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The Golbats of Victory Road *one shot*

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
I awoke from my deep slumber by the high-pitched chattering of my numerous brothers and sisters. Slowly, I opened my eyes to the familier upside-down sight of the cave known as Victory Road. I spread my leathery wings wide and flitted right side up to look around my home. My many siblings were flitting in the air around me.

"C'mon, Frank!" called my twin brother Carl. "I think I've spotted a trainer!" I smiled, and followed Frank to the cave's entrance. Sure enough, a human was boldly looking around the cavern. He then started off towards a rocky staircase.

"Frank, why don't you take this one?" suggested Carl.

"No problem, Carl. I'll show you how a real Golbat does it!" I replied. With that, I flitted down in front of the human and hovered there, indicating a challenge. The human reacted by stepping back a bit, and reaching towards his waist, where six Pokeballs hung on a belt. He grabbed one of these spherical objects, and tossed it into the air, releasing a rocky Pokemon with a ridiculous nose; A Nosepass.

I started off the battle by glaring angrily at the Nosepass with every malevolent feeling I could muster. Sure enough, a black flash of light encircled me, the Nosepass, and its trainer. This told me that my Mean Look attack had been sucessful. The trainer then shouted something at the Nosepass, who then shot a narrow beam of yellow light out of its orange shnoz at the cave's ceiling. From the ceiling, large rocks formed from where the beam struck it, and began to fall on me. Using my limber body and the speed that was trademark to all Golbats, I bobbed and weaved through nearly every stone that came my way. I then opened my mouth wide, and summoned in my brain all sorts of enigmatic questions and paradoxes. I then channeled the confusion this caused into an orb of energy that was ever forming in my mouth, and with a blast of breath, shot it directly at the Nosepass. Upon contact with the Confuse Ray attack, Nosepass immediately began stumbling about as though drunk. THe trainer, apparently forgetting about the Mean Look, held out the Pokeball to recall the Nosepass. The red beam shot out and struck Nosepass, but didn't compress Nosepass's molecular structure as it was designed to. The effects of Mean Look prevented this.

THe trainer, evidentially undaunted, returned the pokeball to the belt, then reached into the pack slung over his arms, and pulled out yet another Pokeball, evidentially empty, and threw it at me. With no time to dodge, I felt my molecules being compressed as I was sucked into the sphere. But I wasn't daunted; I have had experience escaping from these things. You see, when a fresh Pokeball is thrown at a Pokemon, there is a grace period (most likely due to a flaw in the balls' programming) in which the Pokeball's secure seal weakens three times. The ball also wobbles during this time, a trait that most trainers associate with the Pokemon attempting to escape, but is really due to the instability of the programming during this time. The ball wobbled once. After that, I pushed against the button within. The ball easily exploded open. With that, I then took the trainer's stunned reaction at my escape to execute a Bite attack. I swooped down upon the Nosepass and bit it right on its nose. It was hard to tell if Nosepass was fazed by the bite, as it was still confused. With that, it raised a stubby arm, and pounded its own head. The Compass Pokemon fell over, unconscious. THe trainer, clearly in a state of panic, held out the Pokeball, and this time sucessfully withdrew the Nosepass. He then ran from the cave screaming things in the human dialect. I then turned to face Carl, who was staring at me in awe.

"Man, Frank!" said Carl. "That was impressive! And you'd just woken up, too!"

"Well," I replied, "Carl, these things are basic. It's like humans learnign to ride these bicycle things; Just like they never forget how to ride them, we never forget how to impede the progress of passing trainers, as is our duty as the Golbats of Victory Road."

Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
Meh ... you had a good idea, but you humanised the pokemon too much. And the battle was a tad too short, it was descriptive... but really... I say put some more thought and creativity into your next oneshot. Maybe try and make the pokemon more animalistic and less of the human persuasion. I mean why is it the Golbat's job to annoy trainers. Who told them that? Wouldn't it be they attack the humans because the trainers are invading the pokemon's territory?

You have talent .....

You just don't use it.


Hmmm, a little too short, and seems to me that the Golbats should realise that they are just being territorial? Or is it just that they subconsciously protect their turf?

Also, why would a Golbat attack a human, but then not get into altercations with other pokemon? If you base your fic on your own victory road experience, I am sure you will realise that there are many other pokemon there.

Otherwise, it was an ok fic. It could have used more description, IMO, but it is ok all the same.