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Fear the Deer
Clicking is fun. Especially when I am also playing a game while doing it.

So, I hatched my Slime Slumga. Female and boxed to be released on a later date. Also got and hatched an Easter Buneary for some reason. Shortly after getting that, I got a Bonsly egg, which I hatched at the same time, and boxed. Grabbed a Lab Aerodactyl, which is the third I've gotten, but first I'm going to keep(I need an Aerodactyl :p) Grabbed a random Drowzee and Bidoof to replace my Slime Slugma and Bonsly. Oh, and 2010, my Hippowdon, and Scorpion, my Shining Gliscor, are nearing Lv.100, and shall be by the end of the day. Still haven't a clue as to what I want to do next, aside from clicking. Oh, and bought a Pokéradar to use today. :)
Today I witnesses the power of Zerxer.

I put all my Pokemon in my party, and I posted in the front page of Zerxer's Bonus, And When I got up this morning I had a happy suprise,

All my eggs were ready to hatch, and my Togekiss was level 100 8D

A LOT of views.

Anyway, How's everyone clicking? With the bonuses I hope they give you more incentive to click if you aren't doing it now.

Good Luck Everyone!


extra toasty
Sorry I have been inactive from the club, my major barrage of projects and assignments controlled my life this week :<

And congrats to m19 for getting this event of clicking today to become so big that everything is multiplied by two ;3 And if no one noticed, the Shelter Pass changed - now you can buy five of them (they're only 15,000 now) and each time they add an additional four Pokémon to the amount you can get per day. So that's a total of twenty-six if all of them are bought O.O

Anyway, I'm just going to be clicking as much as I can until I have to go to my mom's later ;)



Speak No Evil
Ohhoho, I am DEFINITELY taking advantage of this new Shelter Pass thing! I bought four more (now I have around 72K points) and the original plan was to keep three more Hoenn Pokemon in my party, but that's changed for now! Back to hatching eggs without any time limit or waiting!

NEWS: Nosepass reached level 100 and I think Machop will do the same soon! After that it's Torkoal and Pelipper!

Also, I clicked more than I usually do at nights, and I plan on breaking my record today, so get ready!


Water FTW!
Well today has been great for me.
I hatched a fossil anorith and Giratina that I had just gotten last night. All thanks to getting on the first page on the Day of Click Thread. Also, I found a Gracidea Flower, got a stardust from the underground, and got a Zephyr Badge. And to top it off my daycare couple produced two shellderboy eggs. Btw, I am selling the Gracidea and I will drop one of the shellderboy eggs at 12:45 Server Time.

Sorry for the long post. XD

Edit: Missed Dracowymsy egg from shelter. :(
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extra toasty
So my original motivation to click is no longer with me :/ I have a runny nose, which is bothering me beyond belief, and I'm going to my mom's soon, and her internet isn't the best thing ever ><

News: Evolved a lot of Pokés and am leveling a lot up (I really love the x2 interaction <3). I'm hoping to evolve my three Burmy and my Buneary by the end of the day, and get Kabuto pretty close as well.




Well-Known Member
You lucky people with your chests and shinies... I can never get a chest. On the bright side...

Found by dumb luck from a lab egg. Shame it's not a Gulpin.
-Did 8k clicks already
-Got Volcano Badge. Going to get 2 more badges and more importantly Kanto Champion later. I think I can also get Shiny Seeker now.
-Got all 5 shelter passes. Cost a good bit, but I think it will be worth it, and I made back almost 15k from selling stuff.


extra toasty
^NO. It's not a SHAME. YOU GOT A SHINY. Be happy with it, even if it's not what you wanted. Everyone needs to stop being upset with what they get. At least you got one. I've never hatched one. THAT'S A SHAME. What does it really help saying "Oh, it was the specific Pokémon I wanted," or "I just got TWO shinies of the SAME POKÉMON in LESS THAN FOUR DAYS, but it wasn't a certain gender so I'm not completely happy." :| Seriously. It's a game. You can't always get what you want.

News: Pokés are leveling up slowly now that I'm not clicking atm. I probably won't be either until later tonight.



Speak No Evil
Just be thankful you got a shiny Captain, even if you wanted some other one (it looks neat, btw). If I get a shiny male Aipom, that's perfectly fine, because 1. I got a good name for it, and 2. I don't wanna go searching forever for a specific gendered one.

NEWS: Lag is pretty insane, but I'm hatching eggs rather fast, but I've been slacking in clicking the past couple of hours, maybe because I was waiting to hatch my eggs, or I was eating lunch (Mac and cheese, if you wanna know). Almost finished with my 26 shelter grabs for the day! :D


Fear the Deer
^NO. It's not a SHAME. YOU GOT A SHINY. Be happy with it, even if it's not what you wanted. Everyone needs to stop being upset with what they get. At least you got one. I've never hatched one. THAT'S A SHAME. What does it really help saying "Oh, it was the specific Pokémon I wanted," or "I just got TWO shinies of the SAME POKÉMON in LESS THAN FOUR DAYS, but it wasn't a certain gender so I'm not completely happy." :| Seriously. It's a game. You can't always get what you want.
That is seriously a laugh inducing rant. At least, it is to me, since I'm content with whatever I can get.

Scorpion and 2010 are 1 and 2 levels from 100 respectively. Hatched that Lab Aerodactyl, a Heracross I got from the lab shortly after posting last, and a few other things too. Oh, and Snowfall, my Winter Ninetales, came back with nothing. Said to myself when that happened "Well, screw you too, Snowfall." :p

EDIT: Just snagged an Unown from the lab a little bit ago. Makes up for the one I missed earlier.
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Sweet and Delicious
^In agreement about the lag. >__< Seems like interaction calculations are taking forever to complete. (Not to mention the delay when trying to click people or hatch things! Makes me grateful for the "hatch all" option)

Random: Cherubi hit level 100 after 5.5 hours in my party. That's definitely the fastest I've ever leveled any Pokemon. Building off of Trixie's "flamboyant" suggestion, I've decided to name it Miyavi after the visual kei jrocker. The name's also extremely close to "miyabi," which is fitting, given Cherrim's sakura basis.

News: Bought a Root Fossil from the back of the shop, and got Gracidea from unlocking Master Trainer. Used it when the Lab was empty, and successfully got my Shaymin egg. I'll be dropping the Shaymin that I nabbed a whiles back after this one's hatched.


New Member
GPX plus is running really slow.

The admins here are really nice. I really like how they gave us 2x.

Lugia is unbearably close to hatching!! Shiny vibes!!

Hatched a pineco. meh.
Ugh, this lag is getting on my nerves >.>

Well, congrats to m19 for getting his Great Day of Mass Clicking so popular that we get a x2 bonus to go with it. And apparently GDoMC did work, since the Mystery Counter has reached critical mass :D

-Hatched Fake Groundon (finally)
-Got my Zergoose, Haunter, and Gastly to a lv. 100 today
-unlocked Total Bankruptcy today.
-I'm #9 on the 'Most Items Bought Today' (at the time of this post).
-I just need to get max happiness on 3 more Happiny before I can mass-evolve all 23 of them into Blisseys at once and get Box of Bliss.


Fear the Deer
Hm. I wonder if the admins downed the required amount for Critical Mass...

Anyway, whoo! Critical Mass!

In other news, several times today I've had to take eggs from the shelter to fill up my party because the lab is empty. I did, however, snag a Miltank from the lab to go with my Tauros from the lab. Mad I missed a Porygon however. And now its off to click some more

*grabs DS and puts in EoS to listen to music while clicking*


extra toasty
^I know it was at critical mass by 1.1 million, so yeah, I'm pretty sure it was downed ;)

News: FINALLY GOT JOHTO MASTER :D And my prize is...... (I actually don't know yet as I'm typing this, the page is still loading) a Silver Wing! :D I'm not sure what I'm doing with it yet. I like Lugia, I just am unsure about if I want to spend the time hatching it and stuff. I'm definitely not using my Corruption Orb on it, I'm saving that for a Bidofo (btw, has anyone figured out the image for it yet from the Daycare?) so I can get OCD.

All three Burmy are near evolution and I just evolved my Nidoran straight to Nidoqueen ;3


Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
WOW! Congrats on the Shiny Clefairy, Cherubi and Kingler guys! This 2010 we have seen loads of shinies in this club already.

Thanks m19 for the idea of the Critical mass day too.

Seeing as it is X2 today I have been focusing on training my novelties as I want the achievement Novelty Collector. I only have to evolve my SS, IC and VC till I get it. And I also evolved my Smoochum and got the achievement Eww, to make 52 achievements. Also training multiple other pokemon. And getting Piss*d at Oddish's as the are about to fill my eighth or ninth box. On average I will hatch around 8-12 Oddish eggs so boxes are filled up in no time. The Shiny better come soon cause I don't want to start releasing any of the fails or I will loose count of how much I have hatched.


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extra toasty
Lol okay, so I completely changed my mind on everything I had said before. I previously said I would but an Amulet Coin on a critical mass day and that I'd sell my Silver Wing. Well yeah I bought a Lucky Egg and used the Silver Wing :x I'm not corrupting Lugia, as I hate Shadow Lugia, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my Corruption Orb yet.

News: Evolved my three Burmy, Nidoran, Eevee, Buneary, Cascoon, and Silcoon yesterday. Kabuto went up from level one to level twenty-eight. I think I hatched something too, but I can't remember.

Party for today:

Geodude, Machop, and Abra are all in there until they get to their levels to evolve since they're all Pokés that evolve after waiting five days. I still didn't decide on which region (Kanto or Sinnoh) to focus on yet for the next Master Achievement, so I think I'm going to go for them both at the same time ^^;

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Speak No Evil
Yesterday I definitely shattered my clicking record! I did a pretty nice (in my book) 6,282 interactions! Thanks M19 for helping organize this! I probably won't click as much today as yesterday, but I'll still take advantage of the CM day!

Apparently, there were quite a few Soul Dews in the back room. I bought one in hopes of getting Latios, so I did and after the lab lag (and me thinking it was already taken), I was able to get, you guessed it, Latios!

Now I have all summonable legends. Now all I have to do is get a Silver Wing (and I sure I will after the next reset) so I can corrupt the Lugia and then set my sights on a Bidofo (I'm not sure if I wanna breed for one or not).

And also, congrats to BA for getting Johto Master!

Gardevoir Girl

is NOT a girl
How do you people get all these Shinies?! Oh, and to whoever it was (can't be bothered going back to see) who thought 100 eggs and no Shiny was bad, so did I - THREE HUNDRED EGGS AGO.


Sorry about that. I passed frustrated about a month ago. Especially since the deadline I set - the very generous deadline of six months, I might add - has passed.

416 now. Bought another Shelter Pass so I can adopt 14 eggs a day, although unfortunately I kept wasting them on hatched Riolu and ran out long before reset. On the bright side, Tonio and Amy (Luxray and Gardevoir) gained a few levels filling my party for the night.

Found a treasure chest, and Silver Wing. Mind you, this was about 12 hours after a conversation where I told someone I needed a Griseous Orb and he confessed to having just used one, before saying he also needed a Silver Wing, and then I stupidly promised him one if I ever got it. Well, I sold it anyway, and with the points I managed to get up over 90000 again. And then used those points after reset to buy the Lucky Egg I'd wanted, plus the Wide Lens I'd been tempted by earlier. It's throwing me off a little now I have to scan five descriptions instead of four, but I'll get used to it like I did when the Shelter size doubled.

Switched Zergoose out of the Daycare earlier and replaced him with my first Lucario, so I don't have to take shelter Riolu eggs and have more adoptions left over for Ralts. Unlike the last pair, I'm not getting new eggs every time I log in, but they have produced five batches in 24 hours so I'm not too unhappy.

Would post my current party but they'll hatch too fast, what with 1.5 point day and the Lucky Egg.
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Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Well, yesterday seemed to be a success, although we did not break the counter record (but we did break the interactions record!)

They reduced the counter to 1 million for critical mass - maybe due to the event.


**Got about ten level 99 Pokemon waiting to be levelled up when the time is right.

**Levelling up my pure-breeding pairs to level 100. Currently EB, Abra and CO pairs on in my party.

**Was going to but a Lucky Egg but not sure because II am not really hatching eggs at the moment, so I might wait until the next sale.

**Unown returned from Underground with nothing.

**Gonna try for 3k clicks at least today.

**Congrats to anyone who deserves it (Shiny Kingler anyone?)

**Congrats too Trixie on the Latios
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