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The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

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> more than 2

All I have to say is you never know until you try. I never thought I could do that, and I never thought I could be polyamorous, but look at me now. Do what makes you happy.


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Experimental stuff sounds interesting, but I wouldn't try it.


Oregon is making progress: http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20120208/NEWS01/702089820

OLYMPIA -- A bill allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry cleared the state House of Representatives today and will soon be on the desk of the governor for signing.

Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire is expected to do that next week and make Washington the seventh state in which same-sex couples can legally wed.


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^Horray for Oregon! I wish Virginia would make progress T-T

Anyways, in news of my LGBTS news, I have a special someone <3 This person is my first non-straight relationship, and so far its going a lot better than my previous ones! I'm happy ^-^


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^Don't worry dude, theres going to be some change in the world by the end of the decade ^-^

The supreme court ruled it unconstitutional, its a matter of time. I wouldn't be surprised if this were the next amendment.


Or not :/
I guess I'm too much of a pessimist to believe you. :(
Welcome to the club Jak.

I'm just glad progress is finally being made. Had we been born 20 years ago we would have alot more personal hardships ourselves.

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Next week New Jersey!

The world is changing there is no denying in that. Don't lose hope!
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^Hmm, interesting read. I can relate to a lot of those choices, but I think I'm just going to call myself "bisexual" or "transgendered" for now. I haven't had any sexual experience with another person, so its hard to point it down. I do want to experiment around a bit with both genders, but at the same time keep an emotional relationship.

I really don't care what label I have. I'm happy with my interests and sexuality <3


Better in HD!
I don't feel a particular sexual attraction toward males. I find them very enjoyable to talk to though.

And good, you should be happy with what you are ^_^


Or not :/
I find it funny that I don't feel any attraction towards females, but they usually end up being closer friends.
To be accepted by others, one must first accept themselves.

I don't really follow labels, but I do know I'm gay although when I'm drunk I apparently kiss girls alot :p


Better in HD!
I would like to personally thank Royal Arcanine for his warm welcome to the club ^_^ I feel as though we've really hit it off! He's a great friend ^_^

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lucian- Like the other person said, I think things will change eventually, the world can't remain forever.

Not much else to add. Noticed you were talking about Valentines before. Not really doing anything for that day, infact to me it's just another day so it doesn't really matter to me. Although on the 17th the guys from the church are having, in the planner's words "Single guys valentines sheesh or something" and I am going to tag along, not really a Valentine thing since it's afterwards but well I don't really hang with just guys, usually there is a girl or a few around.

And even then I find myself talking to the girl/s more, I guess it's just easier to talk to them I suppose, but it would be good to hang out with just the guys, never really done it (Except the night before my brother's wedding where his best man and groomsmen slept over to go to the wedding the next day)
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