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~The Golden Summit!~

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Volteon, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. Volteon

    Volteon Back I guess??


    GREETINGS TO ONE AND ALL! Your skills have been thoroughly tested, your pokémon have risen to the challenge and been proclaimed victorious! Now, to the next generation, we pass – our knowledge, our skill, and our experiences!

    Originally, this club was to bring the victors of the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Emerald, however with the new D/P Battle Tower presenting new and exciting challenges, the Golden Summit now covers D/P info, too. However, due to Diamond and Pearl being as relatively new as they are, the information will NOT be as detailed as what was contained in the Battle Frontier links. Just give it some time, and if you find something good that relates to Tower strategy, please tell me about it! :D


    • All SPP forum rules apply. Some things I’d like to stress, though…
      a. No foul language. I want to keep this organization respectable.
      b. When you post, MAKE SENSE. Be clear with what you are trying to say.
      c. No SPAM-ing, please. I will report you.
      d. Don't double-post, huh? Be smart. Use the "Edit" button. Accidents are fine - just delete the extras when you have a chance.

    • Be detailed! Don’t just say “I love the Dome!!!”, give us what Pokémon you used, movesets, battle sequences, how many rounds you got through before getting haxed to death, etc. You don’t have to give all this information every single time, but give us something to go on.

    • PLEASE respect you other Summit colleagues. Odds are, they might be learning, too. Even more experienced members. ;)

    • This is more of a request than a rule. If you know anyone on the Forums who's been trying to get somewhere in the Tower or the Frontier, invite them!

    • Have fun! This is supposed to be a serious discussion thread, but please don’t take yourselves too seriously. We are all human, after all. :)

    Current Members:

    (current no. of Battle Frontier symbols in gold)

    ;233; = NetBattle capabilities

    [​IMG] = winner of the 2007 Golden Summit NB tournament.

    (I'll be looking for images of the trophies.) = trophies from the Battle Tower


    Absol 20/20 (owner) (7) ;233;
    Volteon (co-owner) (7) ;233;
    Expert Evan (co-owner) (7) ;233;

    Champion Jared 14 (2)
    Doomgamer (7)
    Dragontamer_blake (7)
    icer (7)
    Icosahedron (7)
    Icy wind (7) ;233;
    Metagross (7)
    Pokemonger49777 (7) ;233;
    Shiny Venusaur (7) ;233;
    Smashdood (7)
    Team Elecwater (7)
    Shiny Crobat (6) ;233;
    Bug Maniac Marc (5) ;233;
    Nevada11 (5) ;233;
    Winter02 (5)
    Alfonc (4) ;233;
    Pikachu65 (4) ;233;
    WaterTrainer411 (4)
    ? BC ? (3)
    .excel (3) ;233;
    Golden Egg (3)
    Chaos_Ep3 (3)
    Milotic111 (4) ;233; [​IMG]
    ninjascyther (3) ;233;
    Emerald master (2) ;233;
    Lord Scalgon (2) ;233;
    Nukada (2)
    PsyDragon Trainer (2) ;233;
    Raden Surya (2)
    TyphlosionHunter_Mark (2) ;233;
    BattlePikeKing140 (1) ;233;
    cecil (1)
    crudent (1)
    Medichamp (1) ;233;
    Midnight Lucario (1)
    pigs do fly (1)
    Pokemon Master Lucarioxys (1)
    Sapphire Pirate (1)
    Shadow Chaos (1)
    Shadow_Clone147 (1)
    Super_Trainer (1) ;233;
    Termatt (1)
    Medaton (exception)
    EXPERT DAN200 (?)
    Arbok of Doom
    Arena Tycoon Slaking ;233;
    Dummy ;233;
    flash041891 ;233;
    Grass Guardian
    Umbreon Rider

    None! :D

    FAQs: Refer to these links to answer your questions!

    Serebii Pokedex
    Well, at the time I added this, Serebii still hadn't changed the link to the pokedex at the top of the forum. Yay for being one step ahead of the main admin! :D (No offense! :p)

    Tower Pokemon
    As with the link for the Battle Frontier pokemon page, this page tells about EVERY SINGLE POKEMON you'll face in the D/P Battle tower.

    Volteon's Breeding Guide!
    Leave it to Volteon to make something as in-depth and detailed as this! :rolleyes: Check it out!

    D/P breeding guide
    Nice, basic guide for fourth generation breeding.

    D/P Strategy guide
    The people at Smogon are no slouches. They've brought together analyses on how to use most of the pokemon in the 4th generation.

    Smogon Tier List
    Well, this is the tentative beginning of the 4th generation tier list. So far, it only shows the OU and Uber tiers, so it would be best to wait for the site to get back up before deciding that something is 100% in one tier or another.

    (the Summit is busy adding more links to help you in your efforts to beat the Tower! Please have patience. o.o)

    Other Sites
    These are other sites that are incredibly helpful. They're not Serebii, but they're still great!

    This site is like a bizarre, mirror-image of Serebii, only with more detail. This site also has the same kinds of tools, but there are a few more.

    MetalKid's Gaming Resources
    Go here if you need to calculate anything about the third generation games. There are numerous calculators to map out IVs, EVs, and a lot more. A lot of the data still applies to the 4th generation, as well.

    Well, this site is mainly for competitive movesets and strategies. It's still very good for a lot of in-game stuff, and it would be a good idea to look here since the Wi-Fi is going to play a large part of D/P.

    Club Banners
    By request, here are some banners for the club. More will be added...

    ^ This one was the first official-looking banner to line the top of the front page of the Summit.

    ^ This was an updated version once I got a little more skilled at doing this sort of thing. :p


    ^credit to Shiny_Crobat for the image^

    ^credit to Sandslashtaggerung^

    ^credit to bonemerang for this mini-banner^



    ^credit to the Background Shop^

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ^These are just some icons you can use. Please help yourself! :D^

    Novelty Shop
    Want official Golden Summit Trainer Cards? This is the place to be!

    #1. [​IMG] #2. [​IMG]

    TC-style (i.e., "1", "2", etc.):
    Pokémon next to trainer (optional):
    Favorite Type (optional):
    Effects: (If you want something extra, just ask. If we can do it, we will, otherwise, we won't (duh).)

    Well, until we have an artist for these new things, I'll handle the requests, personally! :) So, go ahead and PM me for any of these things.

    Keep checking back for updates/upgrades! More items may be added…

    PsiUmbreon, for answering some of my questions and pointing me in the right direction.
    Powerful_blaziken88 posted a wonderful thread that originally brought many of these members together for the first time, and that thread also helped me obtain the Battle Frontier symbols I have now.

    All club banners and images are from me (unless otherwise noted).

    Anything else...

    This is it - the best Pokemon Emerald Battle Frontier reference section ANYWHERE. It was removed from the Summit's first page to make room to focus on D/P, but only a complete idiot would lose the information (among other things) contained there. Well, I'm certainly not a COMPLETE idiot. ;) Here you go! If you need advice on ANYTHING about the Emerald BF, click here. :)

    The Golden Summit Battle Frontier Reference Section
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2009
  2. Shiny Crobat

    Shiny Crobat Well-Known Member

    The battle dome

    The battle dome is my favourite place in the BF.
    You can have quick battles with a lot of strategie.
    You have to think.
  3. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan Old Fogey

    The Battle Tower

    This following team not only won a gold re-match with anabel, it also got my streak in emerald at #119 which is where it still stands:

    Salamence @ Choice Band
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: 252/Attack, 252/Speed, 6/ HP
    Aerial Ace
    Double Edge / Rock Slide
    Brick Break

    Intimidate to cut attack and switch to starmie or blissey as necessary. While DDmence is preferable for the earlier rounds, CBmence can OHKO certain pokemon as necessary and switching will most likely occur anyways with lack of ample setup time. Double Edge is strongest attack along with earthquake & aerial ace (STAB). Brick Break for pesky normal types such as blissey, snorlax & clefable & company.

    Blissey @ Leftovers
    Nature: Bold
    Trait: Natural Cure
    EVs: 252 HP, 252 Defense, 6/Sp.Def
    Seismic Toss

    Toxic to outstall other leftover pests, aromatherapy to heal salamence and itself, rest is self-explanatory, incredible special wall.

    Starmie @ Brightpowder
    Nature: Modest
    Trait: Natural Cure
    EVs: 252 Sp.atk, 252 Speed, 6 HP
    Ice Beam

    all-out special attacker covers for salamence's weaknesses and can OHKO most of dragontamer's pokemon. Brightpowder has saved it on many occasions as petaya berry can work but cannot survive from quick attackers or when paralyzed.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2006
  4. Metagross

    Metagross Well-Known Member

    Battle Dome

    for me it's definitely Battle Dome,this is my expeirence with the Dome,use a sweeper with Snorlax like Slaking or Starmie,they were incredibly succesfull in my 20 round streak,first turn Slaking with Return would almost ko anything,if it has problems,Snorlax stalls very well before sweeping,i look at the opponent team before who to pair with Snorlax,one thing i noticed in the Dome,a speedy pokemon can work you work wonders like Starmie,because the opponent speed is just lower and defenses in the Dome are low,easier to ko in one hit with Starmie or Slaking.Hope i helped,my team for the Dome

    Trait:Thick Fat
    EVS:Attack 252/126 HP/126 Defense
    Shadow Ball

    Trait:Natural Cure
    EVS:SA 252/speed 252/HP 6
    Ice Beam

    Slaking@Choice Band
    EVS:Attack 252/Speed 252/HP 6
    Shadow Ball
    Focus Punch
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2006
  5. Sceptile95

    Sceptile95 Well-Known Member

    Can I join?

    My easiest win was:

    The Battle Pike

    After a series of breedingi finally got the IV's and natures that I needed.

    Meatgross@ Shell Bell
    - Meteor Mash
    - Earthquake
    - Sludge Bomb
    - Explosion

    Starmie@ Quick Claw
    - Surf
    - Thunder Bolt
    - Ice Beam
    - Psychic

    BLissey@ Lefties
    - Toxic
    - Softboiled
    - AromaTherapy
    - Seismic Toss
  6. The Battle Dome. NOTE!: Some info MIGHT be inaccurate.

    T-Tar VS Swampert
    Battle... BEGIN!

    Go T-Tar!
    Battle Dome Ace Sent Out Swampert!

    T-Tar uses EQ. Swampert Faints. Easy

    T-Tar VS Charizard

    I recall my T-Tar, and send out Starmie!

    Charizard uses ??? (I forget)
    Starmie has 3/4 health left.
    Starmie uses surf!
    Charizard Faints!

    Obtained Gold symbole!
  7. dragontamer_blake

    dragontamer_blake Battle-Dome trainer


    pokeman4ever i think ur reffering to your silver dome symbol because tucker doesnt have charizard in her gold team but yeh i beat her like this in silver match:
    tucker sent out salamence,i sent starmie,starmie uses ice beam foe sala fainted!
    tucker sent out charizard i keep starmie,starmie used surf,charizard fainted!
    very easy battle as you can see took me about 2-3 min
    offtopic:i think you forgot to add expert evan as a member in the member list and thank you for adding me as co-owner yay
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2006
  8. ^Ok sorry, I knew something was wrong with that but I couldn't remember.
  9. dragontamer_blake

    dragontamer_blake Battle-Dome trainer


    so who was the pokemon that what there instead of charizard
  10. Silver- Swampert, Salamance, Charizard

    Gold- Swampert, Latias, Metagross

    Is this right?
  11. Absol 20/20

    Absol 20/20 Seasoned Trainer


    Yes, it's right. Who was there in place of Charizard in-battle? I faced Swampert and Metagross.
  12. I think it had swampert & latias.
  13. Icy Wind

    Icy Wind Pyramid King

    The Battle Tower

    The Battle Tower

    This was the 6th facility I tried for the gold symbol, so I guess that after a lot of battles with different rules, this one was very easy. These were my pokemon:

    Adamant Nature
    Flawless Attack, Defense and Speed; Fully EV trained in Attack and the rest in Sp. Defense and Defense.
    @Lum Berry
    -Meteor Mash
    -Shadow Ball

    Adamant Nature
    Flawless Attack and Speed and fully EV trained in those.
    @scope lens
    -Dragon Dance
    -Aerial Ace
    -Rock Slide

    Modest Nature
    Flawless Sp. Attack and EV trained in Sp. Attack and Speed
    -Ice Beam

    They worked perfect, I got the gold symbol in my first try.
  14. dragontamer_blake

    dragontamer_blake Battle-Dome trainer

    battle dome gold

    me and volteon are co-owners of this club yay!
    my easiest win was dome gold in my old file before my sister restarted my file
    my pokemon had standard movesets and the battle was like this
    tucker sent out metgross i sent out swampert,metagross used ??(cant remember)about 60%helth left,i used eq metagross fainted,tucker sent out latias ,latias used??im in red helth,i used ice beam latias fainted me with some thing,i sent out starmie,starmie used ice beam tucker has been defeated
  15. pikachu65

    pikachu65 Well-Known Member

    The Battle Pike

    Battle Pike was the first thing I tried in the Battle Frontier. It was prety easy to get to Pike queen Lucy, but it took me at least 5 tries to beat her. I changed my team to Venasour, Blastiose and Letias.

    Venasour (holding leftovers)
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Frenzy Plant
    -Razor Leaf

    Blastoise (holding sitrus berry)
    -Ice Beam
    -Hydro Cannon
    -Mega Punch

    Latias (holding lum berry)
    -Dragon Claw or Dragonbreath (I forgot which one)

    I used this team to win my Silver symbol. I thought I did not stand a chance with the items and movesets I gave my pokemon, but I beat her quite easily. Latias was first in my lineup, it took out Lusy's Seviper with one Psychic and almost killed Milotic (recover saved it). It killed my Latias and I send out Venasaur. It finished Milotic with one Razor Leaf (critical hit), then she send out Shuckle, I used Frenzy Plant and took almost half. (usually she beat me by using Toxic/Sand Storm, but Toxic did not affect Venasaur and leftovers saved me from Sand Storm.) It used Rest after a few turns I used Frenzy plant and OHKOed it because of another critical hit (I was so lucky).
  16. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan Old Fogey

    The Battle Dome

    For the easiest gold symbol battle, check out this video I made for YouTube which involves a shedinja against Dome Ace Tucker for gold tactics re-match:


    Nature: adamant
    EV: 255 attack, 255 speed
    - swords dance (evolve and shedskin at level 25 and let ninjask learn swords dance)
    - shadow ball
    - silver wind (bred with masquerain, beautifly or dustox)
    - aerial ace

    Starmie @ brightpowder
    Nature: modest
    Trait: Natural Cure
    EV: 252 sp.atk, 252 speed, 6 HP
    - surf
    - ice beam
    - thunderbolt
    - psychic

    awesome sweeper, let heracross take care of its weaknesses

    Heracross @ focus band
    Nature: adamant
    Trait: guts
    EV: 252 attack, 252 speed, 6 HP
    - Megahorn
    - Rock Slide
    - Brick Break
    - Earthquake

    Good at taking out pesky normal types
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2006
  17. dragontamer_blake

    dragontamer_blake Battle-Dome trainer

    wow never use frenzy plant and hydro cannon because u lose a turn to attack and that turn could be fatal e.g. surf over two turns=190 hydrocannon over two turns=150 you see the difference
  18. Absol 20/20

    Absol 20/20 Seasoned Trainer


    You know, you're right. I think that there are two sides to that, though. You see, the pokemon only uses turn #2 if the opponent survives the first hit. Even if the opposing trainer still has pokemon left, he's still down by one. So, those moves (Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, and Hyper Beam) can be useful for a hard-hitting first punch (like Slaking).
  19. Expert Evan

    Expert Evan Old Fogey

    Miscellaneous (Slaking)

    For a pokemon that can OHKO many things in its way, consider the following:

    slaking @ choice band
    Nature: adamant
    EV: 252 attack, 252 speed, 6 HP
    - return (STAB)
    - earthquake
    - shadow ball
    - focus punch / aerial ace

    Return for STAB with max happiness, shadow ball for ghosts, earthquake as strong attack, either focus punch for curselax,blissey,umbreon or aerial ace for double teamers.

    Slaking works best in the later rounds of battle pyramid and battle dome. I do not recommend using in battle palace and consider it risky to use in battle arena. I would not recommend in the earlier rounds since many know protect and weaker and much better having a pure sweeper to go faster through them.
  20. Lord Scalgon

    Lord Scalgon What title?

    Ugh...I'm really having a hard time winning the gold symbol for the battle tower, but anyway, as of my gold symbols:

    For the Battle Dome gold, I was totally unprepared for this one...I did not know what pokemon Tucker had for the gold team, but I somehow stood up and won.

    (I didn't have a lot of good items back then, like this team below, but now I do)

    Latios@Lum Berry
    Naive: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
    Ice Beam
    Dragon Claw

    Salamence@Scope Lens
    Adamant: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
    Brick Break
    Aerial Ace
    Rock Slide

    Metagross@Salac Berry (meh...again, I did not have great items back then)
    Adamant: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
    Shadow Ball
    Sludge Bomb
    Meteor Mash

    Tucker pulls out a Swampert while I took out my Metagross.

    Turn 1: Metagross (100%) used Earthquake, Swampert (70%) used Mirror Coat (failed)
    Turn 2: Metagross (100%) used Earthquake, Swampert (40%) used Earthquake
    Turn 3: Metagross (8%) used Earthquake, Swampert (9%) used Ice Beam.

    Metagross faints; I send out Latios.

    (I knew the fact that if I switched, Latios would lose around 70% of its HP)

    Turn 4: Latios (100%) used Psychic.

    Swampert faints, Tucker sends out Latias.

    (I'm glad he did not pull out a Metagross...if he did, I'm toast)

    Turn 5: Latios (100%) used Dragon Claw, Latias fainted.

    The gold tactics symbol is officially mine.
    I'll post my results for the Battle Pike gold later in the day...or tomorrow.
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