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Eh. Originally, I was just getting one of my friends to critique these in private, though, since everyone else is posting their eggs, why not?
These are what I came up with.
Dark blue Backround, with golden-yellow stars.
Kinda boring, but eh. I liked it.

Note: Only the mid four are candidates

1. Template
2. Zig Zag with Large space-fillers.
3. Zig Zag with Smaller space-filleres.
4. Zig Zag with no space-fillers.
5. Random-placed Stars (the original).
6. Re-colored Template.

Which do you guys think would probably make it farther?
Also, do you think I should tweak them a bit?
If so, in what respect?
Etc, etc.

So anyway...

Got another corruption orb, from my first black chest.

...I think that's it, actually. Didn't really do much else.

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Well, here's my 2 cents, not that I'm good at pixel art or anything:

@Lil Crickee: I really like yours. I think that it is really creative. Due to your color choices, it pops out of the page which will make lots of people vote for it.

@m190049: If I were you I would go with 2. To me it looks almost like a cloudy sky with starts in it. You also had a great choice of colors.

A quick question:

What programs did all of you all use? I used paint, and, as you can see, it doesn't like me.

EDIT: This one is kind of silly but I guess I'll post it:

Introducing the DNEgg

http://i42.*******.com/16c2qyo.png (It's supposed to look like a strand of DNA)

I got a new idea and am working on it now!!

EDIT 2: This is that idea: http://i40.*******.com/16h9h6e.png

Well? what d'ya think?

EDIT 3: Another bad egg; this one is supposed to look like the Mona Lisa: http://i39.*******.com/6tliqw.png
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^ thanks haha. i thought it was cruddy but im glad someone likes it! ^o^
i might make a south park one too. just for fun. :b



uhm, i just used paint + photoshop for transparent background. i drew my little confetti things out from scratch and stuff. ^^;
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extra toasty
Crickee: I like your one that's looking at me 8D

Lov: The DNA one is cool... but I still like the rainbow one. That's just me, everyone else might prefer something else you've done ;)

m19: I like number three... number two is cool, but I think the zig-zags are a little too big.

News: Clicked back... twenty-three people so far? Out of fourty-five, haha. I'll get done with the rest before the end of the night ;3



Fear the Deer
*eyetwitches* That Lugia I summoned back in February for a friend turned out SHINING! WHY CAN I NEVER WIN?!

Anyway, got "Its over NINE THOUSAND!!" just a few moments ago, and my Groudon was Lv.100 after taking it out, so I put GHO5T, my Ghost Form MissingNo., into there for leveling up. I mean, it brought back a Lunar Wing. And my Lab Vulpix is close to hatching, as are my Fossil Shieldon and twin Bidofo eggs. And that's it for now.

Mr. E Goods

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Congrats on the random Shiny Miltank and the Shiny Arcanine and Growlithe's. Also congrats to Mephi's shiny Larvitar too.

Everyones egg designs are so good! I love the eyes on yours lil crickee and I prefer the 4th one m19 although all are great. I honestly dont know how I will compete with them all. I may not enter the Contest because I dont have the slightest clue how to do any of that stuff. Also they have to be submitted in the next few days! Talk about short notice.

EDIT: I wont be entering the contest. I don't do spiriting and don't know how for that matter. The sprite will just be crappy and I doubt I will even be able to finish it. My brother is doing it so I will watch how he does it and see how I go.


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Wow, so many egg desing flooding in. Great work guys!

I don't think I ever mention I was slowly hunting for a shiny Aipom. Well...

And not even 24 hours after miltank. I'm freaking chuffed right now. I just can't believe my luck. Maybe I should take another shot at hatching a shiny porygon.

News: Besides aipom, I bred a charmander clone. Now I just need to breed a squirtle clone so I can get Dr. Fuji.


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So yesterday hatched Shiny Larvitar from 58th Larvitar and which was my last take from Shelter. Oh my, I love Shiny Tyranitar! *hug him*
Im happy about him. But here we go again Tyranitar sounds about sameway as how queen spell in Finland, Kuningatar, so I little bit hoped to get female. But like I said, Im happy :3

I almost quit for thinking about that contest. It was hard to draw anything by using program [because that egg picture is so small] which I got when I bought pen table. and then HALLELUJA totally forgot about Paint >-<

This I did by using that other program: [egg image deleted]
Now I have to use my brains and think new ideas ^^

Oh forgot I have hurry to think. I changed my Daycare pair (Wartortle Clones) to Charmander Clones and now started to happened something <.< Charmander Clones have laited 8 times 2 eggs and 5 of them have been clones. I leveled Wartortle Clones in daycare to lvl 30; they laid many eggs and ONLY ONE CLONE -.-'
And got Master Feeder and 1,500 points. I thought it will be summoning item like other Master-things but then again Master Feeder is much easier to get than other Masters.

Also: Happy Anniversary! 307/365 days (days goes so fast >.<)


Edit2: Ill send all other eggs at the sametime :3
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*pops up* Been playing HGSS, so I've been inactive everywhere :/

Came back today to hatch this baby:

dang it it's female. I needs a male D: Meh at least my shiny hunt is over... for now XD Ironically, I also found a Shiny Slowpoke in HG last week... so March has been my month for shinys :D

Personally I don't think I'll get far in the contest, but here's my design:
Not really creative compared to other people >.> I'm just aiming to get past the first round...

News: Hatched my Fake Groudon, unlocked 7/8 Johto Badges, hatched the Zapdos I got from the event, found a Gold Chest and got a Lunar Wing, got a Cresselia egg, hatched that Shiny Clone (after 3 months of hunting)... that's about it.


I'm loving all the egg designs people.

Sorry for my recent inactivity. I got my copy of SoulSilver last Thursday and have been playing it non-stop. I've actually already got my Lugia and have come close to beating Lance three times. Damn his three dragonites.

No real news as of late, other than having gotten a Squirtle clone. I;m back to breeding torchics because I will not let that shiny bird ellude me much longer. Granted, I've already bred three of them that are shiny, but I will get it eventually.
Ugh. Erm. Sorry for not being very active >> I guess I had a lot on me this week...

Congrats on all the shinies, Trix, Shiny, Sapph, and Meph! Congrats on anyone I missed too!

I guess the Egg designing contest had lured me back to GPX+. I love all the current entries, all far better than mine :<

So me. No Candy yet :< I got a Zapdos from the last event, so i'm kinda pleased. I donated 2 Missing.nos to the shelter, both taken by hoarders. Meh. One of them brought me back a Corruption Orb from the Underground, and Mewtwo brought me an Adamant Orb. I already have a Primal Dialga from the September event, so I won't corrupt it, so if anyone wants it, I'll sell it for you, kay? :)
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Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Two more egg designs which I probably won't be using:



I would appreciate if somebody could make them transparent...


How do you make them transparent?


**Not clicking much today - may not even do clickbacks.

**Summoned Kyogre and Giratina because the opportunity arose.

**Congrats to Mephi, Sapphire and Shiny Arceus for obvious reasons!


Speak No Evil
I got my egg design done for the most part. I just gotta tweak up a few things on it and it'll be all done! I'm sure I'm not gonna win after seeing some of your designs, but at least it gave me something to do while waiting for eggs to hatch or if I'm just bored with the stuff I usually do.

NEWS: Not much per usual, except for hatching eggs and stuff. Lugia and Octillery reached level 100 so I replaced them with Valentacool and Articuno.

Also, just to let you guys know, that cable for my laptop should be delivered any day now, so that means I will NOT have my laptop with me. I may still do click-backs on the old computer, but I can't mass-click like I usually do.

And, I'm about a month away from getting "Happy Anniversary!" Less than 40 days!!

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
@Mephi: I think definitely egg four or five.


**Got a new best egg design, but I sent it to Wymsy to check if it was eligible. Hoepfully it is because I reckon people will like it.

**Hardly clicked at all today - distracted by somebody and MS Paint. Now that I have my design, I won't be getting distracted by the contest anymore (unless my design gets rejected)

**Hoping to be slightly more active tomorrow and hopefully I can do full clickbacks.


I haven't clicked much today due to being sick, but this is just a quick update.

Since everyone is posting their egg designs, I'm going to start doing it, too. I enjoy challenging myself, since all I have is MS Paint.
Not my entry, but for my fellow A7X fans:

First possible entry:

Tattooed egg
With Sparkles
Anarchy egg.
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OH GOSH, it has been a long time since I post here. >_>
Really sorry for not being active on both GPX+ and SPPF.

I did not get anything from the last event, but whatever. Since my last post here, I got a Dratini egg from the Shelter, sent Davy the Kingdra to the Underground, and hatched 207 fail Shroomish.

Good luck to you who are taking part in the egg coloring contest.


Sweet and Delicious
Argh. I had a nice long entry with all my comments on everyone's eggs, then the site ate it. >__<

@BA: I prefer your second egg, too. Though I'm probably biased, since I really like the dark green color you used in it.

@Suicune Lover: The chicky egg's really cute! I'd totally vote for that one, although I agree with the decision to submit the second one, instead, since I'm worried that the first one might not lie within the rules. ^.^ I'll still be looking for it once voting's open, though.

@Sapphire Phoenix: Congrats on the shiny CharClone! And I think your egg looks very well-done, and very Easter-appropriate, as well~

@Mephi: If you haven't chosen which egg to submit yet, my vote is for that last one, hands down. It makes me smile, too. =) And I recognized the thumbs-up as a thumbs-up before reading the rest of your entry, so I think that bit works just fine as-is.

@Tara: My favorite is the tattooed egg (w/out the sparkles). It's quite creative. ^.^

@SA: Sorry that SS breeding is taking so long! I really do want to get you that Pokii soon. >__< (And you've probably come up with more egg designs since your last post, but for what it's worth, I like the yellow and blue one)

@LugiaLov: That last one, the ghost one, looks better to me than your first five (I think I counted that right). It's kinda cute in it's own way, too. ^.^ (and I love cute, so it's a good thing) I like the idea of the Mona Lisa one, too, but I think it requires too many small details for a sprite that small.

@Crickee: The more I look at your egg (the pink one with eyes), the more I like it. It's got this cute-weird vibe that I think could appeal to a lot of people, too.

>__< I'm pretty sure I missed some people, so apologies for that!

News: Still working on my entry (redoing one of the colors, since my current selection's too bright, and fixing the highlighting and shading.). It's my first time spriting anything (hell, it's my first time working with Paint, period), so we'll see how it turns out. >__< I'm hoping that it'll get some votes, though. Oh, and still chugging along at that shiny Poli hunt. At 528 fails, now. please don't let me break quadruple digits in this one. T_T
Well, I couldn't think of any other egg designs, so I just went ahead and submitted the first one I made

News: Not much. Zombidofo is very close to hatching and I got a charmander clone from the daycare. Now I'm breeding for a squirtle clone to get Dr. Fuji and then I'll start breeding puddings.
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