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The Ghost At Maiden's Peak (020)


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I like this episode, and I thought it was pretty funny. Not one of my favorites, but it was okay.


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I love this episode. They just don't make this anymore. I saw this about a month ago and was like "Why is Chimeco on a laturn" turned out that it was really a chime.


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Just watched this episode again yesterday, some of it is really unique, and it's a shame they didin't keep making more obscure eps like this one.

I had to laugh when I saw that YuGiOh was mentioned already in this thread, because when I saw Venustoise I was like "Polymerisation...? Here...?", and had totally forgotten it was in the ep! I felt so sorry for Ekans, but had to laugh at the mongoose standing on Koffing with a gas mask on...

That Gastly seemed pretty much on the ball, I'm sure it would've handed Sabrina's Kadabra it's butt on a plate.

I thought it was cute when James chimed in with the TR motto even though he was inside the shrine thing...

EDIT: Spelling mongoose with a capital "M"...? I'm so sorry... *fixes*
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I remember this episode... I've only seen it once and that was six years ago o_O; Actually, almost all of the Indigo episodes I only saw once, before the Orange League started they kept playing a few episodes over and over again, and then once Orange started, once there were no new ones, they played those over and over... I hope they play the Indigo League again soon... -_-;

Really? Were James and Brock acting weird together? I don't remember that... o_O; And to think, I used to watch Pokemon with my dad... XD

really?i still watch pokemon with my dad.
this epispde was the first one i ever watched,but i still remember it.i remember when,pikachu zapped them,and brock said,"ugh....who am i,i am brock."then james said,"i'm james.i'm from team rocket.wheeeee!!!!!!!"then he flew in the air.then jessie said,"he's back." then meowth said,"but no-james flies by saying wee!!-t to normal."


There was one problem about Venatoise in this episode as mentioned by SMYN: Venasaur and Blastoise didn't perform the fusion dance as seen from DBZ.


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This episode was so full of Japanese culture notes i'm surprised 4kids didn't ban it for not being western enough. Goes to show you can still watch something thats forign and enjoy its cultural differences.


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This episode was... pretty Japanese. XD

Like Ronni7 before me said, I'm surprised this one didn't get heavy censoring (at the very least) by the lovely folks at 4Kids. Demons in cultural reference, ancient Japanese temples, sacred sutras... at any rate, I'm glad the episode didn't get too butchered by 4Kids. There's just something senselessly amusing about Brock and James hanging onto each other and giggling like schoolgirls.

Did anyone else think it was funny that Ash didn't fall victim to the "Maiden's" Spell? The old hag discussing the legend said the Maiden makes men fall for her, but Ash was a guy last time I checked... meh, it's probably because Brock was 15 (I think) at the time, so I guess he's closer to being qualified as a "man" than Ash.

Again, another classic. I wish we could see that Gastly again sometime.


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My guess is that "men" is defined as "at least started puberty". At 10, Ash is still a few years shy, and so would not be affected.


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There was a great story behind this episode. Gastly trying to keep her ghost remembered and stuff. I love when James falls in love for a change.

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I like this episode, it was a bit of a shock when Gastly could actually speak like Meowth, i thought that it was the only one.

I felt sorry for the maiden, but it's nice that Gastly stayed to keep her memory alive.


Well this episode is good and funny. The weird thing was discover that one ghost pokémon exist and isn't the only.

Gastly was great and he can talk like Meowth and has many powers like make a mangoose(Why not a zangoose?) appear and is weird because isn't a pokémon, make appear a Venasaur and Blastoise and make them a Venastoise. Another weird thing was Misty when she show all her anti-vampire things and see her with the kimono(she looks better with her hair as she has in this episode.

From this episode Gastly is one of my favorite pokémon and I use it in Gold.

Blue Snover

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The old woman was the best disguise, getting people to by her ghost repelling stickers.

How gullable can you get?


MY favorite part was venustoise and how gastly could manipulate objects like that. Ghost/Psychic pokemon are way to overpowered in the anime.

Look at sabrina's battle

Rex Kamex

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The only problem I have with this episode is that Gastly "forfeited" so easily. It was owning everybody, yet once the sun came up, it was like, "I hate the sun! Bye!" And then it left. Other than that, I liked this episode...


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Episode was exellent! I really liked talking Ghastly, it was really cool and whole story about that Girl...
Combination of Blastoise and Venusaur was funny...