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The General Galactic&Galactic Shipping Thread

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by ShinyPalkia, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. ShinyPalkia

    ShinyPalkia Well-Known Member

    The General Galactic Shipping Thread


    ...to the Team Galactic Shippings General Discussion thread, to the place, where you can discuss about shippings that have two/three etc. always-so-lovely-and-wonderful-with-each-other(s) Galactics and/or a-cutie-wutie-Galactic(s)-with-a-I-<3-u-4-ever-non-Galactic(s), but please, no discussion about non-Galactics that are only appeared in one episode, and probably won't ever appear again. Why? Because Pokémon has millions of persons, who have only appeared once, meaning it would get really confusing, when (for example) somebody talks about Mars&Romeo shipping, while another is talking about Cyrus&Julie shipping, while the third one wonders, who are Romeo and Julia. In other words, let's ship only Galactic shippings, which have persons all of us can know, 'kay?

    As we all know, there're lots of different kinds of Team Galactic shippings. I decided to make a thread for them all, so you wouldn't need to make lots of small shipping threads that usually die quite fast. (Because this is one large thread for all Galactic&Galactic + Galactic&non-Galactic shippings, I expect this won't die in the near future. Got it?) Anyway, if it didn't clear yet, here you can talk about Galactic shippings. So feel free to join, if you like Galactic shippings, and you want to talk about them. :)

    What kind of Galactic shippings there are and what are they called?

    For example, there are:

    Betelgeuseshipping (Cyrus & Mars)
    Gingashipping (Cyrus & Saturn)
    Jovianshipping (Saturn & Jupiter)
    Pandorashipping (Dawn & Saturn)
    Sinfulshipping (Mars & Jupiter)

    ...and so on. I might edit this later, so you could check the shippings' names.

    oOoOoOo The Rules oOoOoOo

    1. Like always, follow the gereral rules of Sppf.
    2. Please, read
    this and this, if you haven't read yet.
    3. No one-liners, no discussion about non-Galactic shippings, no double/triple etc. posts, and no mini-modding.
    4. Don't flame or bash anybody/anything, respect others and others' opinions, remember that nobody/nothing is better or worse than you/your views.
    5. Use spoiler tags when you're talking about an episode that hasn't aired outside of Japan yet, or when you're talking about Platinum. You're allowed to talk about Pluto as long as you don't tell anything that could spoil somebody's Platinum enjoyment.
    6. No advertising (you can only advertise your fan art/fiction or AMV once), and remember to give credits if you post art that isn't your own.
    7. You're allowed to make up new topics, but remember that they have to be "smart" meaning they are worth discussing and not like "Would Cyrus kiss Jupiter, if they saw chickens crossing a road, and if would, why?".
    8. Just a reminder that this is for Team Galactic shippings only, don't start to talk about Brock&Jenny shippings etc. Thanks.
    9. Break a rule, and you'll get one warning point, break the rules for five times or more, and you'll be banned from posting here. But please, do not break the rules! Btw, if you're wondering, what are those little red I:s next to some user's names, they are warning points. Like you wouldn't have known it. :p
    10. Have fun, and let the others have fun!


    The Renowned Obscurity
    Yeti I
    Blackjack Gabbiani

    Banners etc. :
    No banners right now.

    What Galactic shippings do you support, why, and when did you start to support them?
    Who can you see Saturn most likely going with?
    Who can you see Cyrus most likely going with?
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2008
  2. YES FINALLY!! Why did I not notice this thread like an hour ago?

    What Galactic shippings do you support, why, and when did you start to support them?
    I support pratically any conglomeration of Team Galactic members together, though my favorite would have to be Jovianshipping. I'm not really sure why, but it was the first TG ship I actually got into. They looked around the same ages to me, and since at the time I only shipped Mars with Dawn, I ended up pairing them together. And know Jovianshipping is pretty much the only canon couple in my fanfiction with the ever-changing and extremely indecisive couples.

    EDIT: There's also Conjunctionshipping (SaturnxMars) that you can add to the list even though it is regarded as teh evil. But we gots to be fair I suppose.
    And then there's JupiterxCyrus which I've seen been called tbhshipping by Yeti xD Is this name official though?
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2008
  3. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    Yea rofl it is. TBHshipping rofl. #sex trolled so hard naming those ships hahaha.

    And Conwhatever is teh evil. Ew. It's rly the only ship I simply cannot stand of TG lol.

    Ships you support?
    JOVIAN no question about it. It's simply so perfect :V Their eyes are the same shape and their bangs are pretty close too. Betelinmysigcan'tspell too... which I simply hate to love but I do. I do. :[ and a multitude of Marsxother ppl ships like Dawn.
    ElectricTentacle is the most canon ship tho of TG. PlutoxRotom rofl.
  4. ^Haha ElectricTentacle ftw! xD
    Betelgeuseshipping is growing on me...for now I like it one-sided from Mars.
    yes InfraRed is like my fav yuri ship (its mah yuri OTP actually) but no talky about Galactic&non-Galactic pairings. D: Unless Dawn randomly decided to join TG because everyone is very sexy.
  5. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    This is very much true. :V

    It does grow on you. Like a parasite... or a tumor. It starts as you being unable to see it ever happen, then maybe Mars has a little crush, then maybe it's more than a "little" crush, then maybe it might not be so one-sided until it's a full-blown ship. ;; It happened to me, it can happen to you.
    Shipping is only a few letters away from smoking!!

    ElectricTentacle is the biggest lolfest ever. rofl. But it's so canon and true. >.>
  6. I'm tempted to sig that. xD

    Anyway, I've been starting to support Sinfulshipping more than I used to. But I see it more like a mother/daughter-esque relationship. It could be really sexycute that way I suppose. Haha.

    EDIT: So I was scrolling through Bulbagarden's most recent list of shippings...
    And yeah, there was definitely some major trolling going on.

    ...CreeperLabshipping (PlutoxSaturn), CyrusGroupie (PlutoxMars), TOOMUCHABUSE (PlutoxHandsome), YouBoreMe (PlutoxJupter)
    But this one took the cake: Squidshipping - CyrusxSaturnxJupiterxMarsxPluto XD
    Squidshippings probably going to be my new fav poly ship. Haha
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2008
  7. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    Wait...no Galactic/non Galactic shippings? But there's like five named Galactics! That's a very limited selection there!
  8. the_eevee_breeder

    the_eevee_breeder Pokemon Breeder


    Hmmm... I really like Conjunctionshipping. *is shot but miraculously recovers* Well, I do! *shot again*
    Still, I'm unhappy that they named that Galactic professor guy Pluto... Eventually in one of my fics there is an OC character named Pluto. I picked her name before his was revealed.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2008
  9. I have an OC named Pluto too...and so does Yeti.
    I know a couple people actually that have their own TG OCs. I mean...I have one for every planet except Earth... So even if they named him like Neptune or something there would be potential confusion...

    But yeah, it is kinda limited. Although the only non-Galactic person I ship with TG members is Dawn. I like both InfraRed, Pandora, and Akatsuki.
  10. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    No son. It's TOMUCHABUSE... let me show you it's namesake:
    08(10:45:21 pm) * @[Bot]Games (ghostboy52@PurpleSurge-25D44B3D.fuse.net) Quit (Quit: signing off. To much abuse)
    This was the night of the great troll naming... despite the fact the names are actually decent when you consider their reasons LOL

    It should have included non-Galactic people but there was an apparent miscommunication >.> It does really limit the options... if we add the grunts, that's 7 people total lol. AND InfraRed isn't allowed. :[

    I have all the planets covered... planets including Pluto :mad: I do have one for Earth lol. O Pluto is supposed to be in spoilers nvm that lol he's mentioned in too many things.

    PS Random Trivia Fact: It's actually spelled "Conjuction" not "ConjuNction"... I have no clue why the former is like that, or even why the failship was named as such, but it's thrown me over many a time. The sppf and bulba versions of the list all have it lacking the 'n' so I'd assume that's how it was intended. =/
    It's still so... bleh. I can see them as being best best friends, but not romantic lol.

    Squidshipping the sexiest ship alive. And it has hotsex name :V
    Here's the moment it was decided upon...
    (9:35:52 pm) <~Yeti> Katya help me think of shipping names to submit
    (9:35:58 pm) <@abcd> lollll
    (9:36:00 pm) * SkittyonWailord is now known as Misaki-chi
    (9:36:03 pm) <@abcd> KYLIE
    (9:36:04 pm) <~Yeti> Squidshipping is CyrusxMarsxSaturnxJupiterxPluto
    (9:36:04 pm) <@abcd> <333333333
    (9:36:05 pm) <@Juice_Springsteen> ......
    (9:36:05 pm) <~Yeti> obv.
    Just cause "squid" is the new purplesurge/spp chat IRC server meme. :V It's been around for a bit now but meh. Regardless, if you ever wanted the reasoning behind it, well, there's it's conception. o)

    CreeperLab rofl I love that one's name xD
  11. ZOMG. I never realized that it was Conjuctionshipping. wtf.
    And the fact that it's only TOMUCHABUSE shows that I don't pay attention to anything. >_<
  12. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    :p When the bot ragequit the server and spelled it wrong... well... spelling "too" right would've seemed way too out of place. D;
    I know right for the longest time I thought it had an 'n' but no not only is it a failship it has like some random failspelling rofl. I know what a conjunction is, but not a conjuction. o.o dictionary.com time. o)
    No results found for conjuction:
    Did you mean conjunction (in dictionary) or Conjunction (in reference)?
    So we have a ship with the wrong spelling that wasn't intentional... to the best of my knowledge. And a ship with the wrong spelling because it's simply funnier that wa- wait Handsome isn't in TG it's +b ;;

    So... uh... topic...
    Who can you see Cyrus most likely going with?
    Out of a total of like... 4 people >.> I think you all know my answer lol.
  13. Oh snap, there goes me not paying attention to teh rules. Scratch Handsome and TOMUCHABUSEshipping. It just had Pluto in it so I jotted it down.

    Who can you see Cyrus most likely going with?
    I actually was a Gingashipper for a while. I dunno, I saw Saturn like being the top Commander and Cyrus' favorite. And then him angsting when Cyrus didn't bring him to Spear Pillar and even though he whole organization was left to him still being depressed.
    But as I've said before, Betelgeuse is growing on me...

    As of now though, it's hard to see Cyrus is an actual relationship with someone...
  14. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    IT'S A CANCEROUS TUMOR!!!1!!!1 &^%$#**$ It got me... it got me ;; And the possibilities for weird kinks are endless... underage/overage, big age difference, boss/subordinate, desksex... aaa stop it o'(

    This really needs to be at least one person in TG and one other person, not just two in TG... our discussion is stunted. :c

    PS Next topics I make will be the other main characters >.>;

    It is sort of hard to see him willingly with anyone... sexual pleasure isn't REALLY an emotion right... you could argue he just doesn't want to love someone. I think. *still shoves him with Mars* I just can't help it. o(
  15. the_eevee_breeder

    the_eevee_breeder Pokemon Breeder

    When I finally get to that point in my fanfic (I HAVEN"T UPDATED), you'll see just why he wouldn't want to love someone.....

  16. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    Well, you could always write it being like...what was it, France? There was a country where, for a while, every child's name had to be chosen from an official government list. So maybe all Galactic's name within the Team has to be taken from some list...and with such a limited list to choose from, there's going to be considerable overlap.

    Anyway, I think there needs to be a name for Cyrus/Giovanni because last I checked there were like three names being bandied about and we hadn't decided.
  17. ShinyPalkia

    ShinyPalkia Well-Known Member

    I might as well start posting. =P

    Okay, why is not allowed to talk about non-Gala&Gala shippings (if you got the joke you're smart =D)? I explained it on my first post. I would like to allow it, but I'm afraid that some people would start to talk about Galactic&somerandomcharacteroftheday shippings, and I really don't want that there are guys, who talk "Omg! Remember the guy with red shoes from the episode 56? He only appeared for five seconds, and everyone except me is surely forgotten him, but omgz, he and Mars would be so smaxy pair, lol! Let's name it redhairshoes shipping!" Understood? Well, I might still soon change it so that we could talk about Galactic&someonewho'swellknownamongmanymembershere shippings, like Pandora (Dawn&mybishieSatty) shipping. =) If you have more whinings questions etc. feel free to tell me, and I'll answer. ^_^

    What Galactic shippings do you support, why, and when did you start to support them?

    Ginga: It was the first Galactic shipping I got to know, and I just think that the two boys are cute together and can have "fun" together, [SPOIL]like this shows. XP[/SPOIL]. I still can remember, when I wasn't joined, and some random member posted a pic, where was Cyrus with Satty. =3

    Sinful: Umm, I started to like it when I discovered it, and/or found out its name, this kind of explains why I like it. =P

    Jovian: Thanks to Yeti's fics, I started to dig it. The two guys are so funny together in your fics, Yeti. XD Plus one of the best Galactic fics I have read, was about Satty&Jupiter - it was so cute and lovely.

    Of the non-Gala&Gala shippings, my fave is Cyrus&Cynthia. [SPOIL]I started to like it after I had watched the newest TG episodes. I could prove Cynthia looked like she would have been waiting a baby for Cyrus in one scene. XD And Cynthia was the only one who thought that there was something odd on Cyrus. Plus, Cyrus is Cynthia's grandma's "old" friend. =3[/SPOIL]

    Who can you see Cyrus most likely going with?

    Shirona a.k.a. Cynthia. I just told why (in the spoiler that's above). =P

    Talking about Pluto, not the dog of Mickey Mouse, but the professor guy of Team Galatic, one mod of the section said that you can say "Pluto" outside of spoilers, because no one everyone probably knows who's Pluto, anyway, and it isn't so spoilish she said.

    Yeti: What? o_o'

    A/w, welcomes people who own their lives for Encyclopedia's wise words that allow mentioning Pluto outside of spoilers.

    Btw, if someone of the commanders should have/has a different name in a language that you know, please, tell, what's the name in the language. ^_^

    In Finnish Saturn is Saturnus. (The sun&planets are: Aurinko, Merkurius, Venus, Maa (some say "Tellus", but it's very childish), Mars, Jupiter, Saturnus, Merkurius, Neptunus, Uranus & Pluto) Nothing more to add. :p

    Oh noez, it was so close the forums didn't delete this post before I had submitted it. O_O'
  18. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    There's really very few ships without two TG people... ok there's few ships WITH them but... I'd be hard-pressed to see anyone but me start shoving Mars with random people just cause she's so sexy :V
    InfraRed & the like are the only ones I could see... not even people like Ash get seriously paired with such minimal characters you said lol. I highly doubt it'd be a problem and we wouldn't get shut down quite so much. I really can't forsee the few people we do have discussing going off about random people like that, and I think we'd gain more folks if InfraRed was allowed lol.

    Another thing that's sort of got my goat is I've never seen & used... it's generally person1xperson2, or + in some cases... idk man I've always used 'x' the '&' is throwin me off o(

    Yes my fics are magic... they are the main source of humor in them :V Though I think Pluto may prove to be a much more ingenious character... man I love that guy o)

    lol you broke your own non-person rule rofl. Can we please remove that b& rly now lol nobody can keep it >.>

    Cynthick is too ugly and lamer to be with anyone in TG. o( She has like Umbreon tails in her hair [...DO I SENSE A SEQUEL TO THE SLOWPOKETAIL FIC?!?!?! UMBREONTAIL?!!?!?!?] but no Umbreon... ty cosplay fail rofl. idk man Cynthick and Grandcrust just don't roll in my league.


    Jovian was probably my first TG ship... and first D/P ship more than likely lol. It just... fits so wonderfully :V

    My next topic... lol I'm so cool
    Who can you see Saturn most likely going with?
    nothing further on the subject. =)
  19. I think if we were to allow other characters into this discussion, it would have to be major characters (like Dawn and Cynthia), and not some random obscure character no one even remembers. I mean, Dawn is the only person outside TG I pair them with... I suppose that's fair, and then we could even talk about Pandorashipping yay!

    Who can you see Saturn most likely going with?
    Like Yeti, Jupiter first and foremost. There's just something about Jovianshipping that works for me, and in my mind it's totally canon although there are like zero hints. Haha. I guess in my fic with the ever-changing and inconsistant couples, Jovian is the only one that's set in stone. Kinda.

    Although I do like him with Cyrus (randomly) and Dawn too, in like an awkward older friend sorta way XD
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