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+/ [the gpx+ and vdex fan club]

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Speak No Evil
Yep, no Regigigas for me. I have this strange feeling that the last mystery is gonna be Celebi, which would be pretty upsetting for me since I already have one, but obviously that's not definite so I'm still leaving my party open.

Yesterday was pretty eventful. I hatched a few more shiny fails T_T and early on in the day I found the little man and got the MissingNo. egg...yet again, and it wasn't shiny. That night though, I noticed a tiny blue egg in the corner of my screen, so I clicked on it and I finally got the egg dex information for Manaphy! And that's not all! After the reset, the little man appeared again, but I put the Flygon from the walker in my party to chase him away. Then while I was clicking, I found a Red Chest and at long last got something other than a Red Orb. It was a Lustrous Orb! I must say what I lack in shiny luck lately I make up in finding stuff in that corner!


Sweet and Delicious
<3<3 <3<3
One of 600 handed out.
... WOOHOO! One of the Pokemon I was really hoping would be part of this event, and the only one I qualified for. So ecstatic right now! *cuddles egg*

Congrats on the Manaphy, and on finally getting a non-Red Orb Red Chest, trixie! ^.^

News: Nothing of note besides Azelf. I'm still horribly inactive on GPX (might get back into my usual clicking routine tomorrow or the day after), so I haven't even managed to hatch that Pokii egg I mentioned earlier. ^.^;;
*goes back to alternately exploding with glee and playing Agarest*
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New Member
*Starts Dancing*

I finally got a lake trio!!

Congrats on everyone's awesome stuff.

Did anyone get a regigiagas from the club.

I just remembered when all of those legend eggs were released in the shelter in August from all the banned users. Does anyone remember that?

I hatched a nidoran M. Sent some DW to the shelter.
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extra toasty
@Mi10ticFan, you're back on the first post :) There was someone above/below you I was moving and I guess I accidentally moved you ;P

@surfer treecko, I added you to the member list, sorry about never adding you :3 I haven't really been adding people since most just show up and disappear.

News: Was clicking, but then I kind of got involved in an episode of SVU that was on last night and that caused me to stop clicking people :p I'm not really interested in clicking just yet, so I'll probably start again in an hour or so.

But congrats to the Azelf-getters *is very jealous* That's my favorite Legendary, along with Raikou, so even though I'm jealous, I feel like congratulating you on getting one of the best Legends there is :3



Fear the Deer
I apologize for my inactivity for the past few days, I have been busy with various things(HG, School, Family, etc.)

No event egg for me, though none of them were ones I was really head over heels for, though Mewtwo would have been nice. Ah well. There's always July(Going to be gone for most of June, and the event will no doubt occur in that time) right?

Officially started a Shining Dracowymsy hunt to do in between my Cresselia hatchings. Daycare pair produced 10, and I took 5 of them(They were in pairs, so I could only take five). Haven't hatched any yet, but I'm close.

Now I'm off to click, which I only have just started feeling like doing again.


Water FTW!
Didn't get an Azelf. :( I never get anything through events anymore. I guess I should be happy with what I have.

Anyway, I shall be releasing the Pokemon in my drop box at 8:05 Server time. Good luck if you are going for any of them.



Well-Known Member
Buraddo_Aipom said:
@Mi10ticFan, you're back on the first post :) There was someone above/below you I was moving and I guess I accidentally moved you ;P

It's okay BA, I didn't really expect I'll be accidentally moved. No one does right?

No Azelf for me... I was really expecting to get one though (it's my favorite pixie). Oh well, that means more shelter stalk and lab lurk for me then. Congrats to everyone who got one.

- Grab a Munchlax Egg (in hopes of female) from the shelter.
- Grab a Trash Burmy Egg (in hopes of female, as well) from the shelter.
- Spoink is a few levels away from evolving. Hopefully by the end of the day it'll evolve (and I have space :3).
- Put Snorunt into the PC, I wouldn't want to waste my time leveling it up to evolve when the shiny race is commencing.
- Grab a Feebas Egg from the shelter.


Speak No Evil
I already have an Azelf from the first time they were given out last summer, so obviously I couldn't get it, so there goes yet another event in which I didn't get anything. Oh well, I wonder what this new event method will be. I guess it doesn't involve scripts or anything considering what Wymsy posted in the topic when she gave them out. Congrats to all who got one!

NEWS: Casually clicking and clicking back. Looks like we'll hit critical mass yet again. Words just cannot describe how excited I am about that (sarcasm).


Local psychopath
WOW. I disappeared for quite a while didn't I?
I think I was gone for, like, 10 days or something. Damn.

What's that? Where was I that whole time?
Well, that's an excellent question!

So anyway, we have been getting a lot of Critical Masses, haven't we?
They're usually nice, though it's actually been somewhat of an irritation, really.
Both of the eggs from my two shiny hunts, Horsea and Hippopotas, have been scarce.
Usually either one of them is there in great supply in the Shelter. Though... Nada.
So, I've been stalking the Lab a bit recently, searching for some of them.
Sometimes I can find one, though other times, also nothing. *Shrug*
It's been kinda nice, though, getting some points for Cypress' Assistant.
...Which, yes, I still don't have for whatever reason.

As an alternative, I was, for a while leveling up some of the Pokemon I wanted to level.
Somehow, I managed to run out of those, though. So, I started a small side-project.
Specifically, picking up some eggs of Pokemon that have are 6000 maturity per level.
So far, I did this with an Altaria, and am currently working on a Lumineon.
Made it a goal to give all of the Pokemon from this nicknames. It's pretty fun.
Haven't been doing the Nickname thing as much as I used to, so, yeah. Kinda nostalgic.
...Eh? Why don't I just level up the 6000 maturity per level Pokemon I already have?
It would be much quicker, and I would be able to get more 100s so much faster?
Ohoho! Well, the answer to that is quite simple.

So anyway, as for event stuff...
I accidentally plugged up my party moments before the script for Mewtwo started.
So, yeah, wasn't able to get that. Also, I already have Jirachi.
And then I see next was Regigigas, and unfortunately Wymsy has forsaken me. D:
You guys know how much I love the Regis. Obviously, I was heartbroken.
Though, next day, when I came home, I did apparently get an Azelf Egg.
Nice, I guess, though I still would have preferred the Regigigas. =3

As for item-related stuff...
On that first Mystery Counter of the bunch that we have gotten...
Somehow, I managed to get chests, exclusively, for the exact two Summons I wanted most.
Fun, right? Also, randomly, throughout the week, a few more...
Got some points, which was nice, and, also got another Latias. Damn.
Still no luck on finding a Latios, unfortunately. Oh well. Gotta keep trying...
Also, by the way, anyone interested in a Blue Orb or Red Orb? They're for sale.

Oh yeah, and, congrats to all the people that did... stuff recently.
There's really too much that happened to really go into detail about.
So here are two of the ones that, for some reason, stood out.
-Congrats to BA on the Lime Dino. I know how much you wanted that. ;D
-Congrats to Zenzai on getting that Azelf! All you need is an Uxie!
Then you have all the legends, besides Arceus. Spectacular indeed!

In two months, I will have been on GPX+ for a year.
...Still haven't gotten my first shiny yet. Sigh...

Recent Achievements:
Enough Already - Fill an entire box with one couple's offspring. - 3500 Points
Repo Man - Have all six Rotom forms in your party. - 1500 Points
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Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
I never said the other list was for inactive people :x On the first post it says it's just for people that aren't Co-Owners, myself, or a veteran. Inactive people aren't on either of the lists, they're removed altogether. I just didn't think you fit what I consider a veteran, sorry. It doesn't mean that you can never be moved back onto the first post (SH has already been moved onto the list you're on now and then moved back to the first post) just that at the moment I don't find you to be a veteran.

OK, fair enough, but what are the expectations to become a veteran? I want to work towards becoming one.

News: TADA:- Just what I wanted, a Pixie Pokemon! I was expecting it to be either Mew or Azelf too. Lately just been hatching for shiny Illumise (107 fails) and Smoochum (like 28 fails). And the bloody Little man is following me! Two in three days! (a lot for me). I didn't want it so I went into my PC, but it was still there so I clicked for it to go away but I still got it :(

And congrats on Zenzai on finally getting Azelf too, and anyone else who got something.




Beginning Trainer?
Also, by the way, anyone interested in a Blue Orb or Red Orb? They're for sale.

I would like to buy that Red orb. But I already bought a Fin Fossil today.

I really dont know what is wrong whit Underground.. Past ~50 items I have got from there are almost all of my Valuable Items in Inventory, few stones and few nothings. AND no fossils or orbs -_-
Enigma Stone was that latest good thing which I got ~10days ago...
Its hard to shiny hunt legendaries and Fossils if I can only buy one of orbs or fossils from Backroom.. And its close awhile is CM-day...
Why I didint get those Valuable Items when I was trying to get 1mill points? <.<

One of my Shiny Fail Charmander got Pokerus from underground and Stardust >.<.

7 days till I get Happy Anniversary! and 120 eggs to breed and I get Master Breeder :D
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Okay, this totally made my day:

Whee! I am really happy!

Except for that; I hatched another Nido M Fail bringing the count up to 38.
Nido hunting is currently going pretty slow, but at least I can have a full party now! I was worried that if I would always have a full party, I'd never get a Tiny Egg.
But since I got one, I don't have to worry about that anymore.
Oh and I hatched my Easter Buneary. Turned out to be a female, the gender I wanted.
I don't think I'll train up her right now, since I will probably breed for an Eater Buneary later.

Congratulations on all the nice stuff (Events, summons, Pokerus etc.) !

That's it..
~ Esmerry
Well done to everyone who got something from the events (; This is the first event I never got anything, but i'm not too bummed. I summoned a Palkia from a Lustrous Orb I found in the Underground the other day, so I'm aright.

I missed a SC in the shelter after grabbing a Rattata instead D: I was bummed about that. Grabbed a DW egg out of rage instead. Which I will keep. And call Rage.

I just downloaded Opera and have been using RTL clicking system. It's pretty nifty <3 I've got a cold and I'm off school for a bit, so i have plenty of time to click.


(No mareep eggs. They are harder to find than they look. 272 fails hatched ~)

Gardevoir Girl

is NOT a girl
Back from my short break. In the time I wasn't here...

... Nothing happened :p

Actually, Eruri caught Pokerus and I stole someone's summon. It was automatic; seeing the long description made me go for it immediately. Turned out to be another Ho-Oh. If it's not Shiny I'll release it.

Still having no luck finding a Soul Dew in the backroom... the last time I had one was two months ago. Oh, and I didn't get anything from the event. Not eligible for Regigigas of course, having both the egg and Pokemon data already, but I wouldn't have given away the last one if I wanted it. I don't mind not getting anything since each event since November has given me something.

That's basically all. My interest has temporarily switched to spriting so clicks will be sporadic for a while.


Well-Known Member
Hi guys, I thought I'd come out of my SPPF retirement and join this club. xD

Username: Furizaa on SPPF, Gary on GPX
Party Link: http://gpxplus.net/user/Gary
How active you are on GPX+: I'm on all the time, every day. Only times I'm not on are when I'm really busy with work
Anything else required in the rules: "I am not a noob and can follow all rules, including not to one-line"

Also, I got a question-- I got Pokerus for the first time today and I was wondering if any of you guys knew how the new Pokerus rules work? =o

PS: Hi zenzai, you're in my pal pad. XD


extra toasty
@Goods: I'm not saying. It's my personal opinion of how good of a member you are on GPX+ Things like if you one-click or not, hoard legends (*coughjiggacough*), do other things that I consider "cheating" just to get noticed, etc. There are other things too. It's not impossible to be put back onto the first post, but I wouldn't count on it happening anytime soon.

Welcome Furizaa, aka THE GUY WHO ABANDONED THE AIPOM THAT HAS POKÉRUS IN MY PARTY :3 Thanks for that :p She's at level 100 already, got there overnight, and it's kind of ironic you join on the day she will be automatically cured of it P:

I'm going to click later tonight, just in case anyone clicked me and was wondering what's taking me so long. I might click in a little bit though if I get a little motivation/boredom.



Speak No Evil
Welcome Gary!

And once again, BA is knocked down a place in the "Most Evolved In A Day" list by someone who evolved a bunch of "five days to evolve" Pokemon. Upsets me a bit.

Clicked quite a lot today but now I'm taking a bit of a break since I'm getting a little tired and not a whole lot of people are returning the clicks I give so I figured with that, I oughta take a short rest from it before I get back to clicking. I'm hatching eggs pretty fast though, which is good.

And, did you hear about the user who hatched three shiny Rattatas in a row?


Well-Known Member
XD Wow, nice, I never imagined that one of my old pokemon would actually get something rare like Pokerus.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys, it's pretty cool seeing some familiar names from GPX over here on SPPF.

So I'm a little curious, is there any trick to transferring Pokerus to other pokemon? I've never had it before, so I don't know. xD

Things seem to be going pretty smooth on GPX today. I only have 5 pokemon to go until I unlock Johto Master. (It's really more or less 4 though since Teddiursa has less than a level to go) My only complaint is that my Slime Magcargo and Slugma breeding pair aren't producing enough Slime Slugma eggs. =[ They seem to be stuck at 3 (going for Pudding Vat) and have been there for several days now. Oh well. xD I seem to be enjoying GPX a lot more lately ever since I finally managed to unlock Pokemon Trainer. I had to hatch over 800 eggs because my Shiny Meditite hunt from a while ago took so damn long...


extra toasty
And once again, BA is knocked down a place in the "Most Evolved In A Day" list by someone who evolved a bunch of "five days to evolve" Pokemon. Upsets me a bit.

Yeah. It upsets me too :/ That's also another thing I meant by cheating on GPX+. When I got my number one spot over half of what I evolved were actual things I hatched and leveled up/bought items for. And for the 'wait five days' one I evolved I at least hatched them all. People now are just being dumb asses and hoarding all the crap that they can until they have enough to get on the list.

trixie08 said:
And, did you hear about the user who hatched three shiny Rattatas in a row?

I didn't, but I'd certainly love to be that person :p

So I'm a little curious, is there any trick to transferring Pokerus to other pokemon? I've never had it before, so I don't know. xD

No, the help page about it says there is no chance to have it infect another Pokémon in your Party. And Shiny Hunting knows the new method it's distributed by apparently, but she can't/won't say :3

News: Just hatched an un-shiny Aipom and took one of my Daycare couples eggs. I'm also waiting for my Aipom to recover from Pokérus >< Is it completely random what time an infected Pokémon will recover after three full days are up?



Well-Known Member
No, the help page about it says there is no chance to have it infect another Pokémon in your Party. And Shiny Hunting knows the new method it's distributed by apparently, but she can't/won't say :3
Ahh okay, thanks. I went ahead and used my Antidote then so I could get my stats up. xP

Phew, I just went on a big clicking workout. I used my Odd Incense, so I went back and re-clicked all 200 people who had clicked me today, plus my pal pad and those who added me to theirs. It was only like 1.2k clicks, but that's a lot for me. :D

Oh! I also got my Staryu to lv.100 to finally unlock the Cascade Badge. And so now I started raising some Kanto pokemon, which is the pokedex I'll go for after I get Johto Master.
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