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The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Willow's Tara, Jan 30, 2005.

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  1. Human24

    Human24 New Member

    Hey, Can I join? I am straight, but I truly believe that love is love. It doesn't matter what you are...
  2. LucienKaftan

    LucienKaftan Aspiring author.

    Welcome you two. And women, with a hairy chest...?

    I vote for topic change...!
  3. Slash4life

    Slash4life uncollared

    Topic change granted.

    A lot of people have some hair color preference for their partners. So my question is: What color hair do you prefer?
    Me, I prefer gingers. Specifically ginger bears
  4. theverybest

    theverybest That noone ever was?

    Oh gosh, I have such a soft spot for ginger guys ahahaha. Dr. Hunt from Grey's Anatomy....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I find Seth Green really cute sometimes too. However, in real life I seem to have this thing for guys who are naturally blond, not like the tanned jersey shore blond, but the like, pale skin, blue eyes, kinda blond. Of course, my only serious...relationship...type-thing, was with a guy with brown hair, and deep green eyes. I like that too. So I guess we've ruled out black hair for me. But most black hair tends to just be dark dark brown. That being said, I can't honestly say that I love dyed black hair. In fact, all of this being said, my favourite hair colour on a guy is the colour that he likes for himself--and yes, that sounds just a little bit cheesy, but it's true. Whenever I try to find a preference I get so caught up in all the exceptions to the rule and I get flustered. In the end, whenever it comes to any questions like these I find myself having to say "I prefer boys."

    P.S. So Slash, do you wanna get freaky with Seth Rogen? ;)
  5. Without a hairy chest D:

    My preferred hair colour? That would have to be red hair. To me, a girl with either:
    - Short red hair
    - Short black hair
    Is cute. Of course, I like other hair colours and styles too.
  6. xbluextotodile1394

    xbluextotodile1394 Blue Knight of Water

    O man this is so cool! a Pokemon Gay straight Alliance (basically)
    id like to join
    its kinda lonely being a gay pokemon trainer in my state there is nothing to do with the man away lol

    Also i like my men to have darker hair and not be bleach blonde and not gingers ahh i like having the ablity to go out in the sun with my partner
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 19, 2010
  7. thebluekid

    thebluekid X and Y Versions?!

    If I may say welcome new members! Make yourselves at home!

    Hair color... It's more in the personality for me, so I don't really care for what hair color is on my partner. For all I care it's blue.
  8. xbluextotodile1394

    xbluextotodile1394 Blue Knight of Water

    point ... but i think instead of this being a thread it be a social group just saying u know :D
  9. Slash4life

    Slash4life uncollared

    social groups separate topics. Here, in a basic thread form, everyone can get involved in every conversation easily, and reply to multiple people and topics at once. Plus, we go through a lot of topics which draw tangents to new ones and also can tie in to others. The free-flow format here seems to work pretty well, and it provides a sense of unity

    That's my opinion on it, anyway
  10. Wishing_Star*

    Wishing_Star* Wish I was a balloon

    I'm the weirdest person when it comes to hair color, because if you look at the guys I've liked they all have different hair... ha ha! My favorite is dark hair, dark brown or black. But I love the orange/red hair, when it's bright.
  11. xbluextotodile1394

    xbluextotodile1394 Blue Knight of Water

    well you do have a point but with a group we can easily filter out people who wanna come on the forums to spit hate. Also you can create several points of discussion and then people have the ability to pick and choose the topic you would like to get into and ones your like to say out of. Also can keep people from Being missed due to the size of this forum like really large. THe topics can be broad and specific. Also during week and month we can set up a forum to do some pokemon stuff as a group and it be organized. It sounds like a good idea to me.
    Remember we are are strong like ;476; and we are awesome like ;492-s; and i eat as much as a ;munchlax; but im still thinner then a ;026; yeah i just throw a joke in there! :D gotta keep it funny
  12. Slash4life

    Slash4life uncollared

    WT ain't really here that often, and that would keep people who would want to participate out until they could be approved. Several others have been know to go on hiatuses as well, so WT is the best guy for the job anyway. It's easier and more convenient this way. Plus, we don't really have that muc trouble with haters.

    Btw, I don't think ;492-s; is really that awesome. I don't use legendaries, which means I have 2 useless Adamant Rayquaza
  13. xbluextotodile1394

    xbluextotodile1394 Blue Knight of Water

    alright guess i shouldnt mess with something athat works
  14. Aurora~Lynxie

    Aurora~Lynxie Member

    Greetings all. Sorry, I really don't post too often here, but I joined a while ago & need to vent.

    So, I am 14 at the moment (and female) And ever since i was 10, to keep it short I've wanted to be a guy. For the first year or so I pretty much tried to ignore it, thinking it was just curiosity or something or the sort, but it's gotten far more serious over the last year or so. From what I've seen, bottom surgery isn't so satisfactory, so if I did get surgery I'd just get my chest "fixed" from females to a males chest (After much searching even if I just the chest done, cut my hair a bit shorter etc. I can identify myself as a man anyway :3) I've pretty much thought of myself as a guy for ages, I dress like one, have guy-ish interests, you get the point. I also live in West Australia if that counts for anything?

    Main issue is, any ideas on how to tell my parents? (Telling them I'm bi after this should be a God damn cake walk ;___; )
  15. Slash4life

    Slash4life uncollared

    I just came out to my father
  16. Fused

    Fused Shun the nonbeliever

    Wow... telling your parents that you're gay seems way easier than telling them you feel like a boy. Um... wow, I'm not so good on advice. I mostly pussy out of giving people advice.

    I myself have no idea how to discuss transsexualism, especially with parents. I guess do it like anything else: sit them down and just say it. Make sure that they know that this is very important to you, but that their love and acceptance and support means the world to you.


    How- how? How'd you finally do it? What did he say? (I feel like a girl, probing you for answers)

    (Heh heh. Probe.)
  17. Slash4life

    Slash4life uncollared

    He said it wasn't that much of a surprise. And he tried to convince me it was a choice. Oh, and my mom left yesterday.

    @Aurora this link http://www.khaoskomix.com/ may help. The comics are good, but even better there are forums on the site with plenty of transmen there. Of several different ages, so it may help you. And a lot are pan, too, so it works out well
  18. Fused

    Fused Shun the nonbeliever

    Ah, parents just don't understand. I mean, why would the son of a preacher choose to be something that goes against his father's beliefs? What'd you say? or did you just leave it?

    And I thought you were going with your mom...?
  19. LucienKaftan

    LucienKaftan Aspiring author.

    *Raises eyebrow*

    What's that about gingers...? I'll have you know that I'm a ginger and I can be out in the sun forr over 5 hours without anything happening. Oh, and I'm not pale, either.
  20. Slash4life

    Slash4life uncollared

    oh, well, I, uh, decided I needed to stay in this crap town. Me and my dad basically just agreed to disagree about the choice thing. He actually said that if I wanted to, I could marry a woman, have kids, and live a perfectly happy life. Completely ignoring the fact that even the thought of vag makes me want to cleanse myself
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