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The Goddamn Comics Thread - Redux

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Archimedes, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Archimedes

    Archimedes Not Dead Yet

    The Goddamn Comics Thread - Collectible Cover #1 of 2

    Old thread died. Anyway, discuss the latest comics you've read, upcoming books, and adaptations(i.e. The Dark Knight and Watchmen).

    Caught up with Justice Society of America this morning. Normally I despise Alex Ross' art but his latest JSA covers have been pretty damn good. Also: Anybody know who that was inside the cave at the end of issue #13? I'M SO CONFUSED.

    Read The Spirit #12, too. It's a damn shame to see Cooke finally leaving the series, but at least he finished with a good issue. Here's hoping the next writers can keep up the quality.

    Also: Character shots from the Watchmen film. The Comedian looks spot on, to say the least., Ozymandias seems to be infected with Bat-nipple Syndrome, Rorschach is a badass, Silk Specter is hawt, and Nite Owl is a fatty. All seem pretty accurate to me, except for Ozy of course.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2008
  2. daveshan

    daveshan My little friend

    Last series I read was X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. It actually inspired me to write a book that I'm working on.
  3. BattleFranky~40

    BattleFranky~40 Immortal

    The last comics I read were Udon's Sakura Garbage and Spider-Man: Girly Drama Edition.

    I need to read more comics.
  4. Archimedes

    Archimedes Not Dead Yet

    Bitches Love Spiderman? They still publish that?

    Yes, you do.
  5. Swampy

    Swampy Crack the Skye

    Last comic I read was an iron man one when I was like 5.

  6. BattleFranky~40

    BattleFranky~40 Immortal

    It finished with issue 20, but they're brining it back soon.

    Or hell, they could have already started already. I don't keep up with comic schedules.
  7. HK

    HK Radiance of Shadows

    The Adventures of Luther Arkwright
    Alice in Sunderland
    The Arrival
    Calvin and Hobbes
    The Contract with God Trilogy: Life on Dropsie Avenue
    Ghost World
    Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron
    Lost at Sea
    Notes for a War Story
    Percy Gloom
    The Tales of One Bad Rat


    should occupy your wallet and free time for a while.

    *At least through and including Jaka's Story. Haven't bought the Mothers & Daughters arc yet, where Sim's sexism develops and takes hold.
  8. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    I'm currently reading:

    Teen Titans
    Teen Titans Go!
    Ultimate Spider-Man
    Ultimate X-Men

    I'd like to read older ones but I'd prefer them in order from the beginning and there's no way to get them. Right now I just want Teen Titans: Titans East. Damn Borders hasn't had it since it came out. >: ( And my dad owes me a copy of the Ororo comic. I want it so badly. I'd also like to find out if there was more to the Beast Boy miniseries that was in TT vol 3.
  9. latios reborn

    latios reborn Well-Known Member

    Still reading and collecting the Ultimate Spider-man TPB's, finally found the first 2 with 3 and 4 on the way with 12,13 and 14.

    Even though so far not too fond of it I am still reading Brand new day also.
  10. HK

    HK Radiance of Shadows

    Don't have anything that I'm keeping up with right now -- other than Scott Pilgrim and Flight, both having irregular release schedules -- but I am pumped for more Billy Hazelnuts and Frank (you go Jim Woodring).

    Check those out, too, Franky. And everyone else reading this post.
  11. Pink_Floyd

    Pink_Floyd Abyssus Abyssum Invo

    I try to steer clear of issue-by-issue story arcs, going for the complete "graphic novels" and "yarns".. The last comic yarn that I read was an old X-Men one, back during the 90s when oversized kneepads and shoulder pads were "kewl". I forget the name, but it was when Omega Red was resurrected, and it held some of the most memorable panels, especially when he fought Wolverine in the snow..

    I've been looking to get into some of the Sin City yarns as well, any recommendations?
  12. BattleFranky~40

    BattleFranky~40 Immortal

    Well, I've already read Bone, Cerebus and C&H.

    The rest is probably too much for my tiny brain to handle, as I'm sure there's existential psychobabble in many of them.
  13. Josiah

    Josiah is your favorite

    The rest is unfamiliar to me, unfortunately. I did read a couple of X-men and Green Arrow comics a while back though.
  14. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    *adds thes to list of **** to look into* *except Calvin and Hobbes*

    I read and re-read Calvin and Hobbes religiously. It's just that... amazing. What's sad is, I used to be that kid. It's almost scary. Almost.

  15. Archimedes

    Archimedes Not Dead Yet


    Read Marvels today. I think I know why I don't read Marvel comics now. The entire universe is pretty much composed of complete dicks.
  16. Cipher

    Cipher Nothing to be done

    Greatest newspaper strip ever published. Hell, one of the only good ones ever published.

    This one was brought to my attention throuh my interest in TMNT (the only comic I collect and follow, Cerebus guest-starred in an early issue). It seems interesting, but something about pretension and overt misogyny makes me think I'll pass.
  17. HK

    HK Radiance of Shadows

    Uh, absolutely not.

    Luther Arkwright is dense as hell, but if you've read Cerebus, From Hell, and Watchmen, there's no reason you couldn't read Talbot's (Tale of One Bad Rat, Alice in Sunderland) extraordinary craftsmanship.

    The rest are very, very accessible. Check them out, man.


    And Watterson ended it when he knew he could no longer continue it. Gotta admire that.

    Nit-pick: it's sexism, not misogyny. It's not so much of a hatred for woman as it is a condescending and really warped view of them (which is arguably worse).

    Dude, don't pass up until volume five, at the very least. Doing so will be denying yourself some of, if not the best example of comics in ANY language. They're completely devoid of that nonsense, and the Sim's sexist views don't pop up until the essays in volume nine. And volume ten is supposed to be one of, if not the best book in the series. (And also where the story more or less concludes, with the remaining 100 issues being a slow and excessive lurch to the end.)

    High Society through Jaka's Story are required reading for anyone who loves good storytelling. Period.
  18. BattleFranky~40

    BattleFranky~40 Immortal

    When I get some money. Which will be never.
  19. Josiah

    Josiah is your favorite

    He had way more dignity than what's-his-bucket that makes Garfield. That comic makes me gag.
  20. bobjr

    bobjr It's Fusion, I don't have to expalin it. Staff Member Moderator

    garfieldminusgarfield.tumblr.com Turns out the comic is better without Garfield.

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