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+/ [the gpx+ and vdex fan club]

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Manchee, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    Congrats! Too bad about your friend though.

    And speaking of shinies (again),


    I hatched this one not long after reset. It all starting when I wanted to grab some higher-maturity eggs during CM days and since all I saw were Onixs, I figured maybe I should hunt for one, I already have a shiny Crystal Steelix, so maybe I can try for one. And so I hatched this, and not only is it shiny, but it's also a female, a nice complement to my male Shiny Crystal Steelix, so maybe I'll breed them later once I'm done with shiny hunting Aipom and Youngster Joey.
  2. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    Hatching more stuff... Finding nothing of importance... Blahh...

    A day ago...
    [​IMG] --> [​IMG]
    I know Silver Wing's quite a popular item, so, does anyone want it?.

    Red Orb is reserved for Mephi.
    Blue Orb is reserved for Zenzai.
    Silver Wing is unreserved.

    Monty is almost at level 100. He's at 99 to be exact.
    And with 12,295/12,500 EXP, too.
    So I can probably box the Dialga in a few minutes.

    That's about it. *Shrug*
  3. zenzai

    zenzai Sweet and Delicious

    @GG: Congrats on the shiny Eevee! I'm going for a second shiny Feebas (since the first one hatched into the wrong gender), and for a second shiny Eevee (for a shiny Leafeon), as well so I don't see anything wrong with going for more shiny Ralts and Eevee. ^.^;;

    @trixie: Congrats again on the shiny Onix!

    @m19: Thanks for reserving the Blue Orb. I'll PM you sometime soon to ask for the chance to buy it.

    News: None! =P
  4. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Yay for shiny-ness! :D

    Alright everyone, I've talked to the Co-Owners (minus SL - sorry Fluffs >< - since I wanted to get this done sooner rather than later) and I have decided on a new rule:

    Rule Twelve: No "cheating" your way to getting onto the "Most Evolved in a Day" stat list. You are not allowed to stock up on the Pokémon the evolve by waiting five days and then evolving them all at once just to get onto the list. This messes up the overall ranking of users and isn't really fair since you're making a lot of people go down in their ranking when you do this. If you do the "Five Day Method" you will be suspended one day for each of these Pokémon used. You can still evolve these Pokémon whenever you want, but you are not allowed to use them just to get onto the top ten stat list. You can get to number 11, but any more then that and you get your suspension. Using any other kinds of Pokémon to get onto this stat is completely fine however.

    Whew *wipe forehead* Obviously, a shorter version of that will be on the first post :P Speaking of this new addition to the rules, I've also decided to have a Rule Referendum. For this each member of the club will get to speak their opinions about the rules of the club. If you don't like a rule, state reasons why, if you think a rule should be added, post it and everyone can speak their opinion on it. After a little while of this the rules will be amended with any change the clubs sees necessary :)

    News: Trying to hatch the eggs in my Party since I'll be able to get the Castform and Rotom Achievements if my Party is all cleared out :) I also made it to 150 non-shiny Aipoms today >< I was able to breed enough that now my Aipom eggs will all have relatives that are my Pokémon; all the way back to Great-Grandparents are my Pokémon, haha. Check this out if you don't understand: http://gpxplus.net/heritage/mvYMq

    On a side note, wow, the mystery counter reach two million again o_O I wonder if we will be able to get it to three million over the summer when no one has to be at school or go to bed for school.


    EDIT: Also forgot to mention that I moved the Veteran Member list around a little more... only a few things. I think only one person moved on and one moved off.
    Last edited: May 17, 2010
  5. Illusione-Tempus

    Illusione-Tempus Well-Known Member

    Congrats for the shinies everyone. Man, there sure is lots of shinies these days huh?

    Goods hatched 3 shiny Oddish just for a female shiny, so why not?

    @BA, that's some heritage alright, the whole family comes from your Aipoms... Are some of the great-grandparents Labs?

    Oh well, more Hoenn Lab Rares coming into my party... I'm talking about Lunatone. Missed a Lab Rotom a while back, but the lab rare hunt is still in a good progress.

    So I did some shelter stalk after missing the Lab Rotom... Missed 2 Dracowymsy and a Bulba Clone in progress... But who cares, I have all three clones already right, but the Dracowymsy...

    Anyway, the 4 day vacation's starting... didn't go quite well since my little sis is having a vacation today.... then my little bro having a day vacation as well... ARGH! No. 1 person on my hate list, why me? T.T
  6. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    One question: Am I the only one in this club who doesn't use Opera to mass-click? It seems as if everyone else is while I'm using "dopey" Firefox!

    NEWS: Another CM day, whoopie! Guess I'll try to once again get close to Master Clicker but obviously not getting it! I'm also trying to think of a good Pokemon to replace my Pidgeot with since it's at level 100.

    And they added some new status icons! Some of them are quite funny!
  7. zenzai

    zenzai Sweet and Delicious

    ^I'm one of those Opera users. >__< I don't think Firefox's dopey, though! (It's still my main browser, and the one I use for all GPX+ stuff besides mass-clicking. Sometimes Opera crashes when I mass-click too much, so having everything else open in Firefox protects it from that.)

    And I'm loving this CM day. First, found two chests (both black, though. -_- )! That's the first time I've found two on a CM day, and perhaps the first time I've found two in a day, ever! ^.^ And then, just a short while ago, I was stalking the shelter, and got this:
    It's so purty~ A Cypress bred egg (I really wanted one!), and one that I was missing the egg-data for, too! ^.^ I'll probably be dropping the other Mew I picked up hatched from the Shelter awhile back once this one hatches (The only time I wouldn't would be if this one hatches shiny. Then I'll keep both, since both pink and blue Mews are adorable.)

    *dances* Was feeling a bit demotivated on GPX+ the past few days because of a dearth of shinies, too. 'Twas the perfect pick-me-up. =)
  8. Shiny Hunting

    Shiny Hunting Cool Girl Trainer

    Congrats to Zenzai on the Mew.

    I use Opera just for clicking and Firefox for all other GPX stuff too.

    Got 4 new Level 100s today which were in the 90s. No clicking due to being too busy, but appreciating all clicks.
  9. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    @zenzai: Honestly I downloaded Opera last week. I just never got around to trying it out. I decided to try out mass-clicking on that instead (now I sound like a hypocrite!) and I do find it to be quicker, but I'm still very attached to Firefox for mass-clicking. Maybe I'll just use Opera for when I did my clicking during the day and Firefox for my usual night stuff when I don't click so much and for clickbacks. But if I wanna try to get Master Clicker or if I'm in the mood for breaking my goal, I'll strictly use Opera, and stay up very late of course ;)

    And congrats to the Mew egg! Speaking of Cypress-bred eggs, I spotted a Regice egg on Friday that turned out to be bred by her but I missed it!

    NEWS: Other than taking Opera on a test run, I tried and failed to camp out in the shelter for any new good eggs. Blame my giddy impatience.
  10. CaptainX24

    CaptainX24 Well-Known Member

    I have a question for you guys. Can you find chests with 6 pokes in your party or with images off? Because I've done over 250k clicks and NEVER FOUND A SINGLE ONE. Or a Little Man/Manaphy for that matter.
  11. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    Lol sorry, I was asleep when you sent me the PM >3< But yeah, I totally agree with that rule.

    Well, congrats to GG on the shiny Eevee, Trix on the shiny Onix, Zenzai on the Mew, BA on the shiny Pidgey, and anyone else who deserves congatulating :)

    Speaking of shinies....


    OMG! I was just picking up Bulbasaur eggs when I couldn't find any Mareep in the shelter (and Vulpix and Psyduck eggs) 'cause I love shiny Bulba, and this little beauty shows up! He only took about 22 eggs to appear :) This makes up for the absolutely bum day I had today.

    Oh, and I unlocked Happy Anniversary not too long ago, and summoned a Lugia from the Silver Wing. My Bulba hatched as my 500th egg (lol), so I unlocked Expert Hatcher and Shiny Seeker now. Yay.

    .... :)

    Last edited: May 17, 2010
  12. Furizaa

    Furizaa Well-Known Member

    Well I come back home just in time to miss half of another CM day. xD Oh well, I've been getting to clicking now.

    @trixie08: I don't use Opera to click. =D I use Chrome. And I would use firefox since it's my main browser too, but for some reason GPX doesn't seem to like firefox on my computer lol o.o

    Oh, I'm also 91/93 to complete Johto Master. I'm happy. :3 I just need to work on piloswine, who is close, and wait for politoed when he is able to evolve tomorrow.
    Last edited: May 17, 2010
  13. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    Hey! That's my line! Anyway, congrats on the shiny Bulbasaur!

    And I just noticed that GG hatched another shiny Eevee! Our club's been quite the shiny magnet lately!

    NEWS: Like I said, I gave in and decided to try out Opera again, and let me tell you, I haven't felt this click-happy before! I got quite a bit into the Online list in a half an hour, even though it does feel weird to click with the images off and completely ignoring berry preference. Since I'm not one of those types to click 15K or so a day, I'll just save Opera for those times when I really want to mass-click and try to shoot for a top 10 list or really break my record or whatever. If I wanna concentrate on berry preference and just wanna click casually (like I did this weekend for example), I'll use my old buddy Firefox! lol
  14. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty


    Shiny Bulba buddies! :D Lol I find it funny that you looked for Shiny Bulbasaur when you couldn't find Mareep eggs and I looked for Mareep when I couldn't find Bulbasaur XD I still grab Mareep eggs though when I can't get any Aipom.

    News: None. I was away from my computer for a while today and just got back from a walk with my dog (who btw is named Roxy after Roxanne from Hoenn; obviously I was the one to name her :3). I did buy a PokéRadar though for the next critical mass day where I'll be able to click for most of the day.

    I'm about to do clickbacks and such. Hopefully I can get one of my Aipom to hatch.

    Oh yeah! Last night I saw a Green Orb in the backroom, and since I completely forgot about the Rayquaza zenzai dropped for me, I bought it >< Aw well I can add it to my big drop if it doesn't turn out shiny :)

    Current number of Pokés to be released in my big drop: 406.
    Big drop will happen probably around early- or mid-June. Depends on when I get more boxes filled.

    I started evolving my non-shiny Aipom so that they're ready to drop when the date comes. Also I'll be evolving the other five day ones since I feel bad dropping them and only having them picked up to be evolved by someone else :< I think I'll hatch one box each day, so I should be done by this weekend. Most are my non-shiny Aipom... maybe a box and a half of the others?




    Yup. Pokémon only effect Little Man and Manaphy if your Party if full (I think, things changed and I never bother to figure it out). And having images off will just have it show up in text form as "gold chest" or whatever color it would be. But finding them relies solely on luck and the percentage chance you have of finding one, not how much you click.
    Last edited: May 17, 2010
  15. CaptainX24

    CaptainX24 Well-Known Member

    Thing is, doesn't clicking more increase your chance of finding one?
  16. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    ^Please don't one-line.

    But to answer you question, nope. In theory since you have x% of finding a chest/LM/Mana and clicking more opens more pages you could have an increased chance then, but the x% does not increase unless you have a PokéRadar.

    Like let's say you have a 2% chance of finding a chest on each page you visit. Since you open a lot more pages, you have the chance to find the chest one each of those pages. It's still a 2% chance, but because you opened more pages than someone else, you have a "better" shot at finding the chest on a page. Having a PokéRadar could then increase your chance to 10% (theoretically, of course) each time you visit a page.

    I remember reading a post by Wymsy a long time ago stating that you have less than one percent chance of finding the chest on each page, but I don't remember where I saw that and have never seen that mentioned again.

    Last edited: May 18, 2010
  17. Illusione-Tempus

    Illusione-Tempus Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the shiny Bulbasaur, sl :)

    You're not alone trixie, I also use "dopey" Firefox. Although not as much (since I have to make time to study. Got scolded a lot of times just because I'm too lazy to study.)

    So as usual, I was moping around the site. Finally decided to go download Opera, and that really helps. Hatched quite a few eggs this morning. (Oh, have I mentioned that I finally get my hands on a Ditto after a long time of lab lurking?)

    Since Feebas is being scarce nowadays, I've decided to stop leveling up Lairon and Meditite and breed Feebas for my hunt. But still, they can't breed like bunnies, so I decided to pick up some Buneary Eggs for my Berry hunt. They're being unwanted, plus EB breeding, so they're pretty common... I should've entered the shiny race with Buneary...

    Oh well, at least I'm back to Mass Clicking... Wait a minute, Chelinka got Pokerus? Now that's good news :D
  18. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Bahaha I just found out that my non-shiny Pidgey in my Party was just infected with Pokérus! And I'm trying to raise it to level 100 for Falkner's badge, so this should help so much! :3

    News: Hatched a non-shiny Aipom, and after the next set of interactions are calculated I should be able to hatch another Aipom. I'll update this post, but only if it's shiny :)

    And trixie, I use Opera and Firefox the same as everyone else - Firefox for normal stuff and Opera to mass-click. ^^;;

  19. zenzai

    zenzai Sweet and Delicious

    Mew hatched unshiny. Oh wells. I'll drop my other one with the rest of my Reserved box once it's full.

    Does anyone need a Bulba Clone? I've 10 that I'm planning on releasing tonight or tomorrow, including two females, if anyone was looking to complete a breeding pair.

    And congrats on the shiny Bulba, SL!

    Mood: Irritated by pixel bawwing (no one in the club) and people (in general) who feel self-entitled to everything. So annoying.
  20. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    Finally got Master Clicker! I wasn't really planning on doing it until later on Firefox where I stayed up late and clicked the whole day through, but like I said in posts before, I couldn't resist downloading Opera and it really helped a lot! My new record is over 14K clicks! I got three or four pokes to level 100 and hatched quite a few eggs, but since I highly detest the one-hour rule of eggs being produced, I leveled up more random Pokemon instead. And here is the list of people I clicked today:

    ShatteredGlass [95/95], Dalek Omega [22/12], Midnight Gallade [24/12], DigitalEon [13/13], Mystery913 [19/13], xiuxiu [26/35], White Winter [21/19], King Doopliss [6/8], Varnani [22/9], H y s t e r i a [30/36], T A M A G O [29/41], Spearow [19/5], MiTYH [9/12], Professor Cypress [55/6], Dark Storm [6/11], hokankai [12/6], Nicky King [6/6], Porygon Z [34/14], Late [24/9], reddwarfer [10/23], Saturndjinni [9/7], Ginny Icyi [14/8], Din the Shiny Rapidash [16/15], The Brain [9/11], Pepper Potts [6/16], Profess [17/22], Chris Benoit [9/14], Lunar Dance [12/11], Falon [26/16], Trombonus [11/14], DesertRose [14/8], Matt Laka [6/8], Burichu [28/10], Scooples [20/7], Song of Ice and Fire [16/31], shadedwhite [6/9], Lynssis [17/19], Lil Griff [6/14], SooHee [6/8], Faery Jade [19/25], ThunderMoss [33/39], Flynt [6/7], Gato [17/11], Lovino Vargas [37/20], eddiexelite [13/21], Jade [21/21], Squee [30/28], Nadriel [26/11], WillowIstari [12/17], zenzai [36/38], LuigiFan [6/6], Hawkseye [16/14], Kimmybug [5/5], Blaarg [6/11], Teenpika [6/13], MihaelKeehl [6/10], strawberrywine [5/29], dreexpuppy [13/38], darlimondoll [16/20], AverageLurker [15/17], Lotus [10/7], coolfocats [13/8], splendidly [6/6], Hinata Hyuuga [6/17], Shiro Neko [6/6], zombiefriedchicken [20/23], nuttyjigs [6/5], King Gumball [6/11], Danafox [10/12], Kata Kastellum [16/11], tenna [2/14], SagaDavid [25/21], Megaera [6/9], m190049 [16/12], Y U N I E [6/8], Numbuh 37 [13/8], Sammi [30/13], melcsii [6/15], Banette [16/5], ztatiz [14/10], Jen [6/25], Acacia [12/7], Gwenerd [10/6], Nyara [15/13], Miss Natsume [10/5], demonqueencass [14/32], Vanilla Vixen [12/12], Mephistopheles [22/9], lpfan1212 [16/19], kingofjazz [16/30], Tsukichi [24/7], Kaosz [16/8], DragonFerrets [6/5], BlaineMuffin [13/7], gandolforf [33/22], Theasama [10/10], Roxanne [15/11], DevilGopher [3/7], Rovianne [10/7], MSG [10/7], Rubinsong [9/11], crazyloser [6/14], Vande [27/13], PinkAngel [6/7], Liliac [9/17], Chaosdawn [20/23], Cann [19/15], Mudd E [9/8], Theokritos [1/13], rosahege [6/8], the end [1/0], CootieQueen [26/18], Zeroro [6/5], Mirai [6/6], Becka Minato [6/9], Icicle [25/23], Spirit of Auron [15/13], Alister [19/16], Shiwin [6/9], Dustbunny365 [10/9], Amezaki [26/7], Esmerry [4/6], junkboat [27/20], Tsukasa [9/9], Lexiel [15/11], Naked Snake [6/11], Kathinja [16/18], Robert Conley [18/14], rareconker [3/5], Rinku [16/19], Hunt [9/12], Grizzly [4/19], Shiratori no Jun [31/15], Syfien [13/10], NyaoNeko [29/15], LifeTom [21/11], EienCafe [7/21], blue shaymin [9/12], metalnat [3/24], GBomber [15/6], Steelsentry [26/12], Rowling [6/10], Masterge77 [2/6], Hiraelle [6/9], MickySH [6/18], TruEorFalse [3/4], dannychic [16/26], crazycatgirl86 [9/6], Oryhara [10/9], Munchlax [37/21], Chimcharo [6/9], cubonekid [18/12], Kira Bright [6/6], Haste987 [9/8], AnimeFangirl189 [6/9], kimpisces [12/20], Jaenelle [18/7], Synchronise [13/19], NekoHaruko [13/5], Whistlejacket Absol [6/9], Bones [15/26], Kami Kisses [12/6], JayeLee [6/11], Yuki Onna [24/7], Zurqoxn [5/7], A F U G [25/17], Stellar Rose [6/5], Glitter [6/20], LavenderEyedNinetales [35/14], YukiStorm [3/6], Rhiannon Maeve [7/7], Mreow [12/5], Anarel [5/11], nooshinator [5/5], Virtual Don [15/5], stan974 [2/5], Pocky [15/7], Wildy [13/18], Flamer [3/12], PDUTogepi [10/18], Deth [6/13], Keith [3/14], CciCe [32/11], Yoru196 [6/9], Siesna [6/11], BlackySmith [28/6], Noctunoir [6/10], WildSoul [9/7], The Flaming E [13/9], MiyukoKaioh [6/8], Pryce0Koga [1/6], Pidschi [11/6], Arro Teo [7/16], Roxtus [6/8], Fluffs [6/8], Biankaa [6/8], Scizor101 [9/9], Shirianu [6/9], bukin [6/5], Dark Storm Laserbeam [1/5], Eliot Kovach [12/9], Tyki Pon [19/9], angst muffin [13/7], Loganator [6/12], itay [6/7], Wir3 [3/9], Ms Cappuccino [12/10], Mentali [3/5], Soul Dew [3/6], Mumix [1/10], Zaltys [22/13], I Has A Hat [6/7], markjw86 [6/6], IceColdGlaceon [10/15], Lightning Farron [6/7], Matsutzu [6/5], ericspokemon [10/13], FaunaGirl [13/15], Sike Saner [8/5], Rora [10/15], TopazGemine [6/6], Harley Quinn hyenaholic [28/10], Nick Sydney [31/11], Tyranisaur [6/6], Aishasama [8/14], Lina17 [3/8], Ghost of Kyogre [24/13], link17 [6/4], Neatoru sh [6/3], Thunder999x [6/6], Nanami [11/11], Atsuri [6/10], Yvisama [3/6], Haruko [12/10], BlackMamba [3/14], mariuszek [3/10], Andreas [3/6], Erisabesu Ri [6/27], Jumoh [3/6], Sparks101 [6/5], HappyPikachu [6/6], Marshal Tilka [6/12], Japstar [16/12], Nardaviel [28/14], minji [3/17], HeraclesKarpusi [18/6], Miniectoplasma [3/6], bluemooncheese [23/8], ladymom [10/14], Rubix [6/10], Kyoratt [6/5], onlinemaster98 [6/6], Fura [13/6], LegendEmissary [24/6], Kylie [3/2], Kim Jong Il [3/9], Asch [15/6], 22 VaPoreOn 22 [11/19], KitsuneKyoko [3/8], Mogtaki [6/8], Aurapwns [6/9], Blue Espeon [16/10], Nine Flames [17/10], CindyPoo [10/7], Loge [12/8], Dragongirl76137 [6/6], Kikaru [19/13], Karoliukas [3/2], aquamaster3 [13/9], DustD [9/5], Ozzy [13/7], Captain Razz [23/7], glib peacock [13/6], Achitofel [11/7], Verridith [2/11], Zerxer [6/3], Giraffe A Laugh [6/24], SparkyCat [10/6], Hades Ra [6/14], dsdag [10/11], kitsune93 [3/5], Stefanovich0 [6/8], irongun2 [6/11], SashaWoerth [6/5], Kalaile [17/11], Lonin [9/6], Nikki64 [3/11], Ayane Suzuki [6/9], DragonflyFae [23/14], Kina666 [5/17], Brybry [10/5], rutokyu [6/4], Pixelgod [6/13], Kurokaze [6/9], LaDeDa [6/26], Renji Abarai [3/5], LugiaFan91 [6/6], Zant [3/8], Puceron [4/6], Myth89 [6/6], l337Lorelei [5/8], Link is JD [4/8], Radarr [18/16], Tsuga [9/8], Mufasa [3/11], OpenUpYourFist [17/14], mousapelli [21/11], MrMonkey [16/11], Raydawg11595 [19/18], ze wolf [6/5], Boron [6/7], VampireQueenMinami [1/14], saline [9/7], Chizakura [6/6], Picasso [6/7], MysticDragon234 [16/16], Toda [6/6], Votmona [6/5], Queza [13/9], Moonflow [19/14], wesley [5/5], Evolunity [11/6], Umi Neko [6/6], Kleio [6/5], Yula [6/7], Black Orchid [6/4], Nike [10/7], Beomir Vrykil [6/5], ZatchGround [16/8], Justine [13/5], wingsong [10/5], Grey Bull [20/7], DocOck8 [6/9], margot [13/13], Mroczne Kicie [6/19], yoohoo [3/8], Schonburger [20/6], fire master [1/6], Kurai [10/9], methuselah alchemist [17/10], Red Panda [19/8], Harmonious [23/17], anya [1/12], Mizuiro no Yume [7/6], Gary [10/7], Umbre [3/7], SheepyPop [6/8], Melbell [6/7], freetrees [6/13], kestra15 [6/6], Starliteevee [6/5], Made from RAEGNESS [10/27], Braile [5/6], Pinkiki [6/19], kail2009 [6/10], Halleton [6/9], banana phone [9/7], Caramel Toffee [1/9], Red blaziken [6/5], Glaceon22 [9/7], Rabid Wolf [6/16], Crocuzzo [6/7], Komouri [9/7], Spazmatic [13/7], Kyzanae [6/7], Kaito Shion [6/17], EmpoleonRules [6/11], Kannibal Kerrri [6/6], Kannameyria [6/6], blum [15/13], helovesme27 [6/6], Carbon Black [9/12], Venom The Hellraiser [6/4], PrinceShroob [6/6], Mayuko [6/5], WaterUser [6/9], Metablast [2/6], Anthely [6/3], thecricket [6/5], Lady Kiya [3/6], TaraR16 [6/7], Raiko Uchiha [6/9], Cloudy past [6/3], Wicked Witch [6/6], Lanette [10/12], Caprice [6/11], Big Bidoof [9/3], 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    Yes, it is long, and the "Go Advanced" button was taking forever to respond, so I'll edit it later on. Certainly tomorrow I won't be clicking as much as I did today. In fact, I may do my mass-clicking the old way, with Firefox, tomorrow, and just use Opera when I feel adventurous!
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