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+/ [the gpx+ and vdex fan club]

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Manchee, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    GPX+ / VDex Fan Club

    [★] Do you own eggs or Pokémon on Global Pokédex Plus or VDex Project? Are you looking for a
    place to talk about them on these forums? Are you trying to find people to click your eggs? Well
    you have come to the right place. Here, you can talk about the rare eggs you've found, the cool
    Pokémon you have, and anything else about GPX+ or Vdex.

    → Rules
    1.) You must have a GPX+ or VDex account (at least one).
    2.) All SPPf and Club Rules, including no one-liners.
    3.) You are not allowed to post submissions/advertisements here for any contests on GPX+. Doing so will result in a strike or ban depending on how serious it is.
    4.) Have decent grammar. Don't substitute words like "prolly" and "cos/cuz" for their proper meanings.
    5.) If you post a screencap, put it in a spoiler or thumbnail so it doesn't make everything all big and weird ><
    6.) You are not allowed to post begging for clicks. You'll be temporarily banned from the club if you do this, and if it becomes a problem you will be permanently banned.
    7.) Make sure you read the entire rest of this post!

    Walcott / gpx+ / vdex
    Mr. Joker / gpx+ / vdex
    suicune lover / gpx+ / vdex
    Mi10ticFan / gpx+ / vdex
    HydroSwampert / gpx+ / vdex
    Infernape77 / gpx+ / vdex
    Plat. Frontier / gpx+ / vdex
    Acio29619 / gpx+ / vdex
    >Entei< / gpx+ / vdex
    Mudkip8003 / gpx+ / vdex
    Stocking / gpx+ / vdex
    crazysteve1001 / gpx+ / vdex
    Keruso / gpx+ / vdex
    Taposa / gpx+ / vdex

    *Three strikes gets you a one week ban.
    *All other ban lengths afterwards are determined by me.

    blasian amtrax - Strikes: 4, Bans: 1 week (cp)
    chiper12 - Strikes: 4, Bans: 9 days (cp)
    dragonzzzzm - Strikes: 4, Bans: 1 week (cp)
    crazysteve1001 - Strikes: 6, Bans: 1 month (cp)

    (ac) = active
    (cp) = completed
    *Anyone that has received a ban will never be removed from this list.

    Club Updates
    June 22, 2011
    This club is now not only for GPX+, but also for the site VDex Project. Please welcome all new users with respect!

    none yet!

    → Include "I'm king of the world!" in your post when you join. Also include links to your gpx+ and/or vdex accounts so I can link to them next to your name on the member list. Write a post about why you want to join, include the sentence line earlier in this blurb and your account links, and make sure it's not a one-liner. ;D​


    failure to read this post can result in being banned from the club.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2012
  2. Starlight Aurate

    Starlight Aurate Just a fallen star

    Pfft. The club was re-made and I didn't even notice :/

    Username: Starliteevee
    GPX Plus Username: Starliteevee
    GPX Plus Party Link: http://gpxplus.net/user/Starliteevee
    How long you have been on GPX Plus: Since February 21
    How active you are on GPX Plus: On weekdays, only a bout 15 minutes, or not at all. Weekends, a couple hours.

    Thank you so much for re-making this club Burrado_Aipom! I would give you an internet hug, but I'm not sure if you like hugs, so I'll keep my internet hands to myself.
  3. Mr. Joker

    Mr. Joker keep calm & carry on

    Re-joining, my internet has been fixed between the closing of the old one and this one!

    Username: Mr. Joker
    GPX Plus Username: Mr Joker
    GPX Plus Party Link: [link]
    How long you have been on GPX Plus:
    How active you are on GPX Plus: about 7 months with my 3 months of Hiatus

  4. Shiwin

    Shiwin .


    Thanks for remaking this club, BA! ^__^ Um, I can call you BA, right? The old club was awesome, and I'm sure this one will be awesome too!
  5. I was waiting for this club to be remade! *rejoins*

    Username: Sapphire Phoenix
    GPX Plus Username: Sapphire Phoenix
    GPX Plus Party Link: link
    What is your time zone?: Uh... GMT -5 I think (it's whatever US Central Time is)
    How long have you been on GPX Plus: Since February 20th (so, 8 months XD)
    Are you active on GPX Plus: Yes. I go on there everyday and do about 1,000 interactions X3

    Thanks for remaking the club BA :D
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2009
  6. EmpoleonRules

    EmpoleonRules Water FTW!

    Username: EmpoleonRules
    GPX Plus Username: EmpoleonRules
    GPX Plus Party Link:Link
    How long you have been on GPX Plus: A few months now. (Like since the 4th of June)
    How active you are on GPX Plus: Daily, unless I'm busy.
  7. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    w00t w00t w00t.

    Do I really need to do this again? Pffft wateva.

    Username: Suicune lover
    GPX Plus Username: Blue Destiny
    GPX Plus Party Link: www.gpxplus.net/user/Blue+Destiny
    How long you have been on GPX Plus: 4 months now.
    How active you are on GPX Plus: Most of the time :]


    What do you all think of the new Dress up/ Egg abbandoning thing? I like the Dressup, but I spent all my money on it and now I have none :[ Nvm, Its awesome. I HATE the new egg times. Ugh. Its turning more and more into Dragg Cave. Will post later. Baiyz
  8. M.M.

    M.M. UJellicent?

    Username: mewmaster007
    GPX Plus Username: MEWZ
    GPX Plus Party Link: www.gpxplus.net/user/MEWZ
    How long you have been on GPX Plus: 4 months
    How active you are on GPX Plus: Every day

    Missing the reopening because of band=fail. XD
  9. hooray

    Username: shiny_arceus
    GPX Plus Username: pichi hime
    GPX Plus Party Link: http://gpxplus.net/user/pichi+hime
    How long you have been on GPX Plus: 3 months
    How active you are on GPX Plus: I go on a bit everyday
  10. Illusione-Tempus

    Illusione-Tempus Well-Known Member

    HOOZAH! :D

    Username: Mi10ticFan
    GPX Plus Username: Golden Pidgeot
    GPX Plus Party Link: http://gpxplus.net/user/Mystic+milotic
    How long you have been on GPX Plus: 7 months
    How active you are on GPX Plus: Quite active, but not active in clicking

    BTW the auto-abandonment hasn't been decided yet... it's still on as a poll (which Zerx/Wymsy hasn't update yet til now).
  11. Pokemaniac Erika

    Pokemaniac Erika All aboard!

    Re-join? :3

    Username: Pokemaniac Erika
    GPX Plus Username: Pokemaniac Erika
    GPX Plus Party Link: http://gpxplus.net/user/Pokemaniac+Erika
    How long you have been on GPX Plus: Based on my GTS+ profile... Since 15-February 2009.
    How active you are on GPX Plus: I check everyday, return clicks everyday, mass-clicking (if in mood of it) every weekend and holiday. I'll say I'm pretty active :)

    I love the new dress up idea!! :D
    But I must stop myself from buying those accessories because I need the points for something important >.> I prevent myself from checking the shop for it.

    I'm pretty sure the auto-abandonment update will be canceled and replaced by the other. I check the vote everytime I could.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2009
  12. Gardevoir Girl

    Gardevoir Girl is NOT a girl

    Would like to join please.

    Username: Gardevoir Girl
    GPX Plus Username: Jezebel
    GPX Plus Party Link: http://gpxplus.net/user/Jezebel
    How long you have been on GPX Plus: Almost two months.
    How active you are on GPX Plus: At least a few hours every day, excluding those uncommon but unfortunate days the phone lines go down for four or five days on end.

    Dress up = <3

    Honestly, the first thing I do after reset is check out the new accessories for sale. I'll never be able to save up any points, but at least I'll have cute Pokemon.

    Egg abandonment: Sort of undecided. I voted for limited legendaries/novelties, but then reconsidered and thought it's not such a bad idea. There seem to be too many people who never log in again after signing up, who might end up with an event egg that will never hatch. The revised time limit is fair, and it'll give active members a chance to own a legendary that might otherwise have sat in a dead account for however long it takes for the account to be deleted.

    Edit: The rule about always clicking full party; am I breaking that if I won't click the Dratini line?
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2009
  13. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    *Deep breath* ACCEPTEDNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS!!!! Ur all in : D : D : D

    Ogod someone actually read the rules Well, I doubt anyway that many of us will even have a Dratini/air/nite, but if you have some personal hate for them I guess not. Trix? Thoughts?

    Tell me about it. First I thought it was 1 for 1 pokemon, and bought like 5 of each, and then I was like Oshit. If I see something I REALLY REALLY like then I might go on a click spree just to get it. But no pokemon are permanantly in my party for that long (Appatr from PD) so I guess it doesn't matter.

    What did you all get from the event? I got a RAIKOU :3 HOW DID THEY KNOW I NEEDED ONE FOR MY COLLECTION?
  14. Mr. Joker

    Mr. Joker keep calm & carry on

    I didn't get anything from the event, but I have gotten something from all events (Excluding the Zerogoose the EB novelty events) so I am okay with it to be honest, the only pokemon that I would have really wanted from the event is Mesperit =/

    I am trying to find a GPX+ group on the site to get more clicks, any suggestions?

    News: Not much, my shiny hunt for Spiertomb by halloween continues.
  15. I didn't get anything either... but I got a Char Clone yesterday, so that made up for it 8D (and I've gotten something from 6 events, so I shouldn't complain anyways).

    The Clicking Coliation, The Goodfellows, and the 1/6 League are all groups that return clicks (most of the people in there anyways)...

    News: Meh, trying to go on a clicking spree to make up the points I spent today on those accessories... stupid lag is getting in my way though D:

    Oh, I missed two Slime Slugma eggs and an Easter Buneary egg yesterday :/
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2009
  16. M.M.

    M.M. UJellicent?

    Well I got a Mesprit from the event and named it Seion after I hatched it in 13 hours. Seion is Japanese for serenity so I thought it fit. I'm anxious to see the new event but I've also been busy with life and with my HG that came after 23 business days....
  17. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    Antghing really. Berry Smart groups, 1/6 league are good options. Though I find if you put them in your signature here they hatch alot faster.'cause, ya know, alot more people are here than on there. But you only see the effect overnight.

    I hope we get another Johto event to celebrate HGSS, but probably not. They'll probably do that when the release HGSS in America. But I can dream <3
  18. Mr. Joker

    Mr. Joker keep calm & carry on

    ^^ Johto Starter Clones pl0x

    Lol, okay. I'll join one of those, probably the 1/6 league. I really want to get a shiny Spirtomb before halloween so i'll need alot of clicks D:

    What do you all think of the new Dress up/ Egg abbandoning thing?

    Dress Up: I LOVE IT SO FRIGGEN MUCH <3 I love the idea! It makes it feel like the pokemon is yours!

    Egg Abbandoning: I am for it to be honest, I think that it is a good idea because people leave and the poor eggies don't get cared for :<
  19. M.M.

    M.M. UJellicent?

    Hm Johto starter clones would be lovely ^_^ I'm sure Wymsy has contemplated the idea before but I don't know if it would seem like too much of a "rip-off" and then people would expect clones from the other regions.

    What do you all think of the new Dress up/ Egg abbandoning thing?

    Well for dress-up I honestly don't care that they added it, it's nothing special to me.

    As for abandoning eggs well I'd have to say that I could care less if anything below legend/novelty was abandoned but legends and novelties should be able to be abandoned by the site since people go away with the eggs and then never hatch them.

    Which Pokemon do you think are going to be given away for the second October event?

    October=Halloween so clones could definitely be in for discussion of what's being given away but what do you think?
  20. EmpoleonRules

    EmpoleonRules Water FTW!

    Good thing the Club is back up, I missed it. :D

    I really like it. It makes the Pokemon more unique. I also spent all my money on the accessories. Well, at least I don't need the money badly, I already have the major account upgrades.

    I really don't care about the Egg Abandoning thing because I don't think it'll affect me all that much, but the time limit seems reasonable. The only way you won't hatch it in time is if you don't log on for a long time. Or if you don't click much.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2009
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