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The GOTT Trade Shop

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Eclair~, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    TADA! Eclair here and welcome to The GOTT Trade Shop. :) Let's get down to business shall we? X)

    Please note I will update this opening post from time to time. Making it better and up to date with what's for trade, what I'm looking for and then some. So please check back often.

    I had to add the following rule to The GOTT Trade Shop and it will be enforced. lol When conducting business with The GOTT Trade Shop, please don't send me a PM or VM but make a post in this trade shop (Thread) instead and let's continue to do so till we've reached an agreement. If said agreement is reached on what we're trading to each other then we will take it to PM or VM in order to finish the trade up. (Such as sending a PM or VM with friend codes, trying to get together to do the trades by working out times and such) Upon trading completed, please don't send me a PM or VM If you wish to thank me, or say something in regards to the agreed upon trade but do so in here instead though if you have something to say that's not in regards to the trading then you may send me a PM. (I'd prefer PM over VM in this case) To be clear, rule #3 of the trade shop forums is what I'm referring too so only business shall be posted here though thank you's, saying you're happy with the trade and such are allowed (Just no conversations other than business), any none business PM/VM me and the rest of my rule here. If you don't follow this rule then I'll redirect you to this place. Thank you for your understanding of the new rule and we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

    Promo of the week/month:
    Note: All promo's unless stated otherwise, have the following restrictions: 1. No FREE Pokémon is part of the promo if it comes from the Legendary/Mythical/event Pokémon spoiler. 2. Aside from restriction 1, restriction 2 here only applies if the promo itself lists a restriction next to it but restriction 1 still applies even if the promo doesn't list it. Please read each promo carefully so you can know if there's any restrictions added or taken away from it as sometimes, the promo might even lift a restriction including restriction 1 and so you can know EXACTLY how each promo works and what you'll get out of it. :)

    No promo's atm. Keep an eye out for the next one!

    Past promo's:
    6IV Eevee Promo
    6IV Ditto Promo
    The HA Pokémon Promo
    The Egg Move Promo
    The Apricorn Ball Promo
    The item Promo

    Not for trade:
    Any Shiny Pokémon/Mega Stone item

    Newly added:
    Note: This is a spoiler for when anything new gets added to the list. Please see the appropriate spoilers that HA mons, egg move mons etc. come from and read each note so you can understand everything before you request for a trade. Thank you. Please check back often as stuff gets added often and typically, I'll remove stuff a week or a little after having added it to the list. Thanks.

    Moon Ball:
    Heavy Ball:
    & Love Ball:
    Lillipup HA Run Away

    Skarmory HA Weak Armor
    Krabby HA Sheer Force

    Shroomish Friend Ball
    Heracross Friend ball
    Teddiursa Moon Ball
    Zubat Moon Ball
    Cubone HA Battle Armor
    Elekid HA Vital Spirit
    Plusle HA Lightningrod
    Gastly: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch & Perish Song
    Zubat HA Infiltrator
    Zubat: Defog & Brave Bird
    Mienfoo HA Reckless

    Golett HA No Guard
    Litwick HA Infiltrator
    Riolu: Blaze Kick, High Jump Kick, Crunch & Bullet Punch
    Lucario HA+ Bullet Punch (Has been added in the for trade spoiler which is below this one)
    Fast Ball, Mareep - Agility, Charge, Iron Tail, Eerie Impulse
    Love Ball, Ralts - Ally Switch, Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond, Shadow Sneak
    Love Ball, Mawile - Poison Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Sucker Punch
    Moon Ball, Absol - Mega Horn, Baton Pass, Play Rough, Sucker Punch
    Love Ball, Buneary - Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Circle Throw
    Zubat Love Ball+ Whirlwind, Hypnosis, Zen Headbutt & Brave Bird

    Aerodactyl HA Unnerve
    Snorlax HA Gluttony
    Sudowoodo HA Rattled
    Bonsly HA Rattled
    Miltank HA Sap Sipper
    Zangoose HA Toxic Boost
    Phanpy HA Sand Veil

    Snover HA Soundproof
    Houndour HA Unnerve
    Throh HA Mold Breaker
    Mankey HA Defiant
    Houndour: Feint
    Electrike: Discharge, Flame Burst & Ice Fang
    Dwebble HA Weak Armor

    Axew HA Unnerve

    Doduo HA Tangled Feet
    Nidoran♀ HA Hustle
    Shinx HA Guts
    Sewaddle HA Overcoat
    Poochyena HA Rattled
    For trade:
    Note: Please see the other for trade spoilers for a list of Legendary/Mythical/Event/HA/egg move etc. Pokémon and items as well as the what I'm looking for spoilers as this spoiler only tells you what all is for trade without giving said details but it's still worth reading what this spoiler says is for trade. ;)

    Maranga & Kee Berries as well as any mutation & ALL in game berries (Note: The Maranga & Kee berries are needed to make the Perilous Soup which removes all the Effort Values on the Pokémon. So it has the same effect as a reset bag)
    Lansat & Starf Berries
    Any None Legendary/Mythical Poke Bank Pokémon or ANY breed able Pokémon and or their evolution/pre-evolution (Though if I have to evolve them, we'll have to discuss whether I'd be willing to do it or not)
    Any Friend Safari Pokémon and or their evolution/pre-evolution
    Any Starter Pokémon
    Any Fossil item except for Skull, Sail, Jaw, Root and Claw fossils
    Any Fossil Pokémon (Including the ones listed above but the ones listed above will have to be breed)
    Any X & Y Exclusive Pokémon (Except Legendary/Mythical Pokémon and Mega evolutions however see the above note since I might can offer a clone)
    Egg move Pokémon (See the next spoiler/section for a list of them)
    HA Pokémon (See another spoiler and please read the note next to them as some have to be breed etc.)
    And the below Pokémon

    Note: Any of the below listed Pokémon I can still breed for you even if I trade them. Ones such as JPN though won't be JPN when breed. Please keep this in mind. But I can trade you any below listed Pokémon and not breed them, those will be JPN etc. if listed as such and also, I can name most Pokémon if you want them to have a nickname so just tell me otherwise it's whatever name it has when traded. (If I can't name it then sorry) If you want them caught in a specific ball then ask and I'll see if I can do it or not. (Master Ball is not possible btw)

    Ampharos female Repeat ball x1
    Beautifly x1 (JPN)
    Cloyster female Dusk Ball x1
    Combee x1 (Female)
    Cryogonal x1 or however many you need/breed
    Dedenne x 1 or however many you need/breed
    Dusknoir HA Frisk x1 (GER)
    Electivire x1
    Escavalir x1
    Froakie x1
    Gliscor female timer ball x1 (JPN)
    Gorebyss x1
    Huntail female dive ball x1 (JPN)
    Lucario HA+ Bullet Punch x1
    Kingdra female great ball x1
    Magmortar x1 (It's name is in Japanese but there's no JPN next to it's lv)
    Noivern x2
    Scizor Pokerus, Night Slash & Air Slash x1 (GER)
    Slowking female dive ball x1 (JPN)
    Togetic Lv. 50 with Pokerus x1 (Will only trade for something special)
    Torchic x2 (One with its HA Speed Boost and one without its HA, note the one without HA is JPN)
    Weavile x1 (JPN)
    Legendary/Mythical/event Pokémon for trade:
    Note: If you're looking for a Legendary/Mythical/event Pokémon and it's not listed below then that means I don't have it for trade. Sorry. Also all of the below are clones (Except for Phione), they're namable (except Mewtwo) and are all 100% authentic, including the Mew and Deoxys. (Got those two via the in game events in the GBA games) Please note if you don't tell me what name you want the Pokémon to have then it'll be traded to you with whatever name it has.

    Mew/31 Iv In Sp. Atk
    Registeel/31 Iv in Speed
    Deoxys/31 Iv in Sp. Def
    Phione (Note: It will be traded to you as an egg unless you ask me to hatch it and if I hatch it, unless you ask me to name it, it'll just come with the name Phione)
    Apricorn Ball Pokémon for trade:
    Note: These will be breed and will be in eggs unless you ask me to hatch them and unless you tell me you want the Pokémon to be female then it'll be whatever gender it has when it hatches.

    Moon Ball:
    Absol: Mega Horn, Baton Pass, Play Rough & Sucker Punch
    Gastly: Disable & Perish Song

    Fast Ball:
    Growlithe: Flare Blitz, Double Edge, Morning Sun & Close Combat (Only breeding males)
    Mareep: Agility, Charge, Iron Tail & Eerie Impulse

    Lure Ball:

    Friend Ball:

    Love Ball:
    Buneary: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch & Circle Throw
    Chansey: Aromatherapy, Seismic Toss & Metronome
    Mawile: Poison Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang & Sucker Punch
    Ralts: Ally Switch, Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond & Shadow Sneak
    Zubat: Whirlwind, Hypnosis, Zen Headbutt & Brave Bird

    Heavy Ball:
    Geodude: Focus Punch

    Level Ball:
    Egg move Pokémon for trade:
    Note: Any Pokémon listed here will have to be breed. If you don't tell me to hatch it then it will be traded to you as an egg.

    Absol: Play Rough, Megahorn, Zen Headbutt & Sucker Punch
    Aerodactyl: Steel Wing, Whirlwind, Curse & Tailwind
    Audino: Draining Kiss & Sweet Kiss
    Buneary: Encore, Fake out, Switcheroo & Fire Punch
    Castform: Ominous Wind
    Chansey: Aromatherapy, Seismic Toss & Metronome
    Charmander: Belly Drum, Outrage, Crunch & Dragon Dance
    Charmander: Ancient Power, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse & Outrage
    Charmander: Dragon Dance, Outrage, Flair Blitz & Bite
    Chimchar: Quick Guard, Fire Punch & Thunder Punch
    Corphish: Knock Off, Dragon Dance, Aqua Jet & Superpower
    Cottonee: Encore, Beat up, Memento & Switcheroo
    Cyndaquil: Extrasensory, Flair Blitz, Flame Burst & Crush Claw
    Darumaka: Hammer Arm
    Dratini: Water Pulse, Extreme Speed & Dragon Dance
    Eevee: Wish
    Eevee: Charm & Covet
    Electrike: Discharge, Flame Burst & Ice Fang
    Elekid: Ice Punch & Cross Chop
    Feebas: Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse & Mirror Coat
    Feebas: Hypnosis, Mirror Coat, Iron Tail & Dragon Pulse
    Finneon: Psybeam
    Frillish: Recover
    Gastly: Disable & Perish Song
    Gastly: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch & Perish Song
    Geodude: Focus Punch
    Gible: Sand Tomb & Outrage
    Gible: Sand Tomb, Iron Head & Iron Tail
    Glameow: Assurance
    Growlithe: Morning Sun & Covet
    Growlithe: Flare Blitz, Double Edge, Morning Sun & Close Combat
    Heracross: Rock Blast
    Honedge: Metal Sound, Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond & Wide Guard
    Horsea: Aurora Beam & Signal Beam
    Houndour: Feint
    Kabuto: Flail
    Koffing: Pain Split & Stockpile
    Larvitar: Stomp, Outrage & Dragon Dance
    Larvitar: Pursuit, Dragon Dance, Outrage & Stealth Rock
    Larvitar: Pursuit, Dragon Dance, Outrage & Iron Head
    Lileap: Mirror Coat
    Mareep: Iron Tail
    Marill: Belly Drum, Aqua Jet, Superpower & Play Rough
    Meditite: Ice Punch, Bullet Punch, Fake out & Drain Punch
    Meowth: Snatch, Hypnosis & Foul Play
    Mudkip: Whirlpool
    Mudkip: Ice ball & Avalanche
    Nidoran♀: Counter, Disable, Iron Tail & Venom Drench
    Oshawott: Air Slash, Assurance, Night Slash & Trump Card
    Pancham: Quick Guard, Me First, Storm Throw & Foul Play
    Phantump: Venom Drench
    Pichu: Volt Tackle
    Pinser: Me First, Feint, Close Combat & Bug Bite
    Piplup: Hydro Pump, Yawn, Agility & Aqua Ring
    Ralts: Synchronoise
    Ralts: Confuse Ray & Mean Look
    Ralts: Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond, Encore & Memento
    Rhyhorn: Reversal
    Riolu: Blaze Kick, High Jump Kick, Crunch & Bullet Punch
    Sableye: Recover
    Sandile: Counter, Pursuit, Thunder Fang & Fire Fang
    Shuppet: Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond & Confuse Ray
    Shuppet: Shadow Sneak, Phantom Force, Destiny Bond & Disable
    Slakoth: Slash, Night Slash & Body Slam
    Skarmory: Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, Brave Bird & Curse
    Skitty: Wish
    Skrelp: Play Rough
    Squirtle: Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse & Mirror Coat
    Stunky: Foul Play
    Torchic: Baton Pass
    Torkoal: Superpower, Eruption & Yawn
    Totodile: Crunch, Ice Punch, Aqua Jet & Dragon Dance
    Treecko: Bullet Seed, Endeavor, Crunch & Synthesis
    Treecko: Crunch, Synthesis & Leech Seed
    Turtwig: Seed Bomb & Superpower
    Tyrunt: Dragon Dance, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang & Fire Fang
    Tyrunt: Dragon Dance, Fire Fang, Ice Fang & Poison Fang
    Wooper: Curse
    Yamask: Nasty Plot & Disable
    Zorua: Extrasensory
    Zubat: Defog & Brave Bird
    HA Pokémon for trade:
    Note: If it doesn't have a number next to it then that means I'll have to breed you it or it's pre-evolution with the HA (Any Pokémon listed here is for trade regardless of whether it has a number next to it or not but if no number next to it then I'll have to breed it for you)
    Note 2: In the past I had it say /breed if I had to breed it, I've removed the tags but unless it says a number next to it then that means I'll have to breed it for you.

    Abra HA Magic Guard
    Aerodactyl HA Unnerve
    Aipom HA Skill Link
    Audino HA Klutz
    Axew HA Unnerve
    Azumarill HA Sap Sipper x1
    Azurill HA Sap Sipper
    Barbaracle HA Pickpocket
    Beldum HA Light Metal x1
    Bergmite HA Sturdy
    Bibarel HA Moody
    Blitzle HA Sap Sipper x1
    Bonsly HA Rattled
    Braixen HA Magician x2
    Bronzor HA Heavy Metal x7
    Breloom HA Technician x1 (Shroomish's HA is Quick Feet)
    Bulbasaur HA Chlorophyll
    Bunnelby HA Hugh Power
    Cacnea HA Water Absorb
    Carbink HA Sturdy
    Carvanha HA Speed Boost
    Caterpie HA Run away
    Chansey HA Healer x1 (Can also breed a HA Happiny, see below)
    Charmander HA Solar Power
    Chatot HA Big Pecks
    Chimchar HA Iron Fist
    Cleffa HA Friend Guard
    Cloyster HA Overcoat
    Corphish HA Adaptability
    Corsola HA Regenerator
    Cubchoo HA Rattled
    Cubone HA Battle Armor
    Darumaka HA Inner Focus
    Dedenne HA Plus
    Deerling HA Serene Grace
    Delibird HA Insomnia
    Diglett HA Sand Force
    Ditto HA Imposter/some for trade and cannot breed (Note: These are from the friend safari thus are guaranteed to have 2 perfect Ivs if not more but please don't ask how many Ivs they have, you'll be getting at least 2 perfect Ivs)
    Doduo HA Tangled Feet
    Dratini HA Marvel Scale
    Drifloon HA Flare Boost x3
    Drilbur HA Mold Breaker
    Ducklett HA Hydration
    Dunsparce HA Rattled x2
    Duosion HA Regenerator
    Duskull HA Frisk
    Dwebble HA Weak Armor
    Eevee HA Anticipation
    Elekid HA Vital Spirit
    Emolga HA Motor Drive
    Espurr HA Own Tempo
    Fletchling HA Gale Wings
    Floette HA Symbiosis
    Foongus HA Regenerator
    Frogadier HA Protean x5
    Gible HA Rough Skin
    Gligar HA Immunity
    Gogoat HA Grass Pelt
    Golett HA No Guard
    Goomy HA Gooey
    Gothorita HA Shadow Tag
    Gourgeist HA Insomnia
    Growlithe HA Justified
    Grumpig HA Gluttony
    Gyarados HA Moxie x5 (Magikarp's HA is Rattled)
    Happiny HA Friend Guard
    Hariyama HA Sheer Force
    Hawlucha HA Mold Breaker
    Helioptile HA Solor Power
    Heracross HA Moxie
    Hoothoot HA Tinted Lens x2
    Houndour HA Unnerve
    Igglybuff HA Friend Guard x12
    Inkay HA Infiltrator
    Jellicent HA Damp
    Joltik HA Swarm
    Kabuto HA Weak Armor
    Kecleon HA Protean
    Klang HA Clear Body
    Krabby HA Sheer Force
    Larvesta HA Swarm
    Lileep HA Storm Drain
    Lillipup HA Run Away
    Litwick HA Infiltrator
    Magby HA Vital Spirit
    Magneton HA Analytic
    Manectric HA Minus
    Mankey HA Defiant
    Maractus HA Storm Drain
    Masquerain HA Unnerve x2 (Surskit's HA is Rain Dish)
    Meditite HA Telepathy
    Mienfoo HA Reckless
    Miltank HA Sap Sipper
    Minccino HA Skill Link
    Mudkip HA Damp
    Muk HA Poison Touch x1
    Munna HA Telepathy x6
    Nidoran♂ HA Hustle
    Nidoran♀ HA Hustle
    Nincada HA Run Away
    Noibat HA Telepathy
    Oddish HA Run Away
    Onix HA Weak Armor
    Pachirisu HA Volt Absorb
    Pancham HA Scrappy
    Panpour HA Torrent
    Pansage HA Overgrow
    Pansear HA Blaze
    Paras HA Damp
    Petilil HA Leaf Guard
    Phanpy HA Sand Veil
    Pichu HA Lightningrod (I can breed one with Volt Tackle but you'll have to tell me or it may not come with that move)
    Pineco HA Overcoat
    Piplup HA Defiant
    Plusle HA Lightningrod
    Poliwag HA Swift Swim
    Ponyta HA Flame Body
    Poochyena HA Rattled
    Porygon HA Analytic x12
    Purrloin HA Prankster
    Pyroar HA Moxie
    Quilladin HA Bulletproof x1
    Ralts HA Telepathy
    Riolu HA Prankster x7
    Rufflet HA Hustle
    Sableye HA Prankster
    Sandshrew HA Sand Rush
    Seviper HA Infiltrator
    Sewaddle HA Overcoat
    Shellos HA Sand Force
    Shinx HA Guts
    Shuckle HA Contrary
    Sigilyph HA Tinted Lens x2
    Skarmory HA Weak Armor
    Skorupi HA Keen Eye
    Slowpoke HA Regenerator
    Smeargle HA Moody
    Sneasel HA Pickpocket
    Snorlax HA Gluttony
    Snorunt HA Moody
    Snover HA Soundproof
    Snubbull HA Rattled
    Spearow HA Sniper X1
    Spheal HA Oblivious
    Spinarak HA Sniper
    Spiritomb HA Infiltrator x4
    Spritzee HA Aroma Veil
    Squirtle HA Rain Dish
    Starly HA Reckless
    Staryu HA Analytic x1
    Stunfisk HA Sand Veil
    Stunky HA Keen Eye
    Sudowoodo HA Rattled
    Sunkern HA Early Bird
    Swablu HA Cloud Nine x11
    Swinub HA Thick Fat
    Tangela HA Regenerator
    Teddiursa HA Honey Gather
    Throh HA Mold Breaker
    Togepi HA Super Luck
    Torchic HA Speed Boost x1
    Toxicroak HA Poison Touch x1
    Trapinch HA Sheer Force
    Treecko HA Unburden
    Trevenant HA Harvest
    Tropius HA Harvest x2
    Turtwig HA Shell Armor
    Tympole HA Water Absorb
    Tyrogue HA Vital Spirit
    Venepede HA Speed Boost
    Venomoth HA Wonder Skin (Venonat's HA is Run Away)
    Vivillon HA Friend Guard
    Volbeat HA Prankster
    Voltorb HA Aftermath
    Vullaby HA Weak Armor
    Vulpix HA Drought
    Weedle HA Run Away
    Whismur HA Rattled
    Wobbuffet HA Telepathy (Note: I can also breed you Wynaut if you prefer)
    Wooper HA Unaware
    Wynaut HA Telepathy
    Xatu HA Magic Bounce
    Zangoose HA Toxic Boost
    Zubat HA Infiltrator
    Items for trade:
    Black Sludge x6
    Deep Sea Tooth x1
    Fire Stone x10
    Grip Claw x2
    Hard Stone x1
    Kee Berries
    Lansat Berries
    Leaf Stone x10
    Maranga Berries
    Mental Herb x2
    Miracle Seed x1
    Mystic Water x3
    Quick Powder x12
    Starf Berries
    All Fossil items except for the ones mentioned in one of the above spoilers x however many I can part with as it varies from Fossil to Fossil
    All Mutation berries and ALL in game berries
    Looking for the following Pokémon:
    Note: If you don't have anything on my want list, make an offer. You never know, I might be interested in what you have to offer.

    Legendary/Mythical/event Pokémon (However many you have to trade)
    Shiny Pokémon (Preferably namable but if not that's ok & however many you have to trade)
    Certain 5-6 IV mons (if they have egg moves then all the better)
    Certain Egg move mons
    Certain female Apricorn, Dream and other special ball mons

    A Japanese Event Shiny Genesect
    Bagon HA Sheer Force with 5-6 31 Ivs, female in a great ball with egg moves: Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Fire Fang & Hydro Pump
    Eevee with the move Iron Tail
    Also looking for these special Pokémon aside from the above: (Note: This is still in the process of editing...)
    Note: Any Pokémon in this spoiler MUST have 5-6 perfect IVs regardless of if it lists it or not and you must tell me the Pokémon you're offering me from this spoiler has 5-6 perfect IVs to avoid confusion. Please understand I am ONLY looking for any Pokémon listed here that has 100% of all that is listed, any less and I'm not interested so please only offer me exactly what I'm asking for, thanks.
    NOTE! Since this list is still in the process of editing (Not sure when it'll get finished but I'll let you know and if this note is gone then it's finished), only Pokémon that have their names bolded I am currently looking for and accepting offers of since those have all their details finished for what I need them to have where as the rest aren't finished yet.

    Bulbasaur HA+ Leaf Storm, Petal Dance, Power Whip & Skull Bash
    Charmander female in a ??? Ball with HA+ Dragon Rush, Flare Blitz, Crunch & Dragon Dance nature that downs sp. atk and raises either Sp. def or Spd. (Haven't decided yet)
    Squirtle HA+ Water Spout, Muddy Water, Mirror Coat & Dragon Pulse Aura Sphere
    Fennekin (If 5 IV then preferably no 31 IV in the Atk stat but if so, that's fine) Timid nature female in a Heal ball with HA+ Heat Wave, Hypnosis, Magic Coat & Wish

    still in the process of editing...
    Also Looking for these items:
    Ability Capsules
    Enigma Berry
    Jaw Fossil
    Lucky Eggs
    Master Balls
    PP Max
    Any X/Y/event exclusive Mega Stone item
    Rewards for people who've earned a reward:
    Note: If you're on this list you can have 1 thing (Unless a note says 2 or 3 max) listed for trade in The GOTT Trade Shop. Legendary/Mythical/Event/Shiny Pokémon as well as special one of a kind items such as Mega Stones aren't a reward, sorry. Please let me know what you want from my trade shop and I'll let you know if it's a reward item or not. Wondering how to qualify for rewards? Well, that's a secret for now. ;)

    Last edited: May 10, 2014
    Regiultima likes this.
  2. TheDarkDragons

    TheDarkDragons Mega Blastoise

    I can get you Protean Froakie/Frogadier. Any specific Ball type you want? Also, I'm assuming the "Friend Safari Pokémon" have their HA, right? Can I get a list of what you have available?
  3. Izayoi

    Izayoi The Sealed Weapon

    I have a Cryogonal. I'm not gonna ask for anything in return, but I'll need your friend code. PM me whenever you're ready. :)
  4. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    UPDATE: I have updated the opening post with a list of all the HA Pokémon I have which are for trade (Unless it doesn't say for trade in which case I'll have to breed you them) as well as adding more Pokémon I'm looking for and at the bottom of the "for trade" area added a sentence on the HA Pokémon to let you know they're for trade.
    EDIT: Added a Breloom with it's HA to the bottom of the Opening post.

    I will have to think on it. I'll let you know once you tell me what you want in return for the Pokémon. As for your question/request, yes some do and you certainly can. I updated the opening post with the list for them.

    Alright I will PM you as soon as I am ready. (Might be half a day to a day though) If you change your mind and want something in return please let me know.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2013
  5. TheDarkDragons

    TheDarkDragons Mega Blastoise

    I sent you a VM, but the gist of it was that I'd trade a Protean Frogadier with a Light Ball for an Ivysaur in a Luxury Ball. If you want a Special Ball, that's perfectly fine by me, and if you can't do Ivysaur, then there's some others I'd be willing to trade for too. On a side note, I can also get you Marvel Scale Dratini and Speed Boost Whirlpede. Unfortunately, since I got the Dratini from Wonder Trade, it's in a Repeat Ball, but I can catch Whirlpede in whatever Ball you'd like. If you want those too, I'm pretty interested in Tropius and Munna, although, again, I'd prefer them to be in a Luxury Ball. If you can't do those, still others that catch my eye on the list, so no worries. XD

    Oh, and Hidden Abilities will be passed down regardless of what the actual ability is, ie. breeding a Technician Breloom can get you a Quick Feet Shroomish.
  6. LegendofFantasy

    LegendofFantasy New Member

    HA Eevee for HA Forretress/Pineco?
  7. Izayoi

    Izayoi The Sealed Weapon

    An HA Bulbasaur with Modest nature would be great, but it'd be better if I offered something of higher value. Ah yes, I have plenty Protean Frogadiers if you want them.
    I'm also able to breed Marvel Scale Dratinis, 5 IV'd even.

    EDIT: Oh, and I can also breed Speed Boost Venipedes. But only after I EV trained my only one. And it's gonna take a while since it's male.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2013
  8. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    Yes that is fine with me. I can breed you a HA Pineco for that HA Eevee. If this is fine with you, send me a PM with your friend code and I'll do the same afterwards and we'll set up a date and time to trade.

    I sent you a VM too. In short I can't catch a Ivysaur with it's HA in a Luxury Ball and to the ones you listed, I can trade you a Munna or a Tropius with their HA but they aren't in a Luxury Ball. Munna (Male) is in a Great Ball and Tropius (Female) is in a Ultra Ball. As to the Dratini and Whirlipede with their HA, nice and I don't mind what ball they're in. For Froakie/Frogadier if you have a female in a Dive Ball that'd be perfect, if not then np, mainly concerned with getting the Pokémon with it's HA. Anyway, this will help you out when reading my list of HA Pokémon. Below are all the Pokémon I have with their HA. Please note if it doesn't say for trade then that means I'll have to breed you it or it's pre-evolution with the HA.

    So just let me know what it is you want.

    I can do that and also I got a Cryogonal recently so I've removed that from my list so that Marvel Scale Dratini sounds good to me. If this is fine with you then I will get to breeding you that Bulbasaur you want?
  9. TheDarkDragons

    TheDarkDragons Mega Blastoise

    Alright, well... I'd still prefer a HA Female from the Friend Safari in Luxury, but hey, it's no problem if you can't. I'll still take the Joltik, I can work some breeding magic to get what I need, so if you don't mind it being Male, thanks. The Frogadier is no problem though.
    Seeing as you already have an offer for Marvel Scale Dratini, I'll stick to the Speed Boost Whirlpede. For that I'll take a... I guess I'll nab the Muk or the Clefairy. Again, if you can't get them from your Friend Safari, I'll take one as is. Though, I suppose I'd prefer the Muk, since it's much harder for you to breed a Male Clefairy.
  10. Xernoblade

    Xernoblade Live long & prosper

    Hey I'd like HA Grimer, HA Happiny/Chansey, HA Helipotile and HA Venonat.
    I can offer HA Froakie, HA Dratini, HA Eevee and HA Venipede
  11. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    I can breed you all that you want but there are already others here who came before you who are offering me those Pokémon you're offering me and since they came first it'd be rude and wrong of me and The GOTT Trade Shop to back out on them like that. I hope you can understand but hey, if you have anything else to offer then we might can work something out. Also, if anyone should back out on the trade for whatever reason, then I'd be happy to get you the Pokémon for whatever they backed out on. Also, a previous trade here has been completed and as such, I am no longer looking for a HA Eevee.

    I checked the Pokémon that appears in my friend safari if someone is friends with me so in this case, Galvantula is one of them. So while I'm not able to get you it or Joltik in the Luxury ball, I do have a female Joltik, in a Poke Ball with it's HA or you could take a chance and try and get a HA Galvantula by us registering each other as friends though, I'm not online as much as I used to be and the hrs vary. (Hence the take a chance) So if you no longer want the Joltik, what do you want in return for that Frogadier? As for the bolded, I don't want there to be a mix up so if I don't mind what being male?

    I can breed you a Grimer with it's HA and it'll be in a Dusk Ball. So a HA Grimer for a HA Whirlipede?
  12. TheDarkDragons

    TheDarkDragons Mega Blastoise

    Well, I'll simply take a Tropius then, doesn't matter what gender/Ball.

    1 Harvest Tropius for 1 Protean Frogadier, in a Dive Ball, holding a Light Ball
    1 Poison Touch Grimer for 1 Speed Boost Whirlpede.

    Sound about right?
  13. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    Sure though I remember you were wanting a Helix Fossil or a Dome Fossil so I can attach one to the Tropius for that Light Ball on the HA Frogadier for you so which one do you want? Were you wanting the Grimer to be a male or a female?
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
  14. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    I've updated the OP post big time by adding spoilers so it takes up less space as well as new items/Pokémon the GOTT is looking for/trading.
  15. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    I've Updated the OP post to reflect the changes. Basically I'm no longer in need of a Mewtwonite X but will still trade for it and I've also added a Pokémon Egg moves section to the list of what's for trade. Please note when Bank is released, asap I'll be updating The GOTT Trade Shop big time to reflect new changes. This includes the fact I'll probably be trading Legendaries and Mythical (event) Pokémon. Please check back from time to time, especially after Bank's release for new updates to the shop. :)
    EDIT: Just added this to the looking for section: Japanese Event Shiny Genosect
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2014
  16. Ash1236

    Ash1236 New Member

    I would like a fletchling with gale wings. I offer a 5iv charmander with outrage.
  17. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    EDIT: Added to the looking for section: Squirtle with the moves Aura Sphere and Dragon Pulse
    EDIT 2: Removed Charmander with the move Outrage from the looking for section and added Eevee with the move Iron Tail to the looking for section. Also added Charmander with the move Outrage to the egg move section.

    Sure. Np. I'll send you a PM so we can begin the trade process. :)
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2014
  18. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    Attention! The GOTT Trade Shop is temporally closed for renovations and such. We'll be back open in 1-3 days with a big update. People looking for Poke bank Pokémon are sure to find something they're looking for. The rest of the update is a surprise. ;) Please check back at least 1-2 times each day for the re-opening of the new and improved GOTT Trade shop. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. *Bows*

    For those of you who were in the middle of negotiating on a trade or have finished negotiating on a trade with the GOTT Trade Shop but have yet to trade with me then The GOTT Trade Shop will complete all negotiations/trades prior to this announcement. For those who were looking to trade after this announcement and before the re-opening, hang in there, you might find something more better upon the re-opening of The GOTT Trade Shop. Once again the GOTT Trade Shop apologizes for any inconvenience. *Bows*
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2014
  19. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    The GOTT Trade Shop's renovations are now finished and we're now back open! Welcome to the Grand re-opening of The GOTT Trade Shop! The OP post has under gone big changes, so many that I'd rather not list all the changes but they range from big to small. I will list 4 changes however. I can breed you ANY Poke Bank Pokémon or any Pokémon except Legendary/Mythical Pokémon/Dittos. I might can get my hands on some legendaries. More Pokémon and items were added to all the lists and some removed from some or all of the lists. And last but not least the lists are now alphabetical for the Pokémon/item listings thus making it way easier to find what you're looking for and such. Once again we apologize for the inconvenience of the shop closing and thank you for your understanding and cooperation but it's now back open and has been greatly improved! So once again, welcome to The GOTT Trade Shop. :)

    Edit: I forgot to add something to the OP post which is a special section for people who've earned a reward from The GOTT Trade Shop. I also forgot to say that even though the renovations have been finished, over the next week or two there will be new stuff added, new features/services and so on. Please be on the look out for updates.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2014
  20. Eclair~

    Eclair~ ES member Eclair

    Added Larvitar: Dragon Dance and Stealth Rock and Honedge: Shadow Sneak and Metal Sound (Both moves can also be learned by lv. up) and Dratini: Water Pulse, Extreme Speed and Dragon Dance (DD can be learned by LV. up) to the egg move Pokémon for trade spoiler.

    Added Marvel Scale Dratini to the HA for trade spoiler and took it out of the looking for spoiler.

    Also I AM still looking for the stone items, just maybe not the mega stone items. I also added new items I'm looking for and also added a section for items I have for trade. I've also added a special section which will be used as a limited time promotion. I haven't worked out all the details but once I have the spoiler will be updated with all the details. (Atm there is a promo going on)

    Last but not least, if ANYONE has a Eevee HA Anticipation 6 IVs and or a A Japanese (JPN) 6 IV Ditto for trade then I'm in need of them asap. Atm the only promo going on is in regards to this. See the promo spoiler in the OP post for more info.

    EDIT: Added a list of all the Battle Maison items I'm looking for.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2014

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