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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Pokemon Sprites


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Haha, this thread is too funny! I remembered how horrifying the Green version Mew was and how freaking Golbat's tongue of doom looked, but I'd forgotten some of these others.

It just gets better all the time:

I think Clefairy's feeling pukey.
Sergeant Farfetch'd, reporting for duty, sir!
Wow, Gengar needs to lay off the Big Macs.
Look everybody! Gene Simmons of KISS!

And let's not forget the terrifying backsprites:

Take me to your leader, Earthling.
What exactly IS this thing?
I'm having a really bad hair day.

But the following sprites were so freaking awesome they made the Universe explode:

Coolest thing ever.
I can control your brain! Mwahahaha!
You don't mess with the horn.

Only my personal opinions, of course. ;094;


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the tentacruel sprite looks like he's got an itch he cant quite reach


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hehe Mew LOL


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LMAO with Golbat and Omastar. Mew D= scary


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It's weird because yes those are ugly, but I've always thought like, did they not have real artists draw those?


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wigglytuff takes the cake for me =P
those eyes! o_O i wont be able to take them straight anymore


Um...that's not the robot. He's actually saluting to Hitler(can I even get away with saying that on here?).

I think so, because I asked if I was right about Registeel doing a Nazi salute, and I didn't get infracted..

Anyways, some of these are hilarious, meatloaf hitmonlee, high Wigglytuf, Mew of death, and there's a lot more lolage here.


Almost there, buddy.
the venusaur..... eww......

The omastar..... is OK.....

The ekans.... doesn't look like an ekans.....

and mew.... is just plain horrible.

It's pretty amazing how the sprites have changed over 4 gens of pokemon.....