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+/ [the gpx+ and vdex fan club]

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extra toasty
@zenzai: Yes! Haha she's amazing :)

And yay for CM day tomorrow! I'd think there would be lots of problems tomorrow with it being a CM day as well as the event going on, but I'm hoping a lot of people will be with their mothers instead :)

News: Aipom and Lotad eggs are really not showing up anywhere, so I spent the day basically getting Wurmple/Weedle eggs since I like their shinies :p A Pokémon I sent Underground brought me back a Helix Fossil today, but I'm waiting until after all the events to use it... I'm too paranoid :x

I also have a feeling that there will not be any new novelty Pokés in this event, though I'm kind of hoping for it. Last ones were Valentacool/Valentacruel, correct? It feels like forever ago :3



I don't have much news to start of today but I will be clicking even less, If that's even possible since I've been doing less than one hundred for a while...

I woke up and checked on my underground bulbasaur and it brought up a lunar wing ^_^
all because of this guy may use it soon or now not sure since they drop of the event eggs this early i may try my chance....I'll think about it.

Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
@trixie: On the Mystery Counter thing, like you said yesterday, you're done school, correct? So I'm assuming some other people are too, so that means more activity :3 Come June I think we'll start to see CM days a few times a week until the mods make us have to get something like 2 million or something D:


Lol, me neither... Spurr of the moment I guess XD

Today was Mothers Day so I didn't click very much. Today I found another Little Man, and since it is CM day I got it. Left a Spot open in my party for the event. Praying I dont miss this event. I have a bad record with events (missed 8 in a row once :O)

And I got a Odd Incense, the last of the Account Upgrades I needed.



Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Congrats to Togekiss on the Underground find and Goods on the MissingNo.

Critical Mass today so I might click some a bit later. But still revising too...

Adopted a few Wailmer and a Munchlax to start things off. No Dratini so I may have to resort to smaller eggs soon and then do some levelling.

Hoping for en event today!


Fear the Deer
It took several hundred clicks this morning, but I finally got Hoenn Master. Got a Blue Orb, and I sold it to buy a Destiny Knot.

I'm now working on Sinnoh Master, simply to finish off my non-Unown/Legendary/Novelty Dex, then its on to Novelties. I'm only 20 away, and I'm getting the two hard ones out of the way first(Garchomp and Abomasnow).

Hatched a few eggs, including a Lab Absol. Other than that, I've been leveling up my Pokémon. Also got greedy and bought a Soul Dew from the backroom, and got a Latias from it. Will be released if it isn't Shining.

And now back to clicking.

Oh, and congrats to all who got something, and good luck to everyone in the event.


Ooh, I am really excited what the mysteries in the event will be. Good luck everybody!

So, I am up to 29 Nido M Fails. I had to put the new hatched ones in a new box. (Yes, the other 3 are in my Kanto Box. I need to evolve them) I will probably release them tomorrow.
Meanwhile, I took another Nido egg from my daycare pair. When I was looking in the shelter for another one, I saw the Little Man!
Also yesterday, I saw an Easter Buneary egg in the shelter. I still need it, but missed it.
There was also a Dracowymsy egg at the same time. They are pretty much common now, since Ditto is too.

Also, it looks like the Item Finder is really doing well. Yesterday I found a Fire stone, and not quickly after that, a Thunder Stone.
Oh and Growlithe is level 97. As soon as he reaches level 100, I'll need to look for a new Pokémon to level up. Some choices: Weedle, Turwtig (The one I had in the daycare), Starmie (Probably not. I don't see Staryu eggs alot and I'm already breeding something else), Arcanine, Voltorb (The one I was training), Pidgey, Machop, Magnemite, Steelix, Haunter and some more.

Last thing; congratulations on all the nice things everybody (Soul Dew, Blue Orb, Lunar Wing, MissingNo. and alot more!)

~ Esmerry

Edit: It was Mewtwo if you see in the event thread!
Also, something pretty weird happened: I saw the tiny egg, the event script was running, I click my pokétch when it's back, the tiny egg is away, I go one page back (Lab page, new lab egg so it was new), and it's back. Is that normal?

Congratulations Araleon on the shiny Rattata and Shiny Hunting on the shiny Munchlax! Lucky you got it on your first egg!
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So, after work today I got on gpx and hatched two eggs. An Aron and a Rattata.

Guess what happened?

My first every shiny Pokemon! Too bad I didn't enter the race with Rattata, huh?

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Event Script running at 12:30 Server Time!

Well, today I began my Shiny Munchlax hunt.

I got it on the first egg!

Hatching Wailmer fails and a few Eevee fails

Nearing 3k interactions and probably won't do many more.

No Mewtwo for me! Although it backs the theory of 'M' legendaries.


New Member
No mewtwo for me either. . . eh, who cares.

Does anyone know the new way that it works?

Hatched swablu and it's not shiny.

Picked up two new eggs.

Looking for a fossil in the backroom.

Oh yeah, I got heatran the other day.

Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Finished the day with over 3k interactions a load of shiny fails.

Now the weekdays are here I might only be able to do clikbacks (if that!). Probably not tomorrow because I am busy at school with cricket... and then revision upon arrival home.

Exam countdown has reached 12 days so next weekend I might not click either due to a panic attack. So I may not be clicking much again until late June. I will try my best with clickbacks.

Hoping for an event egg though *crosses fingers*

Are you entering the shiny contest? If so, with what Pokémon?

Yes, with Dratini and Absol
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Speak No Evil
I'm up to 6K or so clicks and counting! I might even break my clicking record today! Throughout the day, my Foretress and Ursaring reached level 100, and I summoned a Rayquaza that's now around 4.5K points away from hatching!

Congrats to Araleon and SH on the shinies!

And no, I didn't get a Mewtwo. Surprisingly I didn't see too many people who got one. In the event thread, Wymsy didn't even say how many eggs were handed out, so this kinda leaves me curious. And I wonder if she is gonna continue the "M" trend tomorrow.

Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
Congrats on shinies all :)

No, I'm not back, it's just that after listening to the song... the song in my journal, I figure'd it'd be nice to come and say to you guys for once.

I hope that you all will get what you want for the event this month--you all deserve it, really! I don't want anything, I mean, I have enough legendaries as it is, and I don't care for the legendaries that much. I'm perfectly content with what I have.

Oh, and BA, you forgot to remove my name from the front page. Please remember to do that, thanks :)

I really hope you all can do what you want on GPX, and I really appreciate all of you in this club, and on this forum. I'm sorry if I ever snapped at any of you, I love you all ;-; *sniff* *eye wipe*
Hello friend, it's good to be with you....


So this morning, I came online and saw that my Manaphy egg was ready to hatch, so I hatched this:

It's my fifth legendary, which means I am 3 away from the achievement!
Speaking of achievements, I am working on Archaeologist and Marathon Runner. I took back Makuhita from the walker yesterday, and he found an item, so that always helps.
Because I am leveling Manaphy, I'll wait untill after the event before I put back Growlithe in my party, so I can help him get the last levels needed.

And I hatched a fail Nidoran. I deciced it was time to release my box with fail Nidorans, so I did.
Got another Nidoran M egg from my daycare pair. Oh and my MissingNo. egg is nearly ready to hatch!

Also, I didn't get a Mewtwo, but I agree with Trixie. I have only seen a few people with a Mewtwo. I wonder what the mystery from today will be?

~ Esmerry

Edit: Hatched and released MissingNo.
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Shiny Hunting

Cool Girl Trainer
Congrats to Esmerry on the Manaphy.

Looks like nobody here got a Mewtwo.


**No clicks today.

**Got a unique lab rare Slakoth which I have been wanting for a while.

**Hatching shiny fail Absols and ran out of Absols in the shelter, so begun a side-track hunt of Scyther with same maturity.


Sweet and Delicious
Congrats to Araleon and SH on the shinies! ^.^

Oh, and if anyone was curious, only 500 Mewtwo were given out yesterday. Why am I so sure? ^.^;; I recorded the number of Mewtwo (there were 734) on the site before the giveaway to use in a discussion about the restriction on Ditto. ...Compared to past event giveaways, that really isn't very many. >__<

News: No Mewtwo for me (which is to be expected, since I wasn't eligible for one, anyway. ^.^;; ) Alternating between clicking and stalking the shelter (since I need the egg data for Mewtwo) now.
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Speak No Evil
I guess the "M" trend ends now since the event Pokemon that Wymsy just handed out was Jirachi! I already got a hatched one from a ban drop a while back but I don't have the egg data for it, but I didn't get it. Now I'm pretty anxious to find out what the next two are gonna be!

Last night I broke my old clicking record by clicking over 8.6K times and feeding the right berry 2.1K times. I laid low the first half of today and even went into the pool to catch some rays! Now I'm just clicking here and there and stuff. Hatched a few shiny fails and probably gonna hatch some more in a little bit.

EDIT: Congrats to Mephi, BA, Shiwin, and SH on getting Jirachi! That's so far the only people in the club I saw who got one! =D
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extra toasty

Bam. :)

So the event isn't just restricted to "M" Legends :)

Oh, and I got an Aipom from the Shelter with Pokérus. I was actually looking for Pokémon that are easy to evolve (since I found that some stupid people are hoarding the "Evolves in five days" Pokémon to evolve all at once on a later date just to get on the stats -_-) so I could get higher on the stats, but I decided I'm not going to go down to their level; instead I'm going to spend an entire day mass-clicking to try to get on that stat ^^ I'd rather work hard to get on the stats instead of trying to take the easy way out. And yes, back when I first got on the "Most evolved in a day stat" about two boxes of Pokémon I evolved were the five days ones, but more than half were actually ones I leveled up by clicking a lot of people. Just in case anyone was wondering.


Shaymin hatched too. I also have started my Shiny Beedrill hunt since Aipom and Lotad aren't so easy to find.
Speaking of shinies, the Contest post will be updated soon (since I know SH posted her entry twice, I figured people were wondering why the post hasn't been updated; I'm just lazy and haven't gotten to it yet).



Sweet and Delicious
'Grats on the Jirachi, BA! And to everyone else who got one, as well! ^.^

Total number of Jirachi eggs handed out: 600
(since Wymsy's not putting the numbers in the event thread) 100 more than yesterday's event, but still not that much. Hopefully tomorrow's event will consist of 700 or more.

News: Haven't seen any Mewtwo eggs in the Shelter yet, but then again, I've been spending more Valkyria than GPX+. Once the event Jirachi are droppable, though, I'll probably be spending a lot more time in the Shelter. >__< Also just used the Blue Orb I bought from the backroom right after reset. Hoping for a shiny. But then again, I always do.


extra toasty
So... I organized my PC, and found out there are ~300 Pokémon I am going to release sometime in the (somewhat-)near future. Most are random Pokémon that are just taking up space. I went through each box and put all Pokémon that have bred something, are special to me, or are rare-ish, in separate boxes that I'm going to save. I was really upset at first, but now that I think about it, this should make a lot of people happy. I'll post here everything that I'm dropping, so hopefully some of you can help out then and take some stuff ^^;;

News: Clicking for about another hour, then I'll be going to bed :) I don't care so much if it's a critical mass day tomorrow since I have school. I'm hoping for this weekend so that I can try to do an extreme mass-click.



EDIT: Shiny post will be updated tomorrow most likely. And I've decided to change the rule about having to have at least one egg of the shiny you're hunting so now you just can pick up the eggs whenever you feel like it :)

EDIT2: My Pokémon love me for some reason. My Aipom just brought back a Fin Fossil, and that's the third fossil in a row now. I'd love it if I got each one until I had them all, or if my Pokés started throwing out some summons 8D
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*Twitches* Don't know how it happened but some how it took me five minutes to find the egg and when i did I clicked on it but somebody already got it.People these days have lighting fingers because i was pretty fast on clicking it T^T.

On the other news i looked in my party and saw

Fweeee ^_^ Jirachi I guess losing the Cresselia wasn't so bad because I got this little egg. I back be shocked if I got a shiny but I doubt it,but who cares my event drought ended the only event eggs I've ever wanted was Shaymin and Jirachi ^_^

I'm trying to do my best tomorrow,i'm trying for 400 clicks tomorrow maybe even 1k if i'm even in the mood ^_^

Edit found hope it turns out to be a he because I have a female already
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