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The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

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Metallic Wonder
Oh well. I am used to freaky-deaky people. <3


Metallic Wonder
I don't know what that is. But I'll pretend to do so, so that I can understand the meaning of what you just said


Or not :/
Awww, but scaring the newbies is fun :)
Ok so I'm gonna vent a bit.......

So I've been feeling really wierd and sad over the past while....it was getting pretty bad. But a friend of mine has really made me feel better, he's there for me and he make's me smile and laugh. He's always cheering me up, and I do my best for him. I think I'm developing feelings for him..... But he is straight, there's no denying it :/ I know, I know I am breaking the cardinal rule of being gay by having a crush on a straight guy....but I don't really care. I guess I'd rather be trapped in the friend zone with him than not being with him at all.

Ok rant over.... :p


Better in HD!
*knows who it is but withholds name*

I've seen part of your convo with him DJ. I can tell that he makes you really happy, and that you do the same for him. I to know he is straight, so as you said, you could never be more than friends. That said, it doesn't mean things can't change one day :) Never give up and trust your instincts!(lol star fox reference)

Okay, that's the best I can do. Sorry if I didn't help at all :/


Kinkmeister General
I just actually read your sig DJ. That's my favourite song. I mean, really, my number one favourite song.

As for your guy friend, sometimes a great friendship can be formed that way.


Metallic Wonder
Well, friendship is a type of love so.. Heheh, It will be okey. just wait and see.
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