger than me. I'm barely 5'8" and like 130, so I'm fairly small for a "man." So basically to win my heart, you have to be tall (at least 5'10", the taller the better), kinda stocky, a little muscle is nice and hairy is very sexy. Also like I said before, I like them masculine and older than me. Oh, and did I mention tattoos? I love a guy who's inked. <3 I guess I like my guys more on the bear-ish side, but I'm definately NOT a chubby chaser.

    What's really ironic is that I LOVE body hair on others, but I hate it on myself. Thankfully I'm naturally not that hairy (despite being Russian AND Italian) but I do shave it all off but what's on my head. What can I say, I like to be smooth and my man likes it too. I guess by most gay people's standards I'd be considered a "twink" but I really despise that label for obvious reasons. Someone called me a "punk twink" the other day, which surprisingly didn't offend me too much but it still made me cringe.

    Oh, and...

    Yeah... NOT true. Really how often do you hear of that even happening these days? Sure in the 90s we had instances such as the Matthew Sheppard case, but that kind of thing rarely happens anymore in America. It's something called a HATE CRIME and obviously, against the law. Not saying it never happens, it's just not something that's a huge problem anymore. I've been openly gay since 8th grade and nothing like that has ever happened to me. Sure I've gotten harassed more times than I can count but never once has anyone beat me up, stabbed me, shot me, or obviously killed me. In fact, I was the one that got in trouble and expelled from my first highschool for kicking a biggot in the head. He called me a f@gg*t and I was already having a crappy day, so I put my boot right into the back of his head as he was opening his locker. I do NOT condone violence, however if people are giving you crap you gotta stand your ground or they will continue to do so.

    In regaurds to comming out... Whoever that was, do it only when you feel absolutely comfortable. It can be very liberating to come out, but some parent's aren't very accepting of it at first. It most likely will cause a lot of attention at first, just an fyi. My mom was the last person I officially came out to, and at first she didn't even believe that I was gay. Of course like most parents, she thought it was just a phase... But she's over it now and is very accepting.

    I don't really know what other advice to give other than be strong, and be true to yourself. Good luck with that!
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2010
  12. Slash4life

    Slash4life uncollared

    @WT am I really that important? I doubt it. I'm probably just a catalyst that ends up prolonging conversations about body hair due to being the token bear. Not the only one, of course, but the one that pops into mind when y'all think of bears
  13. Willow's Tara

    Willow's Tara The Bewitched

    Durp- Yeah it's annoying when people do that, I actually always tell my family to quit using gay as an offensive term, like at my birthday party she had said "For your gay party" (Because well she's a *****) and I told her parties can't be gay, got annoyed because of that (Also because she was yelling at me to take some stupid scramble board downstairs, she's lucky I didn't chuck it in the trash can, infact if she doesn't shut up I might just have to scream, long story). And no problem anyone can vent here anytime

    Slash- Probably you do keep conversations going which is a good thing:)

    scarecrow- Although it doesn't happen much these days, it is a shame that it does happen sometimes though.

    Also I don't have hair on my chest either and I rather keep it that way, to be honest I don't see the attraction of having hair on my chest, okay I am straight but still I am not sure why a girl would like it like that or a gay guy (No offense guys, it's just I can't see what attracts them, why does it attract people?)
  14. Wishing_Star*

    Wishing_Star* Wish I was a balloon

    ha ha! I'm 5'11", 130 lbs, and pretty much am hairless - except for my legs which too me, have just the right amount of hair on them, and my head of course.

    Nothing has really been going on with me lately. I went shopping yesterday... and had a cast party for the play I was in on Saturday - which was followed with a trip to IHOP until 1 am. I've mostly just been spending my summer painting and hanging out with my friends. Pretty typical.

    (I hadn't posted anything in awhile, so I decided I might as well.)
  15. Kyogre Master V3.0

    Kyogre Master V3.0 Well-Known Member

    6'1" and 140 lbs :p I was beginning to think it was only bears/cubs round here :p I'm back from holiday now - was pretty good, but ended up in A & E one night :p Sort of my own fault, but I'd do it again if it came to it... The steristrips can come off soon tho, but the dressing they gave me was rubbish - keeps falling off my hand :p Anyways, looks like everything's come alive again since I've been gone...typical :p
  16. theverybest

    theverybest That noone ever was?

    People are attracted to whatever attracts them. It's usually silly to ask why.

    I just got back from Hamilton for the weekend. I was visiting my cousins, great-aunt, and great-grandma. Then yesterday we all (excluding my great-grandma lol) went to Canada's Wonderland for the day. Me, being ride-crazy, was so beat out at the end of the day that my head was just killing me. My great-aunt went on just about every ride that I did, which is amazing ahaha. The only one I can think of that she didn't go on was the Drop...and maybe the Bat...and they're not even that freaky in my opinion. Next summer my step-dad (He's more like an older brother, he's only ten years older) and I wanna have our passports and go to Cedar Point. :D
  17. thebluekid

    thebluekid X and Y Versions?!

    Wow, so much and so little have changed at the same time, haha. Still on the subject of bears, with a few new people thrown in there. How much has changed since I left?
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2010
  18. LucienKaftan

    LucienKaftan Aspiring author.

    Eh, not much...
  19. theverybest

    theverybest That noone ever was?

    "Tonight, me and my friends Paulie and Mattie are going out to drink a ton of beers."
    "Tonight, my friends and I are going out, but we're not drinking because those are empty calories."
    "Then we'll play full contact football in the park with no pads or helmets."
    "Then we're gathering at Alan and Omar's for Bad Movie Night."
    "Then it's straight to the bars to find loose women to have sex with."
    "Then it's straight to the gym for three hours of crunches, and extended eye contact with strangers."

    Oh, don't give me that look, Tony. That's exactly what you said.
  20. So, talking about hairy people. I prefer my women without a hairy chest.

    I don't remember posting here before, so hi! I'd like to join!
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