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The Ghost At Maiden's Peak (020)


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This was a creepy episode, but not as creepy as the Sabrina episodes. Misty bringing out those items infront of Gastly were a bit random, but true to get rid of ghosts or whatever. The Hammer made me chuckle a bit. XD

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When I was younger, I thought that the Gastly was saving "Always Gastly" when it finally revealed its true nature. Only recently have I realized that the Gastly was trying to say "Awfully ghastly".

Anyway, this was a fantastic episode in action, creepiness, humor, and culture. We got to see how the Pokemon world worked; the shrine, the festival, etc. I really liked that aspect as a kid, and I still like it today. This was probably one of the best Kanto episodes. It rocks.


I just watched this episode again because I haven't seen it in years! I remember when I was so scared of this episode. lol. But now, I loved watching it again. Venostoise cracked me up :p haha.


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I remember this episode. I think it's one of the more magical episodes even though it involves ghost. (The next three episodes that I thought are magical are Abra and the psychic pokemon, tower of terror and Haunter vrs Kadabra)

I thought it was cool to see another talking Pokemon other than meowth. And I had a deep thought of the story of the maiden of the peak and the ghost itself.


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One of my favorite episodes ever. I still get a good laugh from it every time that I see it, especially the part where Misty hold up that cross, garlic, a stick, and a hammer. Truly awesome. 9.5/10


Super good, though the Japanese version is a lot better (they used Pokemon Tower audio!). I like the story in this episode since it's so different than what we're used to. I mean, a Ghost that takes the form of whatever it wants is just awesome. I have to admit though, that legend of the maiden was really sad since her true love never returned. I liked the end the most since it was so traditionally Japanese. 10/10.
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Great episode. i loved how Gastly did a combination of Blastiose and Venasour, it was funny.

and Brock was very strange, James also.

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I could have sworn I made a post in this thread..

One of my favorite episodes of all time. It was a bit creepy (There's three episodes that feel creepy. This one, Sabrina's episodes and Ghoul Daze because of that child Ghost). Pity they didn't have them come back here in the BF, I wonder if the ghost ever moved on or still there at Maiden's Peak.

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I remember the maiden's rock but for some reason I keep mixing this one up with the time Ash and Pikachu freakin die and play around with some ghost pokemon.
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I had this episode on VHS and I watched it countless times and loved it. All of Ghastly's antics were funny and the story was kinda creepy but very good. Great episode.

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The story of the maiden was so beautifully romantic and sad. I felt vey sorry for her but her spirit seems to be at ease. Also I'm glad that Ash and Misty danced together at the festival, it was cute.


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This is one of my all time favorites I loved it so much ever time it was on TV I got pizza from Pizza Hut good times! I had this ep on VSH but I sold it a long time a go but youtube was invented so thats how I watch the new and old ones or I go to megavideo! I think this episoed has one of the best story line ever and I watch it every year at this time cuz for me this ep never gets old even


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Pokemon Sunday showed it yesterday! Such an awesome episode this was. Obviously it was a filler, but it was these kinds of filler that made Kanto what it was, and it's obvious as why people feel nostalgia for it as they are so very different then the fillers we got from AG till the present.

I hope they show the episode with the Tentacruel next week.. or maybe they already did that one.. That was another Kanto classic, along with Tower of Terror, Sabrina, The Saint Anne episode, Island of Giant pokemon, etc. But if they follow the episodes as they did, we'll be seeing Butterfree's release episode.. And that's ALSO a classic, which was even remade when Dustox got released. Then we get the first Sabrina episode! :p

Lol.. So many memorable episodes in such a short span.. Actually there's not an episode in Kanto that didn't stand out, most of them are memorable. Like for example 'The Path to the Pokemon League', I forgot what it was about when looking at the title, but when I say AJ and Sandshrew, most of the people here would probably know what I'm talking about and the specific events that go down in this episode.


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I liked this episode. Gastly was hilarious throughout the episode. Venustoise, hose, etc LOL. Misty grabbing those vampire battling items and Gastly's reaction were also hilarious.



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omg, this episode was hilarious! i loved the goofy battle between gastly and ash/co.

stickers doesnt work if you get them for free, how do you know........

anyways, 10/10


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This was one of the creepiest episodes I've ever seen. The ghost of the maiden in the episode still gives me chills even to this day. Whenever I have to sleep over at my grandparents' house, I always seem to worry about seeing the ghost in the hallway (it's very dark and creepy in my grandparents' house at night).

But the parts with the talking Ghastly were funny. I especially liked the Venustoise thing, mostly because I thought it was really possible to fuse Pokemon together back then. XD


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I loved this episode. Very good stuff