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The Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Alliance Club

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Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod
*pops head in* Uh, hi.

Mind if I join the party? Just your regular lesbian here.

Everyone's welcome to join, so welcome to our little club of happiness and angst.

Is everyone ready for the new school year?

No, no, no, no, no, no, have I already said NO. I like my summer, but it's already starting to slip away from me, and I'm not enjoying that at all. It still feels like June, not July right now, and I don't want to go back to school. Though still, we get new freshy-mens this year, so that would be nice.
Thanks for the encouraging words :) I always feel an urge to tell my parents and get it over with but ultimately now is really not the right time, especially as I'm more certain of how my parents (well, my mother) is going to react. Whenever I talk to her about any kind of LGBT issue (which is an issue that rarely comes up), she starts talking about people we know and then how she's relieved that she doesn't have to deal with having any gay children... that and she REALLY wants me to have kids of my own (tho even if I were straight I wouldn't, haha) .. I just sorta sit there and bite my tongue. She'll try and pretend she's okay with it but I know deep down she really won't be.

I know I'll have to cope with the initial disappointment and pain, but as with your father and brother, I hope in time it could bring me and my parents closer together. I have a very supportive sister as well, as you seem to be, and I know she'll be there to help me as well in case things get really bad. As you said with the quote in your post, I can only keep trying to be optimistic for now.

My brother has actually asked me for an egg so when/if him and his partner decide to have a child it will still have both of their genetics. I told him i will think seriously about it and wouldnt do it without talking to a counsellor about it. Truth is I love children but i dont know if i want them or not, i have to focus on my studies i will be almost 30 by that time and i want to enjoy my career and know we wont ever struggle supporting them. My brother on the other hand is responsible already in a stable job and so is his partner, its illegal in most states here for gay men to adopt. which to me is stupid i'd rather a child raised in a loving homosexual family than by parents who are addicted to drugs. I'm sure your mum will be a bit upset at first but eventually she will learn to love the unique part of you.

my brother and i used to fight a lot before he came out now he will go away(hes a flight attendant) and bring me back $300 dresses hes a stereotypical gay though.


Ha, I haven't gone to school in nearly four years.

What she said.

Have some online classes going for now to get that out of the way, but easy when it's from my own place.

Also forgot to post this a while back. My sister-in-law's uncle just came out, and has gotten full support from his family. He was married for so many years and is in his late 60s, and his wife is hurt by it cause she loves him, but over all she supports him and wants him to be happy with everything.

Now with my brother-in-law's family, when J.K.Rowling made Dumledore gay they went insane and cured her name for what they did to him.

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Is everyone ready for the new school year?

I'm not a student anymore, which is still a little weird to me. I'm still not used to not going to school, which isn't helped by the fact that my gf is still in college and my bff is going back to school for her masters degree.

Speaking of those two, my bff finally met my gf, (bff has been in Europe for the past year and lives in Ohio, so they hadn't met before now) and they both really like each other. I'm pleased by that since I've always felt your best friend is a good judge of a healthy relationship.
Possibly had one of my more stressful weeks in my life. And tonight I had 1 thing, then another, then another and now 1 more thing to stress me out!!!!

Honestly sometimes I think I'd be better off without a heart and instead like a computer chip or some **** :/

Is everyone ready for the new school year?

I won't be starting when other are, but I'm hoping to continue my culinary arts...I really enjoy it too which makes it better.


Metallic Wonder
So, my date went really well, and we definitly want to og out again. we decided to take Things slow to see how it would work out
Then we firecly made out at a party, according to my sober friend. (Don't remember that part myself)


Shadow Lucario
Well got some news that friend passed in a car wreck. Spent last night at a memorial for him and the others involved. Now, I hear there having another one friday night at 7.

Teens killed in Guntersville rollover crash
By WAFF.com Staff

Three Marshall County teenagers were killed in a two-vehicle rollover wreck on Highway 431 near Guntersville Sunday afternoon. Six other passengers were injured.

The wreck happened on the section of Highway 431 north of Guntersville just before 3 p.m. A pickup truck carrying nine passengers, including several children, flipped on the side of the highway. Two people in the other car involved in the wreck were not injured.

The driver of the truck, 19-year-old John Ryan Lawson, of Albertville, was killed in the crash. A passenger in the bed of the truck, 19-year-old Blake Anthony Keener from Albertville, was also killed. A 13-year-old passenger in the cab of the truck died of her injuries, but the coroner is not releasing her name.

Multiple emergency response vehicles, police officials, State Troopers and medical helicopters responded to the scene.

Of the passengers in the pickup, four were riding in the cab, five in the bed of the truck. When the truck flipped, the passengers in the bed were thrown out. The truck landed in a ditch and caught fire. Witnesses said the group had been swimming.

State Troopers have confirmed three fatalities. Seven people were taken to Huntsville Hospital: five in serious condition, two listed in grave condition. One of the latter died.

A stretch of Highway 431, between Cathedral Caverns Highway and Highway 79, remained closed until about 6 p.m. when it was reopened to traffic.

An exact cause has not been determined.
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Has everyone heard the good news? Gay marriage has been legalized in England and Wales, after receiving the Queen's approval!

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
FSG- Eventually you will have to tell her, or well not have to, but she will find out so it's probably better to do it sooner rather then later, I think people really need to get over themselves (The ones who act like having gay children is horrible) because how is it any different from a heterosexual parent. Maybe something you should mention to your mother, having to take care of a severely disabled child would be extremely hard, see how she handles that (I am not talking about the minor things, I mean the disabilities that require you to take care of the child 24/7 well into their late twenties, my brother is 26 and is disabled, he can't walk or see, and has several things wrong so my mother is always looking after him, always had to and always will.)

So I don't really see how people can say I don't want to handle gay children, when it could be much harder. No offense to your mother, just those things annoy me.

Phantom- Sure welcome!
Katie- 300$ dresses? Wow isn't he an awesome brother lol, I would love it if my sister bought me really expensive thing, but she is only just starting as a teacher.
Darato- I am confused, they cured JK for making Dumbledore gay? Or made the latter cured?
Shadow- Sorry to hear about that, hope you are alright

And I am back, just moved again and man was it annoying, still kinda poor and will be for the next 3 or so weeks, aleast I got the internet back (After waiting for like three weeks), our internet service really took forever, not only that but the day they were actually supposed to come out and look at it, they never came so we had to ring them up and they came today, and it took a while to actually get it going but it seems to be live, hate how long it took, moving really is stressful and not a one day job (Okay technically moving is, but the aftermath isn't).

As for the topic, I graduated in 2006 so I don't need to worry about that.


Shadow Lucario
Viewing was today, funeral is tomorrow. Memorial is at Football flied at Douglas High School for Ryan Lawson

Anyways, how is everyone?


The Dark Azure
Anybodys Welcome!


thank you! ^w^

i dont think i introduced myself
my name is noah and i currently live in england but i am moving to washington where my best friends are because moving to live near my ex was a bad idea so im just gonna settle in washington until i can find where i really belong
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Hello Kitty =/= Cat
How irritated do you get when someone calls something (like an inanimate object) that isn't homosexual, "gay"? I get very irritated. How is that locker, in any way, gay? Sometimes people can be...ugh.

Can't comprehend why someone would disown a child simply for being GLBT (and all the others) when they probably wouldn't disown it for being a criminal. Sometimes I wish that religion would just disappear.

Is everyone ready for the new school year?
Yeah, just got to remember to do my homework. Still got good grades, the only thing that prevented my from getting perfect in Chinese, History, and English was my habit of not doing my homework on time. Or simply not at all.


Cobalion. Yeah.
I hate my brother sometimes. Like Zorro said, how is the video game gay?
I'm a full supporter, just hang in there guys. I think if you want to, you can. Equal rights, as I say.
Is everyone ready for the new school year?
Yeah, I got all A's for Semester 2, but got a B in Reading for Semester 1. Next year is going to be harder...


The Dark Azure
How irritated do you get when someone calls something (like an inanimate object) that isn't homosexual, "gay"? I get very irritated. How is that locker, in any way, gay? Sometimes people can be...ugh.

Can't comprehend why someone would disown a child simply for being GLBT (and all the others) when they probably wouldn't disown it for being a criminal. Sometimes I wish that religion .

my friend's mom was completely fine when i told her im an atheist but had a panic attack when i said im gay

how come not believing in god is less shocking than loving the save sex to a christian person?
im not saying all christian or religions like that, just some people
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