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The Ghost At Maiden's Peak (020)


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The Ghost At Maiden's Peak!

At the end of Summer, Ash & Co arrive in a town that has a legend of a Maiden who waited for her love long enough to turn into stone. The ghost of that Maiden arrives and entrances James & Brock. Can Ash & Co. save their friends from this "Gastly" Ghost?

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Blazing Charmander

Well-Known Member
I've seen this episode countless times and i've never gotten sick of it. It's really funny.

The funniest and not to mention weirdest part was when James and Brock were possessed and they were acting all goofy with each other. It looked horrible when they were hugging each other though. x.x;

I liked it at the end of the eisode when Misty asked Ash to dance in their kimonos seeing as i'm a true Pokeshipper. (Sorry)

Overall Rating: 10/10

Jade Mage

Run of the mill filler, with the exception of BrocketShipping. :|

Kind of makes you wonder why all Ghastly don't seduce men. >_>


Maiden's Peak

I remember this episode... I've only seen it once and that was six years ago o_O; Actually, almost all of the Indigo episodes I only saw once, before the Orange League started they kept playing a few episodes over and over again, and then once Orange started, once there were no new ones, they played those over and over... I hope they play the Indigo League again soon... -_-;

Really? Were James and Brock acting weird together? I don't remember that... o_O; And to think, I used to watch Pokemon with my dad... XD


Obsessive Shipper
This is a really interesting episode because it is based on an actual Japanese festival that takes place in August. It is called O-Bon, and it's the Buddhist festival of the dead. The traditional belief is that the dead come back at the end of the summer to admire nature's beauty(although it's mainly for tradition now and not actual belief). They wear their summer robes(yukata) and do a dance called Bon Odori(literally Bon Dance). Also, they leave food out for the spirits, and at the end, they sail little paper boats with candles in them down the river to guide the spirits back to their own world. I didn't realize this until years after I saw this episode, and I was really surprised.


I loved this episode! Misty's moment with her thinking that Gastly was a vampire was funny XD, everyone dancing was cute, and it was one heck of an episode! ^_^


Izit cuz I is black?
They just don't make them like this anymore. I can't see Duskull or Shuppet seducing Brock and James, and if it was around today, a Zangoose would be used rather than a Mongoose, and the cross would be edited out. Is it true Chimecho (or something very similar) is on a candle at the end? It's a thin blue line that looks like no other pokemon I know of. A mistake or what? I doubt Chimecho existed at this point, unless it was kept back for two generations.
Chimecho was meant to be legendary, and legendaries have a knack for sneak peeks(Ho-oh in Episode #1). So, perhaps it was designed earlier, and it certainly does look like a candle(more than other Pokémon). I liked Venustoise in here, quite interesting. And, Meowth and the yarn was too hilarious. Misty and the 'vampire' was pretty good too.

Overall rating:
8.5 out of 10!!
Not a bad ending for the S.S. Anne arc. There were better in this arc, though.

SC~ out

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
Man, all the best stuff was already sai.

I was also thinking about the Zangoose/Mongoose thing.

Yeah, Venustoise. That was funny.

That Gastly was pretty smart.

Stickers? Uh huh...

I liked the festival at the end too. Misty looks prettier with her hair down.

Brock and James were hilarious in this episode. James didn't want to go, but Brock was just like, "Hey! Let me go!"
"11:00! Curfew time!" Huh, a cuckoo clock. Was it a Pidgey/Pokemon bird on it or a real life bird?



Custom User Title
This was truly one of the classics... which I seem to say about most Kanto episodes.XD Anyway, Ghastly was really funny and Takeshi and Kojirou acting all goofy was hilarious.XD Everything about this episode was really great, except for the old lady calling the scroll things stickers in the dubbed version. That was really annoying. >_<

Cherryl Walker

Little Paper Boats

Many thanks to the correspondent who gave the information about the Festival of the Spirits. I think Pokemon is more effective when it brings out real aspects of Japanese culture. This episode owes some of its inspiration, no doubt, to classic Japanese opera. The foolishness with Brock and James was to be expected; after all, the series is supposed to have basically a light touch to everything. Still, it is good that there was a serious part to the story, too; the later series could use a touch, once in a while, of this kind of refinement.

Jon Jen

Super Coordinator
This was actually one of my favorite episodes, for different resons now than when I originally watched it. The first time I saw it I was stupid and non-knowing of japanese culture. Now I am! Yay!

Originally, I liked this episode because it kind of broke all of the rules that pokemon was trying to set down at this point. A Venustoise!? Insanity! *Watches T.V.* *Has a seizure*

Plus there was good Pokeshipping. I'm known for not being able to decide if I support Pokeshipping or Hoennshipping, so I kind of support both. I calls em as I sees em.

Brocket was a super fun and great! It doesn't happen all too often. Yay Brocket!

The sticker thing really irrtates me though. Just a case of the ineffectiveness of dubbing. Like trying to open a door with your mouth, while it's possible, its very rare. The same is true for a good dubbing.

Overall, this episode, in my opinion, deserves a 9/10! Yay!


I don't think they'll show this episode in america anymore:
1) It has an actual japanese celebration.
2) Misty hold up a cross.


Battle Factory Champion
Flygon Prince said:
I don't think they'll show this episode in america anymore:
1) It has an actual japanese celebration.
2) Misty hold up a cross.

But if they new that originally, they wouldn't of aired in the first place. It still played where I live, just last week I believe.

What's wrong with a Japanese celebration or Misty holding up a cross anyway, what grounds have they got to ban it based on that?


Link Master
I could have sworn I posted in this thread.... Oh well.

This was a really good episode I think. There was some Japanese culture in it, and... I liked the legend. Even though the ghost annoyed me, but whatever...

So, I'll give this a 9.5/10.

1) It has an actual japanese celebration.
2) Misty hold up a cross.
4kids isn't THAT evil... They would have done that LOOOOONG ago anyway...


Servatis a Maleficum
This is one of my favorite episodes. Mostly because it is unique in many ways. No other episode is like this one. Gastly is creepy being able to turn into people and make any hallucination he wishes! And the fact that there is an actual ghost in the episode is also interesting and adds texture.

I never get bored of watching this episode.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
You know, for a while, I had unfairly pegged this as one of my least favorite episodes - and I say "unfairly" because the only time I'd seen it was from the second act onward one morning before school sometime in late 1999. Upon seeing the Japanese version, I've now elevated its status to one of the best of the entire series. The structure, the animation, the acting, all of it was superb. And Musashi trying to perform the Rocket-Dan motto without Kojiru, only for him to cut in in the middle in a half-drained stupor, was absolutely hilarious. But what I love about this one is that there's Japanese culture everywhere - something you never see on the show now that 4Kids' got 'em in a vice. I really wish they'd do another End of Summer Festival episode just as a big ol' "screw-you-this-is-our-show" to 4Kids, because this was excellent.


Well-Known Member
This is good episode, but I wonder that when I first time saw Gastly on my life on some kind of old pokèmon list, I thought it could talk as humans, but later when I saw this episode... It talked in the TV show! Hard to believe...

*~Dark Umbreon~*

I loved this episode , It was funny when Brock and James were acting goofy and hugging each other but I found the part when Misty held up the garlic and a cross to Gastly and Gastly says what do I look like a vampire or something?


The Amazing
I find it odd they even left the cross thing in, them being 4kids and all :p
in yu-gi-oh just about all religious symbols are taken out.