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The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

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Metallic Wonder
That was cute... I too hope that more churches will see this as a possibility.


Why yes, it exists
Happy valentines day everybody :D if you have a special someone, give them a kiss. If you don't, make a voodoo doll of your ex and cast spells >;D

lol lady gaga quote


Chaotic Trainer
May I join this. I'm not really into labels like straight , gay, bi, les, or anything. To me attraction is just attraction. But I do see that many people need a sort of safe haven since the world isnt as open as it could be.
^.^ Call me Apep!
Gender: ???
Sexual orientation : ???
Please to meet all of you.


Kinkmeister General
> Happy valentines day everybody if you have a special someone, give them a kiss. If you don't, make a voodoo doll of your ex and cast spells >;D

Haha when I read that I thought you were being normal....then I saw Lady Gaga said it and I thought it was weird.


Or not :/
I'm just attracted to whatever I'm attracted to, and it just happens that it's almost always men.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
This is really a sad day, I just found out one of the members from this club killed herself a few years ago, back in 2007. I know many of you who are current and after 2007 would not remember her, but if you had ever looked on the members list you see she was a co-owner of this club, when I thought I would be less active.

Kasumi_Christie, she was a member and co-owner back sometime when the club first opened, apparently her last post was 23rd April, 2007 and I was told 2007 was the year she killed herself, I didn't even know she was having these thoughts. I guess it's too late to grieve since it was years ago but.. I had always wondered what happened to her, if anyone has seen the Misc thread about Missing old members from the forum, I had posted there about her in some of the older threads on that topic. I guess now I know, it makes you wonder doesn't it? What happened to all the old members? Jasmine, Nathan_Median, hell I haven't seen Slash in a while. Makes you wonder about the entire world, everyone in your life cyber and real life who seemed to disappear off the face of the planet. Even actors who you haven't seen in a long time (Took me a couple of years to find out the guy who played Frank on Everybody Loves Raymond was dead, and I watched the show on DVD for like two years, or three).

I mean I wasn't so close to KC, we were friends but I didn't know her in real life. But I did like her, she was a good person and she did not deserve this. I just wished I could have helped her, that I had known, I probably could have stopped her.

RIP Kasumi Christie.
September, 11 1987-April 2007 (I think it was April, since her last post was in April, we never heard from her again). I may have not known you in real life, but it's still sad and I hope you are happy now. Wherever you are.
I'm sorry to hear about her. I never knew her but that's really sad.

I have had afew people drop out of my life suddenly....and it kinda is heartbreaking to think of them like that.....

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Yeah I am pretty certain she was before your time, infact the current posters here probably wouldn't have met her. I think Spookz would remember her as some of the older members if they are still posting.

It is pretty sad, I think I was in a state of shock when I heard it, I am feeling a bit better now (But it didn't help at the same time I was sad, my sinus was stuffing up so my nose was getting runny, hopefully I won't have a headache). Once I sat down and read The Hunger Games to distract myself I felt slightly more okay. It's still sad though and wish I could have done something, but I read the links and journals Steely (An older member from here, who informed me of this) that came with it, I don't know if it was possible.

And looking back at her post history on here. It was clear she was having issues, she just never really that much of it in the club, and the stupid 18/19 year old I was seemed oblivious to that because I seen my old posts (Terrible by the way, so many more typos and misspellings then now. How did everyone tolerate my typing in this forum?) and they sound clueless. She also had a journal, bet if I had read that or even known about it, I would probably have tried to do something.

Kasumi, or as I found out her real name was Sheridian (And saw what she looked like, she was a very pretty girl) was only 19 when it happened, even more tragic. It also happened in July not April.


Better in HD!
That's…that's terrible! I definitely did not know her, but I can still feel sympathy for her :( What were her problems, if you know?

This does make me think. I havnt seen an ok friend I mine for about a year now. They were really great, and we used to trade and talk here every day. I wonder where he is?

R.I.P. Sheridian.
Don't beat yourself up. Depression is one of the most common ailments and it goes unnoticed by most.

I wish I could just tell everyone who thinks they are out of options that they are loved and they just need to wait things will be better.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
jak-Well according to her obituary (Or it was an article. See her mother had committed suicide six months after her daughter did, the worst part is KC's journal, if her mother saw her final entry, the one she wrote on the day she died no wonder why she couldn't live with herself, it's her venting on her mother and something to do with her grnadmother) apparently were Clinical Depression, um Bulimia and something else. She took a handful of pills to do it as well.

DJ- True, I just wish I could do the same thing, tell people they are crazy and that someone loves them more then they know. I have stopped two people from committing suicide before, and while it has been a while since I ever heard from them, aleast I helped at that moment. (This was over the internet as well)


Milotic Obsessed
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Willow's Tara, I just thought you should know. I felt the same way. If I hadn't have been so young and so lost in my own world of petty problems... Looking back it seems so obvious. The warning signs were there. Maybe I was just completely oblivious or maybe I didn't fully understand how to read them. I found out back in November so I've had more time to get over the shock but it still upsets me even now. I felt awful that she had been gone for over four years before I even found out. Looking back on the PMs I shared with her, she was always giving me advice on how to deal with things and I never had any idea how bad things were on her side until I read her journal... She even helped me find counseling. I just wish I could have helped her as much as she helped me through my dark times. She was a good person who was always genuine and sincere. I just wish I had known...

Thank you for everything, Sheridan. You really did help me make it through. There's definitely a chance I wouldn't be here today if I hadn't met you in this club. I hope that you've found peace.

Thank you too, Willow's Tara. If you hadn't made this in the first place back then, I don't know where I'd be today. It sounds silly, but it's true. This club helped me out a lot. It gave me a place to vent, meet people with similar problems and get advice and input on different situations. It helped me understand and come to terms with my sexuality and who I am as a person.
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@Steely I agree this club has helped alot.

@Willow I know how you feel I've helped a RL friend stop, and I like to think I've helped people on here with their depression. But sometimes help just can't be enough and it hurts like hell. I cry every night worrying about a person, I just don't know....but I hope and pray that he's safe.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Steely- It's okay I am glad you told me, for years anytime someone created a Old Users you miss or something to that effect KC would be one of them on the list, so aleast now I know what happened to her. I am feeling alright after the initial shock but it is quite sad, and I know how you feel, I do too wish I had known, and if I had seen the signs I would have tried, I guess because she didn't pour out her heart on here it was difficult to see (Reading her post history in this club, it goes right up to 2006 where she mentions about suicide even and at one point someone in the club, one of the old members had told her to not even think about it and I think she even said she won't, guess sometimes it can't be helped).

DJ- Exactly, I wish I could help everyone. You see why I don't watch the news or like reading the newspaper? Not only do some gross things do up or things that scare me, but someone's death does saddens me. And you won't believe the amount of times a death over a stranger or a friend just affects me.

Months ago when I was playing World of Warcraft actively, I heard of this person who Blizzard (The company of the game) immortalized forever in the game, in a place called Shattrath City, he died of cancer and I dunno, anytime I am in Shattrath I feel the need to fly down to where his female Night Elf and companion cat is forever and kneel as to show my respect.

Then there's my Christian friend who's friend committed suicide and it just made me sad and thinking about it.

Even extends to the people missing. After the Bali bombings happened I saw this article of a girl who was missing, then the following night I had a dream of her found alive near a waterfall. It just affected me for days after that. Doesn't even have to be people, anytime I see a missing picture of a animal I just wish I could find them and bring them home to the owners of the animal.

Although for some untold reasons some certain deaths hit me harder even thought I didn't know them. Glenn Quinn from Angel who played Doyle and died back in like 2005 or something, (Found out much later) from an overdose, I was just affected by his death too (Surprise it was suicide or aleast I think it was suspected, I think it's clear suicide just affects me more, even thought before Sheridan I didn't even know of a friend or relative who actually killed themselves, attempted to but not actually).

Sorry kind of went on a ramble there.
I think death is just something that is worse on some people than others.....

Death has surrounded me and my sister for most of our lives. But we handle it differently...I will cry and mourn, but she will just shrug it off and continue.

I dunno sometimes not knowing and worrying if someone is dead or alive is worse than hearing about it....death just sucks.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
dj- Yeah that would be worse, not knowing if someone's dead or not, wondering what happened to them. I wonder how those people feel who have missing loved ones who are never found, do they cling onto some hope that they are alive? I think some people could be, considering the sort of sick and demented people that are around.

Although the thing is some deaths seem more of an impact then others, obivously KC was a person I considered a friend to and I used to chat to all the time so that's probably why but some others I am not sure why seems to hold more of an impact. Although I guess death doesn't surroud me that much, my Indian grandfather died when I was born, so really the only people in my life that I know died was my grandfather, an old primary school teacher I used to talk to and my old high school Drama teacher.
Wow.....I guess it's kinda different all over the world.

I live next to a place called "The Highway of Tears"...it's called that because a large amount of young women disappear/get murdered here. I have had 2 friends in the last 3 years to be affected.....it's just so heartbreaking. One girl who went missing in march last year is still missing, her parents have a press release once or twice a month begging just to know what happened to Maddy.

I don't think I'd be able to handle much death close to me anymore.
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